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Play DSD2DSD2 Game

Plays: 3056
Category: Adventure
Dive the depths of the oceans searching for the ancient artifacts hidden beneath the waves. Collect treasure and return it to the surface so you can afford to upgrade your ship and explore to deeper and darker depths. Good luck ;) This game is still in Beta and may still have a few bugs.
Play Secret VineyardSecret Vineyard Game

Plays: 3029
Category: Adventure
Your uncle left you his vineyard. There are rumors that he had treasure hidden somewhere around. It is up to you to find it.
Play Bob JonesBob Jones Game

Plays: 2974
Category: Action
Bob is constantly in search of hidden treasures no matter where in the world they might be. This time he’s in the deepest, darkest depths of the pyramid ruins of Egypt. Jump from stone to stone to avoid the protective electric mesh that has been placed over the floor of the tomb as a security measure to deter any intrepid would-be explorers like you! Try and master the flow of the jumps and make it to the treasure in the shortest time possible!
Play World of DungeonsWorld of Dungeons Game

Plays: 2936
Category: Shooting
Are you the one who can survive and destroy the dangers in this dungeon? In the World of Dungeons flash game, you control a barbarian, and explore a vast dungeon filled with dangerous monsters and valuable artifacts. Destroy unspeakable horrors with your powerful axe to gain fame, wealth, and honor. Can you rescue your companions from the grasp of the evil sorceror? Gain eternal glory by finding and defeating the Great Red Dragon deep within the dungeon. May Barbroxu, the god of all barbarians guide your axe, and your destiny.
Play Find the Treasure VegetableFind the Treasure Vegetable Game

Plays: 2912
Category: Adventure
Toto found the treasure map by an accident! The treasures are the vegetables that sparkle. But the road to finding the treasures is a complex maze. Try to solve the maze by using the mouse and find the treasure vegetables.
Play Treasure ChaseTreasure Chase Game

Plays: 2911
Category: Action
It was a beautiful sunny day. You are walking on the street and heard the latest news on the radio: "The Central Museum is robbed! Unique treasures of Caribbean sea pirates are stolen!". And suddenly you found a gold coin lying on the edge of the pavement. Here it is! The treasure is somewhere near. On the other side of the street you saw an another coin and realized that it's time to act! Enjoy an interesting adventure full of hazards! On your way there will be the city streets, dark forests, rivers and trains, but no one barrier will stand in front of you!
Play Underwater treasuresUnderwater treasures Game

Plays: 2904
Category: Puzzles
Pop the marbles to find Underwater Treasures! Pop the marbles to find Underwater Treasures in this fun and exciting Marble Popper game! Can you collect all the treasure?
Play Pirate Treasure MahjongPirate Treasure Mahjong Game

Plays: 2890
Category: BoardGame
Free online mahjong game in pirate theme with great graphics and a great number of levels.
Play Treasure of Big TotemTreasure of Big Totem Game

Plays: 2889
Category: Adventure
Search for clues to get the Treasure of Big Totem.
Play Fort Knox BloxFort Knox Blox Game

Plays: 2885
Category: Strategy
Get rich or die trying. Find the matching gold pieces and collect them. Don't let the treasure pile up too high or it's game over.
Play Asteroids Treasure HuntAsteroids Treasure Hunt Game

Plays: 2839
Category: Action
Dodge the meteors and collect space treasure in this fun arcade game inspire by Asteroids.
Play Gold DiggersGold Diggers Game

Plays: 2826
Category: Puzzles
Exploit all the treasure in the mines, populated with harmful monsters in this exciting online game.
Play Revenge of Powder MonkeyRevenge of Powder Monkey Game

Plays: 2821
Category: Action
You have been sailing in the Ocean of Fire near the Great Volcano looking for treasure when suddenly you notice that the Pirates of the Ever Night have boarded your ship and are attacking you. Defend your ship from the attacking zombie pirate hordes! Build your own games like this on!
Play Object Assembly (Dynamic Hidden Objects Game)Object Assembly (Dynamic Hidden Objects Game) Game

Plays: 2813
Category: Education
Who says Androids do not have a sense of humor? Well to prove them wrong, a bunch of Androids have hidden your important objects all over the assembly plant. You must now go on a treasure hunt quest to find your goods. What else can i say other than, "Best of Luck." Game Features: 4 Levels to Unlock 6 Achievements to Earn
Play Treasure of Big Totem 9Treasure of Big Totem 9 Game

Plays: 2791
Category: Adventure
Nadia and Axel came to the stone skull. Can you solve the puzzle and get the next scroll?
Play Treasure Island EscapeTreasure Island Escape Game

Plays: 2772
Category: Adventure
A short adventure game in which you have to use your point-and-clicking skills to locate items and use those items to help you make your escape from a treasure island.
Play Mr.CowboyMr.Cowboy Game

Plays: 2760
Category: Puzzles
Mr. Cowboy is an adventurous game of making a treasure map!
Play Scuba DivingScuba Diving Game

Plays: 2757
Category: Action
Dive into the deep Blue Ocean and find treasure spread across the ocean floor from the wrecks of the ship of Queen Aliya, carrying her precious treasure chest and hundreds of precious stones and jewelry. All this in an Avatar of a hilarious rabbit geared up as a sea diver. Be careful, this part of the ocean is haunted by man-eater sharks in all shapes and sizes. You need to carry a harpoon and fling it at the right time to bind the sharks and collect the jewelry and finally find the famous treasure chest that lies beneath for over a hundred years now.
Play Caribbean Treasures MahjongCaribbean Treasures Mahjong Game

Plays: 2746
Category: BoardGame
You have an ancient pirate map that leads to the treasure, solve all hundred puzzles, travel thru inhabited island, full of dangerous adventures, and capture the precious trunk.
Play Captain Adventure ManCaptain Adventure Man Game

Plays: 2719
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game in which you explore a vast cave in order to collect a variety of treasures and items. The different items will give you special abilities or bonuses but you have to hurry , time is limited.

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