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Online bug Games
Play bug huntingbug hunting Game

Plays: 597
Category: Adventure
Use the arrow keys to move the frog in the direction you want to go and collect the required amount of bugs to complete each pond.
Play Dead EndDead End Game

Plays: 581
Category: Action
You wake up in a city invaded by undead creatures. Fight and survive!
Play Bug Hunter 2Bug Hunter 2 Game

Plays: 514
Category: Shooting
You are Bug Hunter, it's your job to destroy dangerous bug-mutants. Kill insects and earn money. Buy new weapons and upgrades.
Play DropLabDropLab Game

Plays: 508
Category: Puzzles
DropLab is a match 3 puzzle game. Drop bugs on the grid to create rows and columns of 3 or more bugs with matching colours. These will be vaporised and the bug juice will fill the test tubes at the bottom of the screen.
Play Math Bug EaterMath Bug Eater Game

Plays: 482
Category: Action
Awesome math game for kids. Collect prime numbers. Click and hold mouse to levitate venus trap.
Play Bug Match 2Bug Match 2 Game

Plays: 472
Category: Puzzles
Compete againste the clock, earn bonuses and unlock newer and more challenging levels in this great match-3 follow up to Bug Match.
Play Bug BreakerBug Breaker Game

Plays: 430
Category: Puzzles
Use your puzzle powers to set bugs free! Release trapped bugs by matching like-color hexagons. Place the hexagons in any valid space or rotate them into position before placing them on the board. Featuring 50 challenging levels, 3 difficulty settings, and loads of fun power-ups, Bug Breaker is crawling with fun. Play now!
Play Feed The Lady BugFeed The Lady Bug Game

Plays: 394
Category: Education
This Ladybug is Hungry for numbers. Solve the equation, find out the correct number and feed that number to ladybug. If she eats the wrong number, she will die.
Play Ant EscapeAnt Escape Game

Plays: 386
Category: Action
Avoid bigger bugs for as long as possible!
Play Bug MatchBug Match Game

Plays: 332
Category: Puzzles
A new type of Match-3 game to break your mind! Compete against the clock and collect points while matching bugs! But remember to match a bug on each tile of the grid until the time runs out. Two interesting logics combined in this cute game. Play it now. (Best experience on tablet devices)
Play Bug MatchBug Match Game

Plays: 324
Category: Puzzles
Swap any bug with its vertical or horizontal neighbor to form a row of 3 or more matching bugs. Match rows of 4 or more to win bombs and clear many bugs at once. Matching a set of bugs lights up the tiles beneath them. Light all the tiles in the grid to win the round and move on to the next level!
Play Berry BugBerry Bug Game

Plays: 292
Category: Puzzles
Bob the adorable bug dreamed of delicious strawberries day in, day out! Help him to solve his way through the level by collecting as much strawberries as you can! Unlock the endless mode and beat up the highscore!
Play splattersplatter Game

Plays: 222
Category: Action
A fun bug splatting game
Play Plants Vs BugsPlants Vs Bugs Game

Plays: 180
Category: Strategy
Harvest your crops before the bugs eat them all!
Play Bubble BugBubble Bug Game

Plays: 257178
Category: Action
In this game you need to catch the bugs with bubbles. When the bugs approach, press the mouse button to inflate the bubble and then release the mouse button to release the bubble and catch the bugs. Do not press the button for too long and inflate the bubble too much otherwise the bubble will burst and the bugs cannot be caught.
Play BugTwoThreeBugTwoThree Game

Plays: 12312
Category: Strategy
There are some bugs on the screen and five buttons with numbers from 1 to 5. The player must count the bugs and press the button with the right number. If the right number is pressed 10 times, the range of numbers increases: 2-6, 3-7, 4-8 etc. The number of bugs changes after any answer.
Play DebuggerDebugger Game

Plays: 11950
Category: Puzzles
Oh my God, this is too terrible! There are so many bugs in my programs that I can't develop games anymore. Please only look at these slimmy earwigs and cockroaches with that red eyes how they are freely walking inside my source code destroying it byte per byte! I'm begging you to help me to debug all these awful bugs! Please draw a rectangular shape around the bugs and you will catch them. Am I seeking too much from you?
Play Six bugsSix bugs Game

Plays: 6644
Category: Action
The purpose of game to collect a maximum score. You should select some bugs of one color (from one up to six). When you will select the bug of other color the selected bugs will fly off, and you receive points. The more bugs will simultaneously fly off the more you will receive points.Time is limited. Bugs run fastly and fastly. You should be fast.
Play Plant Life 2Plant Life 2 Game

Plays: 6288
Category: Shooting
You play the role of a plant fighting for its life in this epic adventure, you'll have to fight your way through hoards of bugs, snails and catepillars in order to survive!
Play UpBugUpBug Game

Plays: 5448
Category: Driving
The MechaBug Company needs you to test pilot their new equipment. Successfully gather fuel and avoid damaging the ship to be upgraded to a higher clearance machine.

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