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Online word Games
Play FuSeWordFuSeWord Game

Plays: 3777
Category: Education
A new, hugely addictive word game where you make new words by using two or more letters of the previous word. Rack up points in one player high score mode, or trump your friends with your knowledge in multi-player mode.
Play Wordcross 6Wordcross 6 Game

Plays: 3775
Category: Puzzles
Sixth part of popular hiscores crossword puzzle, this time with characters from fairy tales!
Play Backpack TravelsBackpack Travels Game

Plays: 3772
Category: Education
Backpack Travels is a hidden word game to build your English vocabulary from basic words to more specialized terms. This word search game is also a good exercise for speed reading and accurate spelling. Attain a higher level of literacy and become more articulate as you memorize both common and complex words from 8 grid categories: trip planning, tourism, vehicles, ships and boats, hotels, camping, bicycles, and air transportation.
Play DewordecaDewordeca Game

Plays: 3764
Category: BoardGame
Dewordeca is a fun word game. There are 5 languages. Each language has its own dictionary, so players from all over the world can enjoy this game. Each level you must make 10 words. These words must beat least 3 letters long. You must get a score higher than the score for next level to beat the level. You must work from the outside to the inside. Each row is worth more than the outer rows. End in the middle to get a ton of points. If you make the bonus word, you will get 20 bonus points. Features * 5 languages with dictionaries for each! * Unlimited game play
Play Anagram EscapeAnagram Escape Game

Plays: 3755
Category: Adventure
You are trapped in a room and must escape. The door lock has letters, but there aren't any hint about what word can open it.
Play Question QuestQuestion Quest Game

Plays: 3749
Category: Adventure
Exciting and fun vocabulary learning game. With user developed content.
Play Brain BenderBrain Bender Game

Plays: 3731
Category: Memory
Four coloured buttons, and a coloured word. The aim is to click the button corresponding to the colour of the word as many times as you can in the lime limit. Sound easy? The word is also one of the four colours, so don't get confused...
Play Love Word ScramblerLove Word Scrambler Game

Plays: 3711
Category: BoardGame
Enter letter to solve the scrambled word. Love nice words solutions
Play TetWord PROTetWord PRO Game

Plays: 3711
Category: Education
The game is similar to Tetris and TetWord. There are 4 modes in the game: easy tetword, hard tetword, Not Latter(easy), Not Latter(hard).
Play Word RainWord Rain Game

Plays: 3710
Category: Puzzles
Use up the falling letters before they reach the bottom of the screen by spelling out words as fast as you can!
Play Illustrated Sports CrosswordIllustrated Sports Crossword Game

Plays: 3702
Category: BoardGame
Jumbly Themed Crosswords presents: A puzzle for sports fans. Cryptic / humorous clues make this crossword fun and yet none-too-easy for native English speakers...The option of viewing a visual picture clue means that it is suitable for non-sports fans and even to English language learners. Persevere to complete the puzzle - the animation and music are worth it ! Theme = Sports. Game Type = Crosswords
Play Word BricksWord Bricks Game

Plays: 3697
Category: Action
Word Bricks is a retro-style game. Score as high as possible by making words,using the dopping letters, and watch the game becoming more colorful.
Play Galactic Word WarGalactic Word War Game

Plays: 3695
Category: BoardGame
A defense word based game.
Play WordityWordity Game

Plays: 3685
Category: Puzzles
Wordity is an arcade puzzle game where letters drop like classic Tetris blocks and form words to score points. Letters can be shifted across columns, dropped down quickly and also moved to a different color-set using the Up arrow. Color sets must match with each other to form a word and therefore allow for deeper strategic play. Players must beat the clock to achieve a target score and at the same time prevent the letters from reaching the ceiling. Each level also offers a special blank wild card key to form special words. The engine uses the official Scrabble dictionary and thus makes a great Scrabble trainer!
Play Wordcross 9Wordcross 9 Game

Plays: 3670
Category: Puzzles
A new part of popular highscores crossword puzzle, this time with school subjects!
Play 60 Second Word Search - Hungarian Edition60 Second Word Search - Hungarian Edition Game

Plays: 3667
Category: BoardGame
60 másodperc szó keresés - Magyar Kiadás
Play WordKoolWordKool Game

Plays: 3665
Category: BoardGame
It's getting hot with every passing second. Cool it down by forming words with 3 or more connecting letters.
Play WordVenturesWordVentures Game

Plays: 3659
Category: Action
A fast paced word adventure. Kidnapped by pirates, you have joined the pirate crew as a slave, to fight against monsters that guard great treasures. Slay the monsters by forming words out of them and rise through the pirate ranks.
Play Christmas TreatsChristmas Treats Game

Plays: 3631
Category: Customize
Let your your creativity run wild with the varied selection of Christmas treats. You can make towers, castles, write up a word and more! Combine different kinds of edibles and mix and match the colors to fill up the table with yummy and scary christmas sweets!
Play SpaceTraceSpaceTrace Game

Plays: 3621
Category: Education
Guess the word by using the letters in the moons and drawing the shape clue then typing your answer in the textbox. If you get stuck use the clue at the expense of your score. Created for the Dictionary.com & MochiAds Competition.

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