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Online maze Games
Play Crazy Dizzy Maze GameCrazy Dizzy Maze Game Game

Plays: 3327
Category: Other
The mazes of this game are different. I use sphere mazes. Levels consists of 8 and a bonus game is waiting. Enjoy playing and i hope you won't get crazy and dizzy.
Play Rock Rush: UndervaultsRock Rush: Undervaults Game

Plays: 3322
Category: Action
Hidden inside a huge network of natural caverns is this mysterious artificially-built series of rooms, each filled with puzzles, dangers, and of course lots of pristine gemstones! Will you be able to make it through and escape with your fortune? Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp...
Play Whooly & The lost TreasuresWhooly & The lost Treasures Game

Plays: 3309
Category: Puzzles
Lartar sponsored by Partythenwork,introduces to our world, a new styleof hero, and give life to this new project, Whooly & Lost Treasures. Meet Whooly, a not too smart fox, with a fantastic imagination and matched only by his cute Hair. Join the fun, as Whooly tries to find an exit from an unknown world, and the his battle against a series of intimidating enemies. With your help, and the help of the mighty star power, Whooly can get out of this terrible maze. But first, he must understand thatthe Transtit signs, is more important than he thinks. He must learn to follow his instintcs.
Play Maze 3 Time AttackMaze 3 Time Attack Game

Plays: 3303
Category: Action
This game is a classic Maze Game.
Play Pearl HuntPearl Hunt Game

Plays: 3297
Category: Puzzles
Get all the pearls while going through the maze.
Play Worlds Hardest Maze Game Lv 3Worlds Hardest Maze Game Lv 3 Game

Plays: 3286
Category: Adventure
Can you beat the worlds hardest maze game level 3 its easier then 1 and 2 since none of you guys could handle those.
Play Pixel Maze PlatformerPixel Maze Platformer Game

Plays: 3281
Category: Puzzles
Make your way to the exit on these custom user made maps.
Play Orbs And MazeOrbs And Maze Game

Plays: 3276
Category: Puzzles
18 level maze labyrinth game with obstacle, enemy and point to catch up
Play To escape the labyrinthTo escape the labyrinth Game

Plays: 3266
Category: Action
cannon shoot you,you should escape the maze quickly.
Play Maze of firefly 2Maze of firefly 2 Game

Plays: 3249
Category: Action
The return of the brave firefly. Complete with him new mazes as quickly as possible and will take place on the leader board.
Play Scary Maze Game 100Scary Maze Game 100 Game

Plays: 3245
Category: Action
The 100th scary maze, can you find your way to the end? This scary maze is more difficult than most, you need a steady hand and skills to win.
Play Charlie ChickCharlie Chick's Adventure Game

Plays: 3222
Category: Action
Charlie is struggling to get home, help him get to the chicken coop whilst avoiding all the nasty farm yard hazards. It's not as easy as it looks!
Play 3D Bigfoot Maze3D Bigfoot Maze Game

Plays: 3216
Category: Action
You are lost in a maze with a bigfoot truck and you must escape.
Play The Pointless Maze gameThe Pointless Maze game Game

Plays: 3215
Category: Puzzles
Try and beat all 15 levels of this almost impossible maze game!
Play Impossible 2: Jungle EscapeImpossible 2: Jungle Escape Game

Plays: 3215
Category: Puzzles
Impossible is back with round two! Now with 15 levels to play through, each as hard as the last, can you fight your way through the jungle to escape at the end? The game has an auto save function, so players can exit the game, and continue playing at a later data without having to start from level1. Use the arrow keys to move, and like in the last game, don't touch anything. Hope you enjoy the game
Play Mirrored Maze 3Mirrored Maze 3 Game

Plays: 3195
Category: Puzzles
The new mouse avoider with a twist
Play CryptCrypt Game

Plays: 3195
Category: Shooting
Crypt is a horror rpg game. Go through 8 levels of the dark crypt with only a small torch and your loyal 9mm at your side.
Play School MazeSchool Maze Game

Plays: 3191
Category: Action
Help Lil' Billy on his quest to find his homework! One day, Lil' Billy was sitting in study hall bored and about to check his homework. He opened his binder and found it was gone!! Help him travel through 5 huge levels to find all the pages!! GOOD LUCK!
Play I-MazeI-Maze Game

Plays: 3187
Category: Action
Move your Smile through the maze without touching the walls.
Play Ball in a MazeBall in a Maze Game

Plays: 3184
Category: Action
Drag the ball with the mouse and hit the blue square.

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