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Play Surreal Worlds ShooterSurreal Worlds Shooter Game

Plays: 1750
Category: Action
Shoot all the strange targets before they reach the bottom. You only have five lives, so get shooting. You have four different weapons at your disposal, but the number of shots you get with the more powerful weapons is limited by the number of tokens earned from shooting targets, so use them wisely.
Play The ElemonatorThe Elemonator Game

Plays: 1717
Category: Action
Are you sick of rotten recruitment agencies and their empty promises? Get your revenge on these crooked consultants by dropping them into the creature infested custard! With sharks, crocodiles, and piranha patrolling the waters, we can guarantee that none will emerge alive! Hit all the coloured targets on a level to activate the deadly dunking machine! If you miss four times, or the timer runs out, it's game over, so aim fast and true!
Play Marble RollMarble Roll Game

Plays: 1699
Category: Action
Roll the marble to hit the table-top targets, whilst steering clear of the obstacles!
Play UFOwnedUFOwned Game

Plays: 1686
Category: Action
Planet Earth is about to get owned... Invade, seek, destroy! Aliens are attacking Earth... oh, wait; YOU'RE the aliens! UFOwned is a hectic and crazy pixel-shooter where your goal is to rack up as much damage and death as possible. Seek out specific targets to earn upgrades and either shoot them with your laser or beam them to your ship. Evade the ground troops and armored tanks and see how long you can survive. Unleash the Epic Beam for a crazy amount of damage!

Plays: 1679
Category: Action
Santa Claus takes part in a clay shooting competition but the targets are Christmas gifts. Every four levels you unlock a minigame bonus. Use the Mouse to hit the gifts. 15 levels of exciting gameplay and 3 bonus levels await you. Good luck! Tips & Help: info (at) Another game by
Play Sniper Operation 2Sniper Operation 2 Game

Plays: 1620
Category: Action
You have new mission to accomplish.Zoom out the hideout areas and shoot all the enemies. Beware of enemy snipers, shoot them before they shoot you. You have a different targets in each level. Check the assigned task in below screen. Watch health bar and timer. All the best!
Play shootier targetsshootier targets Game

Plays: 1618
Category: Shooting
a game of shooting!
Play X-MissileX-Missile Game

Plays: 1589
Category: Shooting
Mouse based puzzle game. Lead homing missiles to the targets and destroy them.
Play Hidden Targets-CastleHidden Targets-Castle Game

Plays: 1588
Category: Puzzles
Hi hiddenogames fans, we brought a new shooting game for you called Hidden Targets-Castle. In this game, you have to shoot fifteen targets within five minutes with a bow and arrows. Look precisely, because some targets are well hidden. For the last three targets you can buy a hint. Do not hesitate too long, because if you miss a target, you'll lose a 20 seconds you may need. Have fun!
Play Magic MarbleMagic Marble Game

Plays: 1580
Category: Action
Magic marbles is a Leisure game with 12 levels, each level would have its particular element and10 targets to clear. Come and challenge yourself and create your five stars recorder.
Play Shoot n CountShoot n Count Game

Plays: 1578
Category: Action
Hit 10 targets, and count their values to reach the higher level.
Play Human DartsHuman Darts Game

Plays: 1533
Category: Shooting
How good is your aim? Select your victim, then start throwing darts at the targets without trying to hit the person! You'll score more points if you hit the targets right in the middle!
Play Marble RollMarble Roll Game

Plays: 1516
Category: Puzzles
Shoot all numbered targets.
Play Drift RallyDrift Rally Game

Plays: 1461
Category: Sports
It's the ultimate drift racing challenge, avoid the walls, hit the targets and beat the clock..
Play Risky DartsRisky Darts Game

Plays: 1357
Category: Action
Throw darts at the targets. Hit closer to the center for more points, and don’t hurt the poor fellow.
Play DistDroidDistDroid Game

Plays: 1333
Category: Action
Destroy the targets with matching coloured balls to escape each level in this challenging, colourful, ball rebounding arcade puzzle game.
Play Mafia ChaseMafia Chase Game

Plays: 1319
Category: Action
If you like car racing games, check out this new car racing game called Mafia Chase! Your goal, in this game, will be to find and destroy all the enemy targets belonging to mafia. Therefore, get ready to put all those racing skills that you've developed so far to a really major test, once you start playing the 'Mafia Chase' racing game online. May the speed be with you in this Mafia Chase racing game and may you destroy all the mafia cars!
Play I Shot The SheriffI Shot The Sheriff Game

Plays: 1309
Category: Shooting
Take down as many targets as possible and prove that you're the new sharpshooter star, the new John Wayne reborn from this ashes!
Play Sniper-Assassin-3Sniper-Assassin-3 Game

Plays: 1304
Category: Action
After the sniper found the killer of his wife he will turn into an assassin and the story will get more complex for him. Your main objective is to revenge your wife and destroy her killer. Pay attention at the mission then use your left click on your mouse to shoot at your targets.
Play Valentines ShooterValentines Shooter Game

Plays: 1300
Category: Action
A special Valentines version of a classic fun arcade game whereby you have 30 seconds to shoot as many of the floating hearts as possible.

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