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Play Bricks Breaking HexBricks Breaking Hex Game

Plays: 6080
Category: Puzzles
In this game there will be a grid of hexagonal bricks and you need to destroy them. You can destroy a brick simply by clicking on it. Each time you destroy a brick, the adjacent bricks of the same colour will also be destroyed. If there aren't any adjacent bricks of the same colour, then you can only destroy that single brick and you will lose a star. If you run out of stars then you will no longer be able to remove single bricks. If there are only single bricks left and you have used all your stars, then the game is over. You can score higher if you can remove a large number of bricks at one time.

Plays: 6001
Category: Action
Shoot the zombies before they attack you. Upgrade your stats to combat the increasing number of zombies
Play ClickPLAY 2ClickPLAY 2 Game

Plays: 5963
Category: Action
The PLAY button is on the run again in this Hoshi Saga inspired puzzler! Solve all 24 puzzles with few enough clicks and you will receive a virtual medal for your valiant effort!
Play Monkey JumpMonkey Jump Game

Plays: 5954
Category: Action
Help the monkey on his jumpy quest for the GOLDEN BANANA! (And he really wants to have it!) Jump from platform to platform without falling off, be carefull not to run out of time.
Play Run 2Run 2 Game

Plays: 5949
Category: Adventure
A game about running, jumping, ignoring certain laws of physics, and trying on roller skates.
Play Going the Distance 6 - Too ScaredGoing the Distance 6 - Too Scared Game

Plays: 5932
Category: BoardGame
Alexander finds himself lost in a spooky forest. Can he find his way out in time? Use dice and see how far you can run! Hopefully you'll get out of the forest before he gets scared to death! Utilizing dice rolling and strategy, just how far can you run?
Play Cutie Nail SalonCutie Nail Salon Game

Plays: 5893
Category: Dress-Up
Cutie tend own a lot of fans, they run a nail salon, which named "Cutie Nail Salon". Good Idea! Mostly girls love here and want to get their service. Now help them manage the nail salon and you have to let more and more girls enjoy them. Come on!
Play RudolphRudolph's Red Race Game

Plays: 5886
Category: Shooting
Rudolph with his nose so bright and loaded with lasers must guide Santa on an action-packed Christmas delivery run whilst collecting red objects to keep his speed and energy up. There are lots of obstacles attempting to thwart you including mischievous kids and vicious flying creatures. Whilst you lead Santa, will you go down the path of naughty or nice? Deliver presents or deliver bombs, your choice!
Play JumperJumper Game

Plays: 5829
Category: Adventure
a simple running-game
Play Drunk RunDrunk Run Game

Plays: 5821
Category: Other
Bars are closed and you can't drive. You fall down, you stay down.
Play zombie tagzombie tag Game

Plays: 5767
Category: Action
you are playing tag, zombie style. run away from zombies or you become a zombie.
Play 18 Wheels Driver 318 Wheels Driver 3 Game

Plays: 5760
Category: Action
Complete tasks as a driver of the big rig. Deliver goods all over the living town. Do not damage your truck and don't run over people. The faster you do your job, the more score you will get.
Play Going the DistanceGoing the Distance Game

Plays: 5759
Category: Action
A Shen Games Theatre Production. A daring story about a single man on his boat and his fight to survive. A tornado has come onto his island and has begun to destroy everything in its path. The only logical and brave thing to do is to run like the wind, going the distance.
Play Running WarriorRunning Warrior Game

Plays: 5754
Category: Action
Your loved one has been kidnapped by a evil wizard. Explore the 4 different levels you should master all jobs and skills to save her.
Play BoltBallBoltBall Game

Plays: 5734
Category: Action
An incredible run of 200m with a ball and just mouse button.
Play Reggae Monkey 2Reggae Monkey 2 Game

Plays: 5730
Category: Adventure
A great adventure game which will put you in a jungle full of features you never seen before. It is also a jump and run game cause the little monkey has to jump over the steps and catch the bananas. For every banana he will earn points. These will be useful in the other levels, cause they becoming harder and harder. Try to overcome all 22 levels and score the maximum points.
Play Hurdles: Road to Olympic Games by FlashGamesFan.comHurdles: Road to Olympic Games by Game

Plays: 5729
Category: Action
Take on the race tracks in different cities around the world to climb the rankings of the 3 championships and reach Olympic Games. You can upgrade your stamina, speed and jump skills to reach the final victory.
Play Jailbreak!Jailbreak! Game

Plays: 5721
Category: Action
To escape from Jail you need to run errands and complete tasks. 10 levels - so you could be in for a long stretch!
Play Jumping Little NinjaJumping Little Ninja Game

Plays: 5716
Category: Action
A little ninja who try to master his jumping skill. Use your ninja skill, learn to run faster and jump higher. Reach sun, and then look what happen next.
Play Inked Up Tattoo ShopInked Up Tattoo Shop Game

Plays: 5693
Category: Action
How about having your own tattoo shop and becoming an expert tattoo artist, girls? Learn the art of inked tattoos making playing Inked Up Tattoo Shop management game and help the beautiful girl run her fancy tattoo shop by helping the customers decide on what kind of tattoo to get based on what they tell you, then making the tattoos yourselves, girls! Enjoy Inked up Tattoo Shop management game!

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