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Online momentum Games
Play Swinging BallSwinging Ball Game

Plays: 10918
Category: Puzzles
Swing your ball around the level to reach the exit. Momentum is your friend!
Play School Bus FrenzySchool Bus Frenzy Game

Plays: 17857
Category: Other
School is out for the summer! Try to get as many kids across the busy street and into the school bus. Use your speed boosts and explosive farts to gain momentum
Play RunNGunRunNGun Game

Plays: 17706
Category: Shooting
You've been causing too much trouble behind enemy lines. They're going to take you out the only way they know how. RunNGun as many as you can before destiny catches up with you.
Play Angular MomentumAngular Momentum Game

Plays: 11549
Category: Puzzles
Ball physics maze game.
Play Z-ballZ-ball Game

Plays: 9072
Category: Action
Guide the Bouncing Ball through a series of challenging levels before the ball runs out of momentum.
Play Panda StarPanda Star Game

Plays: 4653
Category: Puzzles
Panda Star is a charming puzzle/action game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Fly your panda through the night sky using the left and right arrow keys or the a and d keys. Collect stars to keep up your momentum and to complete each level. If you run out of momentum use a boost with the space button to keep on flying.
Play Dillo HillsDillo Hills Game

Plays: 3771
Category: Action
This tiny armadillo's biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird. Build up speed by rolling down hills, then use that momentum to ramp up into the sky and soar. If you fail, buy upgrades in the shop and try again.
Play AxylAxyl Game

Plays: 3689
Category: Action
Gravity is bad enough, how about a ball of it that's out to get you with more than just the power to pull? Use the arrow keys to navigate around the center of gravity and avoid all obstacles. Collect as many items as you can. Hold the up arrow to stop your gravitational momentum and hold Shift+Up to defy gravity all together. Control fires as well. Good Luck
Play Cyber SpyCyber Spy Game

Plays: 3342
Category: Action
Play Cyber Spy: A fast-paced action game with unique style. Hack into the network and try to get as much data as possible. Float from folder to folder. Don't touch walls and avoid enemy firewalls and traps. Use the momentum of your avatar and the gravity of circles to fly.

Plays: 2942
Category: Adventure
the spaceship has lost controls, you must orbit planets using only you single direction rocket and the momentum provided by the gravity of the planets.
Play BounceBounce Game

Plays: 2473
Category: Other
Bounce, is an arcade-style action game in which players have to activate all orange balls in play by knocking into them. Your means of control is a grappling hook, and a few different power-ups to aid you. Avoid the walls.
Play Shooter DefenseShooter Defense Game

Plays: 1597
Category: Action
Ever wondered what you get if you combine Shooter, TD and Physics games? Shooter Defense!!
Play BalloonBalloon Game

Plays: 1475
Category: Action
Simple to understand but hard to play... guide Jack the Balloon through Bogan's maze of danger! You control Jack, a balloon kidnapped by Bogan the evil clown. Hold down arrow keys to guide Jack around the maze. Don't touch the walls... don't touch the enemies... don't touch anything! Slow and steady will win this race. Use momentum and tilt to your advantage in order to squeeze through gaps... but don't go too fast! Balloons don't have brakes!
Play PropulsionPropulsion Game

Plays: 1457
Category: Puzzles
Utilise your mastery of geometry and momentum to beat this 2D puzzle-platformer! Bounce your bullets off the walls to destroy the enemy aliens on each of the 30 premade levels before building your own levels in the included Level Editor to send to friends.
Play MomentumMomentum Game

Plays: 1236
Category: Adventure
Bounce your way towards the exit. Simple as cake, or is it?
Play Marly - The Epic GeckoMarly - The Epic Gecko Game

Plays: 1167
Category: Adventure
Marly is a point & click platformer hybrid with over 40 levels and hundreds of challenges. Hours of Gameplay.
Play Sweet Flower PicksSweet Flower Picks Game

Plays: 942
Category: Other
When the heavens are showering flowers on you, it would only be polite to collect them all without wasting any. Enjoy the sweet looking flowers and collect them all in the baskets. The game gains momentum with levels as the flowers fall more swiftly.
Play Rollin PaintRollin Paint Game

Plays: 938
Category: Action
Rollin' Paint is a painting game with a difference. You must guide your wheel to the finishing line using momentum, over gaps in the floor, up lifts, around bends, and using fans to pick up your speed - all by painting roadway into the level so your wheel doesn't fall in the sea! 27 Levels of increasing difficulty as you try to collect each of the 3 stars and bonus wheel nuts, as you help guide your wheel around the level. Gain extra points for collecting nuts, and bonus points for any remaining paint at levels end. Use 'wheel-time' to give you a time limited pause to paint ahead before unleashing wheels momentum again!
Play wArpwArp Game

Plays: 446
Category: Shooting
Using your mouse to aim and shoot and WASD or Arrows to move, make your way through each zone as fast as you can. wArps are placed in each zone and you will need to maintain your momentum correctly to overcome obstacles. You will need to avoid or destroy various enemies that will try to stop your progress as well as face area locks and gravity-shifting puzzles. You will need to move fast, staying still drains your life!
Play RollinPaint2RollinPaint2 Game

Plays: 340
Category: Driving
Rollin' Paint 2 , is a painting game like the original. You must guide your wheel to the finishing line using momentum and your new 'booster' jet, over gaps in the floor, up lifts, around bends - all by painting roadway into the level so you don't fall from the sky! There are 25 Levels of increasing difficulty and size, as you try to collect each of the 3 stars and bonus blue stars for extra points, as you help guide your wheel around the level. Gain extra points for any remaining paint at levels end. Use 'wheel-time' to give yourself a time limited pause to paint ahead before unleashing your wheel by momentum or boosters again!

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