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Play Aliens MatchAliens Match Game

Plays: 569
Category: Puzzles
An addictive little puzzle game especially if you're Aliens lover! Swap the different aliens elements. Switch the aliens around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.

Plays: 568
Category: Strategy
Command a squad of mercenaries to protect your base!
Play Mickey the Fantastic MouseMickey the Fantastic Mouse Game

Plays: 563
Category: Dress-Up
You have a free ticket to Mickey's, the fantastic mouse, cartoon wonder world! Step in and feel free to show off your fashion talent styling up cute Mickey himself. Go for some sporty chic fashion looks for him, for some casual/street chic looks, then switch to some silly, goofy chic fashion combos that would turn him into the most stylish star caracter in the cartoon world!
Play TwinTwin Game

Plays: 541
Category: Adventure
Using the arrow keys to move and SHIFT to switch between players. When you are below a ledge that your other character is standing on you can press SPACEBAR to rope up to him.
Play Dr Lee UAssaultDr Lee UAssault Game

Plays: 525
Category: Strategy
The robot invasion is under away! Assist Dr Lee in leading his own mechanical army, using your tactical wit to take down machine menace's base, and to defend your own! Dr Lee is no coward, though: pick from a selection of weapons, and control the good doctor himself to blast the enemy to smithereens!
Play Funny Animals PuzzleFunny Animals Puzzle Game

Plays: 523
Category: Puzzles
An addictive little puzzle game especially for animal lovers! Swap the different animals. Switch the animals around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
Play Switch BotSwitch Bot Game

Plays: 520
Category: Adventure
Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to find his way home. Change colors to move objects and obstacles. How many times will you die before you can complete the game?
Play Twilight WarsTwilight Wars Game

Plays: 513
Category: Shooting
CS-like Shooting game. Various weapons and special abilities. Fight enemies with your allies. Kill enemies to earn prestige, and when your prestige reaches 10, you can use melee weapons to release powerful abilities.
Play Nyan SoulsNyan Souls Game

Plays: 507
Category: Action
Nyan Souls is a game where you have to switch between three characters to overcome obstacles.
Play Office ManOffice Man Game

Plays: 503
Category: Adventure
Axel was hired in a mission to restore all the technical issues in an office building with a bussiness runned by an insurance company. In every floor there is a mission that Axel has to perform in order to progress further to the next level of the building. Solve different puzzles along the way which require to switch items and combine them together in order to acheive the right sufficient result. As you progress, the little stroy the game is involved is exposed to a twist turn, revealing a secret the company holds and hide from it's workers. Will Axel distinguish to prove he is worthy to deal with the company he is hired into? Find out by playing Office Man. And off course, there are achievements to unlock and little secrets to find out along the game itself
Play The Floor Is LavaThe Floor Is Lava Game

Plays: 491
Category: Action
You are an ice cube and have somehow managed to end up in a room that is filling up with lava. Get to the switch to stop it! Play your way through 25 levels in this stylish, challenging, and charming platformer.
Play Plunder SquadPlunder Squad Game

Plays: 429
Category: Action
Plunder Squad is a top down shooting game. The game has 5 floors, with each floor having many battle rooms. Lead your Plunder Squad into the temple, pillaging whatever precious items you can while taking on the temple's defences! Watch out though, the temple is quite the tricky maze, with foes of all kinds filling its many treasure-filled dungeons. If you keep your weapons upgraded, and make good use of the checkpoints however, you might just get by - but it won't be easy!
Play FOG GolfFOG Golf Game

Plays: 424
Category: Sports
FOG Golf is a 9 and 18 hole Golf Simulation Game. You can choose to play 9 levels or 18 levels. The aim is to complete each course or level with the least number of shots. You can select the type of club you'd like to use from the top menu or you can Click on the caddy to get advice on which club to use and how hard to hit the ball. Tap the spacebar to start the swing, tap again to set the power and once more to strike the ball high or low. There is a mini map and also you can view the full course by using the arrow keys.
Play LightsLights Game

Plays: 398
Category: Puzzles
Use your mouse to switch off all the lights. Clicking a switch all toggle not only the switch you click but also the ones next to it! The levels get tougher as you progress. Switch more than 100 times on a level, or take over 5 minutes and it's game over! Will you be able to conquer all 30 levels?
Play Monster FloodMonster Flood Game

Plays: 385
Category: Shooting
The Government's top secret facility has been compromised and a deadly virus has turned everyone into zombies! Everyone except General Jack Hardman. Blast your way through waves of zombies that keeps on growing. Upgrade your arsenal as you go and discover more ways to eliminate the flood of zombies. Like pistols, shotguns, machine guns, grenades and etc. Overall Aim of the game is to see how long you can survive.
Play Space Traffic ControllerSpace Traffic Controller Game

Plays: 352
Category: Puzzles
Traffic in the galaxy is getting worse. We need your help! In this fantastic puzzle game, you are called to guide spaceships to their destination. Your mission require speed, agility and planning capacity. Are you ready?
Play Fog SudokuFog Sudoku Game

Plays: 341
Category: Puzzles
The classic mind-wracking math puzzle game is now online! With a brad new look: the old fashioned news paper style. Fill in each gap with the correct number from 1 to 9. Be careful not to have the same number on a row or column. You have your own scribble pad to help you out in case you need some aid. Start easy at first and go for challenging hard levels afterward for an awesome experience.
Play Pet PanicPet Panic Game

Plays: 324
Category: Adventure
Switch two adjacent pets to make a horizontal or vertical set of three or more pets of the same color.
Play Christmas Lights-OnChristmas Lights-On Game

Plays: 320
Category: Puzzles
Can you get all the Christmas lights switched on? Those new Christmas lights seemed like a bargain, but when you tried them out... oh, no! The wires are a tangle, and half of the bulbs are off. Worse, when you switch one bulb on, the ones connected to it go off! Use your puzzling skills to switch lights until all of them are on. Five difficulty settings are included, with infinitely many puzzles at each setting.
Play ColumnsColumns Game

Plays: 319
Category: Action
Another fiendishly cunning puzzle game has joined the doof family! We introduce Columns, a game that needs quick fingers and bit of brainwork. Switch the falling coloured columns so that they fall into a row of three or more similar colours, either horizontally, diagonally or vertically! Rack up the points as quick as you can, cos this game won’t sympathise with you!

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