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Online Extreme Games
Play Farm RaceFarm Race Game

Plays: 1630
Category: Sports
Cool game in an extreme farm that realesed hard races of speeding animals.
Play Extreme UFO ShooterExtreme UFO Shooter Game

Plays: 1629
Category: Action
Fast shooter game with scores. Can you get the best score?
Play Motoracer From HellMotoracer From Hell Game

Plays: 1595
Category: Driving
Nice motorbike stunts free online game by The Racer from the Hell rushes at full speed along dens of iniquity. We dare you to take part I this extreme physics controlling and bike maneuvering game. Use arrows and space to rule. There are 20 levels and each one is the harder than the previous one.
Play Extreme StuntsExtreme Stunts Game

Plays: 1562
Category: Driving
Perform extreme stunts with your bike in this challenging game. Cross all the vehicles to pass the exciting level. collect points to score high.
Play Extreme KickExtreme Kick Game

Plays: 1562
Category: Shooting
In this game, the kicker must kick the referee as far as you can. There are 11 kinds of upgrades, many kinds of items and more then 45 kinds of achievements in this game.
Play eXtreme Mine ExplorereXtreme Mine Explorer Game

Plays: 1550
Category: BoardGame
eeeeXtremeeee Mine Explorer !!! Chanllenge your friend, compete who solve the game in shortest time !! My blog : (current version 1.0 keeping update)
Play Extreme BouncerExtreme Bouncer Game

Plays: 1548
Category: Action
Draw a path for Wuzzle the bouncer to make him reach the win area. Try to aim for the lowest number of bounces.

Plays: 1525
Category: Action
DANZZA is a dance game! Here you can have fun with the jungle animals. Challenge yourself to the limits.
Play Preparation For Extreme ActivitiesPreparation For Extreme Activities Game

Plays: 1521
Category: Puzzles
Bright colorful online free game in Hidden Object style from Active style of life and sports are of great benefit for people. But the extreme activities require careful preparation, observance of safety rules, attentiveness. At first you should look for the objects necessary for the skiing. Secondly find the spares of the mountain bike and at last take away all superfluous things among the diving equipment.
Play Extreme Explorer TruckExtreme Explorer Truck Game

Plays: 1498
Category: Action
Cakgames expredition team is exploring the sumatera forest which known for its extreme field in order to raise funds for "Save Wildlife" foundation .
Play The Telekinetic IncidentThe Telekinetic Incident Game

Plays: 1464
Category: Action
In The Telekinetic Incident you'll have to figure out creative ways to utilize and combine your Telekinetic Powers to progress. You play as a clone of Sarah Walker, a college student with an extreme sensitivity to the process of mind tickling.
Play Squiz ExtremeSquiz Extreme Game

Plays: 1443
Category: Adventure
Match 4 Squiz to remove them from the game, to get to the next stage you must remove the Squiz in the correct order.
Play Extreme CatwalkExtreme Catwalk Game

Plays: 1439
Category: Customize
Extreme Catwalk Fashion Girl Dress up game.
Play Extreme Smiley Match 2Extreme Smiley Match 2 Game

Plays: 1435
Category: BoardGame
Extreme Smiley Match 2 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by
Play Shape Matching ExtremeShape Matching Extreme Game

Plays: 1409
Category: Education
Real time take on a classic puzzle game.
Play Extreme Car RaceExtreme Car Race Game

Plays: 1397
Category: Driving
Be the first at finish line through 6 levels.Push the other cars to increase your score. Hold Right key to increase your speed but use left key to drive and balance car.
Play Hellish MotoracerHellish Motoracer Game

Plays: 1395
Category: Driving
New online motor racing game by The bike from the Hell rushes at full speed along dens of iniquity. Take a part at this extreme physics controlling and bike maneuvering game. Use arrows and space to rule your motorbike.
Play Extreme FirepowerExtreme Firepower Game

Plays: 1381
Category: Shooting
You can choose your character depending on what you like the most: agility or brute force. Shoot down your enemies and don't let Dr. Lazarus get away.
Play SpeedScoreSpeedScore Game

Plays: 1356
Category: Action
SpeedScore is a fast-paced game that utilizes quick reaction-times, rapid thinking, concentration, and hand/eye coordination. The object of the game is to achieve the highest score possible before the time runs out. Enjoy! ~GameChief
Play Extreme TruckerExtreme Trucker Game

Plays: 1330
Category: Jigsaw
Driving trucks is much more extreme than people realize, especially when you are talking about 18-wheelers loaded with giant logs. Your uncle Eddie had you take a picture of his efforts once, and now that he has asked you for the picture again, you realize that it got torn up a while ago… and your only option is to put it back together in time, lest you want to sadden your uncle. In Extreme Trucker Jigsaw there are four difficulty modes to choose from. Easy, which provides a puzzle with 12 pieces, medium with a puzzle of 48 pieces, hard with a puzzle of 108 pieces, and finally expert, a grandiose puzzle containing exactly 192 pieces. There is a time limit, but if you want an experience that is a bit more relaxing, you can remove it. The controls are about as simple as they get in Extreme Trucker Jigsaw; simple use the left mouse button in order to click and drag jigsaw pieces, and if you want to select many at the same time, simply use CTRL and the left mouse button together.

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