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Play PokanoidPokanoid Game

Plays: 1973
Category: Action
Pokanoid combines video-poker with breakout to give you endless hours of fun. Grab bonuses and multipliers as you collect poker hands and become a true high-roller. Like what you see, download Pokanoid Deluxe for Android Phones from Android Market!
Play AlienObanAlienOban Game

Plays: 1970
Category: Puzzles
Is a Sokoban-style puzzle game with some different twists. Move the Alien with the arrow keys and push the blue blocks against the animals. Destory all animals in order to advanced to the next level.
Play RainBow Ball DemoRainBow Ball Demo Game

Plays: 1949
Category: Action
OverView Rainbow Ball demo is a fre taste of the the full colorful fun brick-breaking game where quick reflexes must merge with strategy. Players must time the color changes of their paddle with the color changes of the ball to break all of the bricks on the screen and advance to the next level. In order to get the highest score, they can conquer over 115 levels of classic brick-breaking fun. Rainbow Ball is the first game by Podunk Studioz and more importantly it is the first game of Podunk’s Get Something for Giving Something program. What is the "Get Something for Giving Something" program, you ask? A portion of every sale of this game will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help with research and the treatment of victims suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. So what do you get when you purchase Rainbow Ball? You get a quality, fun gaming experience, as well as the knowledge that you are helping rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis - all for a little over a dollar. Please download it today! Features 115 levels of colorful, fun, exciting and strategic Game play Brilliant visuals Compete with your friends for the high score Helps fight MS
Play Space BallSpace Ball Game

Plays: 1948
Category: Puzzles
Do your best to avoid holes and explode every brick on your way as fast as you can. But be aware that your ball has the same color as the brick or otherwise you wont be able to explode the brick.
Play Imperfect Balance 3Imperfect Balance 3 Game

Plays: 1941
Category: Puzzles
The destruction continues with 45 new constructions.
Play Brick GalaxyBrick Galaxy Game

Plays: 1936
Category: Puzzles
Building blocks are what put life together, but what happens when those blocks are smashed into little pieces … In Brick Galaxy, players take on the role of an orbital defense platform, assigned to repel all foreign objects from colliding into and breaking apart the planet Earth. Use the arrow keys to fire maneuvering jets that allow you to intercept and redirect all manner of objects from hitting the planet below and send them back to where they came from.
Play Brick SmasherBrick Smasher Game

Plays: 1906
Category: Action
just a simple brick smasher game
Play Brick itBrick it Game

Plays: 1899
Category: Puzzles
Relax playing the casual mode that you can continue later. Try the 100 moves mode to show everyone who is the best.
Play OutkrekOutkrek Game

Plays: 1879
Category: Action
The all-popular hit-the-brick game revisited. Many tricky levels and randomly distributed special bricks ensure that you will want to replay over and over again.
Play GoinGoin' Up Game

Plays: 1873
Category: Action
Use the Left and Right arrow keys to hit the the boxes in order to jump higher and achieve the highest score. The higher you jump the higher your score
Play Brick BreakerBrick Breaker Game

Plays: 1871
Category: Puzzles
It's like old-fasion "Breakout"
Play Zoo CollapseZoo Collapse Game

Plays: 1846
Category: BoardGame
Make sure there is enough space in the zoo. Collapse the cages with identical animals to save space.
Play Doli Nasty Brick AttackDoli Nasty Brick Attack Game

Plays: 1831
Category: Puzzles
Help Sisi from the doli nasty brick attack!
Play Penguin Pop DuoPenguin Pop Duo Game

Plays: 1820
Category: Action
Control two paddles at once in Penguin Pop Duo.
Play Brick Yard 2Brick Yard 2 Game

Plays: 1817
Category: Puzzles
12 construction yards with varying conditions for your physics engine powered crane. Contains unlockables and achievements!
Play MultiBall RampageMultiBall Rampage Game

Plays: 1768
Category: Puzzles
How long can you survive an endless torrent of bricks? At least, most of the time, you have more than one ball.
Play Gnu Pop 3Gnu Pop 3 Game

Plays: 1766
Category: Action
Gnu Pop 3 has you juggling three paddles at once as you try to bounce a ball off of little gnus, goats, and other animals. Are you up for the challenge?
Play Avalanche ColorAvalanche Color Game

Plays: 1761
Category: Puzzles
How to play: Use keyboard or joystick to control your ship. Left and right movement will move your ship through the different columns, while up and down will change the color on your ship. Press espace to shoot. Avalanche is a fun action game people can just pickup and play. The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol of his ship with the symbol on the gems. The speed of the game will automatically increase during gameplay. Shoot strategically and get combos of 4 similar gems in a row to decrease speed and gain extra points. Combo: 4 similar colors 1000 pts + decreased speed Mega Combo: 5 similar colors 3000 pts + decreased speed x2 Small got back stars: give 1 pts by star 100 small got back stars: give bonus of 55 pts.
Play HexbricksHexbricks Game

Plays: 1756
Category: Puzzles
A ball game where you must eliminate hexagonal bricks by bouncing balls off them. You can orbit your paddle 360 degrees around the bricks.
Play Bricks AdventureBricks Adventure Game

Plays: 1754
Category: Action
Bricks Adventure is a fresh take of Brick Breaking classic genre combined with shooter gameplay elements. Play with the Ball, bounce it with the Pad, shoot Bullets to different enemies, grab more than 20 Powerups and destroy all the Bricks and Enemies.

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