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Play OrbitronOrbitron Game

Plays: 2475
Category: Action
Defend your Orbit by building up an impenetrable stronghold and hold back the enemy waves! Inspired by Space Invaders and Tetris, Orbitron is a mix between a shooter and a defense game. Prove your shooting and defense building skills in 34 challenging levels! Tips: Focus on staying alive rather than chasing down every enemy; Your Orbit has 40 lives and can be easily repaired, while you only got 3. Only killing will earn you money; so don’t just build walls and let the enemies collide, you will soon run out of money. Build strategically; build non-permeable walls under your turrets, if you’re afraid of shooting them. Also, an Amplifier above a Turret is also a good idea. [Update 23.10.07] – fixed the bug at the end of game [Update 24.10.07] – improved performance
Play We are the RobotsWe are the Robots Game

Plays: 2471
Category: Action
Are you a robot? Survival match arcade, mix Tetris and match-3 genre. The robot factory is getting out of control unless you match three or more robots to turn them out. New robots get invented, the pace accelerates – attention, it’s highly addictive!
Play Design School BusDesign School Bus Game

Plays: 2468
Category: Dress-Up
Have fun modifying this fun school bus with various parts. Change the wheels, bumpers, mirrors, roof and more! You can also easily print your dressup creations and share with your friends. It’s easy and fun!
Play Music MatchMusic Match Game

Plays: 2409
Category: BoardGame
Its a memory based game where you have to remember the positions of the previously played sounds. The board consists of many cards/speakers. Each card has a sound which is played when you click it.
Play Soulful Rainbow BunnySoulful Rainbow Bunny Game

Plays: 2385
Category: Customize
You've been given the materials to make this plushy look alive with a rainbow feel. Mix and match colors and decorate with ribbons, buttons, stickers, patches and more to make the Soulful Rainbow Bunny you like the most.
Play Barbie on RollersBarbie on Rollers Game

Plays: 2384
Category: Dress-Up
Barbie has an amazing roller skating collection to show you, girls, with many pairs of roller skates, one trendier that the other, matching helmets, armrests and kneepads, but also girly chic clothes and accessories, in lively colors, which Barbie likes to combine to create a new fashionable outfit every time she goes on rollers. Check out her printed t-shirts, girly tops, skirts, denim shorts, stockings and leggings, mix and match them with her roller skates and come up with as many outfits as you can think of for Barbie to wear on this roller skating adventure. Dress Barbie on Rollers in a super hot and trendy outfit so that she can enjoy her roller skating and accessorise her with chic sunglasses and youthful multi-colored bracelets. Don’t forget the helmet and the rest of the protective skating equipment. Have fun!
Play Crazy Hangover 3Crazy Hangover 3 Game

Plays: 2382
Category: Adventure
What do you get when you mix an arrogant lead singer of a rock band, lots of booze, plenty of fans and a deserted farm? Play this ridiculous adventure and find out what happened during this crazy party.
Play Elemental FighterElemental Fighter Game

Plays: 2377
Category: Action
Elemental Fighter is a mix of many old school space shooter. It's the video game version of broccoli, except tasty.
Play SuperSweeperSuperSweeper Game

Plays: 2374
Category: Puzzles
Classic minesweeper strategy but with a twist! Use different board styles to mix things up a bit.
Play Christmas Tree MixChristmas Tree Mix Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Action
Decorate your Christmas Tree - do this as fast as possible.
Play Ice Cream Fight Clean UpIce Cream Fight Clean Up Game

Plays: 2366
Category: Other
Ice cream is delicious. We can all agree on that. But have you ever tried to mix ice cream and a food fight? It's sort of like taking your most sacred favorite dessert ever and ruining it forever! Well, at least the fight was fun. Especially when you smacked Joe in the back of the head with that ice cream cone. Priceless!
Play I Love Making CakeI Love Making Cake Game

Plays: 2361
Category: Customize
First mix the ingredients in a bowl, then choose your cake shape and pour the batter! Bake your cake and choose from a wide selection of toppings, icings, and garnish.
Play Multi fruit super mixMulti fruit super mix Game

Plays: 2350
Category: Casino
Today luck on your side. Play the game and take the win. Different combinations make the game more interesting. Money is 2500 coins. Running game click START.
Play Barbie Winter 2Barbie Winter 2 Game

Plays: 2334
Category: Dress-Up
Barbie has decided to spend the weekend at her cottage in the mountains and she has invited a few friends with her, among whom her boyfriend Ken, as well. As the weather is going to be pretty cold there, Barbie needs to take with her lots of winter clothes. Check out Barbie's awesome winter wardrobe and help her find some fashionable outdoor and indoor winter outfits. You will find lots of pink clothes and accessories in her wardrobe, like cute pink blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks, waistcoats, skirts, tights, skinny jeans, scarves, bonnets, hats and boots. Barbie likes other colors as well like red, blue or white to mingle with the snow. Mix and match Barbie's clothes and create gorgeous winter outfits to keep Barbie warm on her adventurous weekend in the mountains. Don't forget to accessorize her with cool designer handbags, sunglasses and hairpins! Enjoy!
Play Fruit CrazyFruit Crazy Game

Plays: 2329
Category: Puzzles
Help Kevin control the production line! Collect all the lines of fruit in this challenging puzzle mix of strategy and matching!
Play Halloween TreatsHalloween Treats Game

Plays: 2306
Category: Dress-Up
Let your your creativity run wild with the varied selection of Halloween treats. You can make towers, castles, graveyards, write up a word and more! Combine different kinds of edibles and mix and match the colors to fill up the table with yummy and scary sweets!
Play The FaeThe Fae's Wyrd Game

Plays: 2302
Category: Action
The Fae's Wyrd is a retro-inspired party-based RPG. It uses a mix of Diablo's treasure system and a roguelike random level generator with a Final Fantasy-like combat system. Randomly generated treasures and levels to provide a new experience every game.
Play PurejongPurejong Game

Plays: 2300
Category: Puzzles
Purejong is an outstanding Mahjong game with highly appealing photorealistic graphics, automatic hints, mix buttons and more. It has 12 challenging levels for everyone, from beginner to expert. Up to three stars per level can be gained, based on speed and non use of helpers like mix buttons. Licensees like Mindjolt named it the best flash Mahjong game they've ever seen.
Play Big Burger CookingBig Burger Cooking Game

Plays: 2291
Category: Customize
There are many ingredients which you can use when you want to prepare a burger, but to make it delicious you will have to know how to combine them. So take different ingredients, mozzarella, baked rolls, cheese and other yummy ingredients and mix them in the right way in order to create the most delicious big burger you can!
Play Cocktail BeachCocktail Beach Game

Plays: 2291
Category: Puzzles
Manipulate the blocks to prepare the cocktail to the plan

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