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Online maze Games
Play aMaze 3aMaze 3 Game

Plays: 3643
Category: Action
aMaze 3 (also known as aMaze cubed) is a fun little maze game where you play the role of Kevin Spacey (the little dot thingy) and your goal is to make it around all the mazes on the cube, picking up the nice purple things along the way whilst avoiding the nasty black ones.
Play MouzeMazeMouzeMaze Game

Plays: 3641
Category: Puzzles
Mouze Maze is a creative game of mechanic fantasy!
Play DirtPile FloaterDirtPile Floater Game

Plays: 3638
Category: Strategy
Try to get the DirtPile logo though the levels without hitting the walls.
Play Night Light 2Night Light 2 Game

Plays: 3629
Category: Puzzles
A new twist on the classic mouse maze. This time with more levels and timed levels!
Play Roll OutRoll Out Game

Plays: 3622
Category: Driving
Roll the marble out of the maze. Easy? Think Again. There are special tiles that make you cry.
Play The mazeThe maze Game

Plays: 3608
Category: Strategy
Play this multiplayer game and go through a maze!

Plays: 3604
Category: Strategy
PUSH is a tribute to the classic game Sokoban. Its a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations.
Play ZangooZangoo Game

Plays: 3559
Category: Action
"Zangoo" is 2D tile-based Action-Puzzle game which includes puzzle solving and strategy making together. As a player, you use arrows to guide your Zangoo ( a funny looking animal ) to the destination place ( the tree tile) while avoiding predator's attacks and traps. "Zangoo" contains 49 levels with increasing difficulties. Each level records the highest score the player has achieved and each level score adds up to become the total game score. Based the game score, different magics will be unlocked.
Play Smily ChaserSmily Chaser Game

Plays: 3556
Category: Puzzles
Chase the smiley through labyrinth and try to avoid going out of the path, as you will lose the game. Have fun!
Play JetRocket PinaJetRocket Pina Game

Plays: 3542
Category: Action
Fly around as a jetpack-equipped guinea pig called Pina and explore various mazes over different worlds. A simple and fun game for the whole family, featuring an original soundtrack and a novel concept. You can purchase upgrades for your jetpack to help you get through the levels easier with money you pick up or try to compete against yourself for the best time in every individual level. A original, art, code and music created by one person. Props to wiesi from for support, thumbnail and promotion.
Play Monster Farm FactoryMonster Farm Factory Game

Plays: 3541
Category: BoardGame
you must be skilful and patient to accept this challenger
Play Tilt MazeTilt Maze Game

Plays: 3528
Category: Puzzles
flash tilt maze. Strategy
Play MazeBallMazeBall Game

Plays: 3516
Category: Action
Guide the marble to freedom through the ancient maze, collecting points along the way. Lighting up the floor tiles will boost your points, some tiles will push and pull you, while some will take you up or down a floor. Escape to the bottom of the maze to win.
Play 3D Maze3D Maze Game

Plays: 3495
Category: Action
Drive your car in a maze, and kill all the 20 zombies.
Play Mental Mouse MazeMental Mouse Maze Game

Plays: 3492
Category: Puzzles
Mouse maze where you require skill and agility to best the test.
Play 3D Water Maze (Molehill)3D Water Maze (Molehill) Game

Plays: 3491
Category: Action
Escape the water maze.
Play Addictive Maze: ImpossibleAddictive Maze: Impossible Game

Plays: 3488
Category: Adventure
Maze game very addictive and hard to finish, test your accuracy and speed to try to win in this difficult game.
Play The Miscellaneous GameThe Miscellaneous Game Game

Plays: 3486
Category: Puzzles
A game where different levels mean different games. Play for a taste of several different game styles.
Play Car in a MazeCar in a Maze Game

Plays: 3478
Category: Sports
Steer the car through the maze of roads, and reach the goal.
Play Whooly & The lost TreasuresWhooly & The lost Treasures Game

Plays: 3458
Category: Puzzles
Lartar sponsored by Partythenwork,introduces to our world, a new styleof hero, and give life to this new project, Whooly & Lost Treasures. Meet Whooly, a not too smart fox, with a fantastic imagination and matched only by his cute Hair. Join the fun, as Whooly tries to find an exit from an unknown world, and the his battle against a series of intimidating enemies. With your help, and the help of the mighty star power, Whooly can get out of this terrible maze. But first, he must understand thatthe Transtit signs, is more important than he thinks. He must learn to follow his instintcs.

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