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Online chocolate Games
Play Making Chocolate GameMaking Chocolate Game Game

Plays: 284
Category: Dress-Up
Play Pou DessertsPou Desserts Game

Plays: 283
Category: Puzzles
Our good friend Pou is hungry, and you want to invite you to share some beautiful and delicious desserts, created with what you like it more, ice cream, candy, nougat, pie, cherries, chocolate and many flavors more to share, help Pou and creates beautiful and delicious desserts
Play Cerise Hoods Chocolate Fairy CupcakesCerise Hoods Chocolate Fairy Cupcakes Game

Plays: 280
Category: Other
I'm sure that you already know who Cerise Hood is. She is the daughter of the Red Riding Hood, and she is also a student at the Ever After High. Cerise Hood lives deep into a dark, magical forest, in a little house. Today is a magical night, because her fairy godmother is coming to visit and she has to make something delicious for her, the famous chocolate fairy cupcakes.
Play Surprise Birthday CakeSurprise Birthday Cake Game

Plays: 276
Category: Other
Just imagine: your BFF is celebrating her anniversary and you would really want to impress her this year with a super present! How about an amazingly looking surprise birthday cake decorated by you and you only? Exercise your cake decoration skills first, mixing and matching all these cake layers, cake patterns, chocolate or marshmallow figurines, fruitties and cake toppers!
Play Chocolate Spa DayChocolate Spa Day Game

Plays: 270
Category: Adventure
I don't know about you girls but I absolutely love chocolate. It always puts me in a good mood. Only thinking about chocolate makes my day brighter. And I want to make your day brighter too, girls, so today I will take you to a special spa where you will feel very good, I promise. It's the Chocolate Spa and all the spa treatment are chocolate-based. Sounds like a lot of fun, right girls?
Play ChocodashChocodash Game

Plays: 264
Category: Other
Do it right and this chocolate will disappear faster than on a Valetine's date for one!
Play White Chocolate Ice-Cream CakeWhite Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake Game

Plays: 260
Category: Other
Summer is almost here, and you know what that means, don't you? It's the ice-cream season! That is precisely why I have decided to teach you how to prepare my all-time favorite recipe! This one's called White Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake. Ever since I was a little girl, my mother always prepared it for me, and I absolutely loved it! The first thing that you will have to do will be to make sure that you do have all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the White Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake, and only afterwards start. You will see that preparing this delicious recipe will be a real piece of cake, and that you don't need that much experience.
Play Chocolate For Beloved PersonChocolate For Beloved Person Game

Plays: 237
Category: Customize
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Play Chocolate Cherry CupcakesChocolate Cherry Cupcakes Game

Plays: 234
Category: Other
I simply adore cupcakes! Ever since my mother taught me how to prepare them, back when I was just a little girl, I continuously perfected the way I prepare them. I especially adore experimenting with fillings, toppings, and flavours. Today I figured I'd experiment with the cherry flavour. There is no way they can turn out bad if you add the right ingredients, and your favorite flavours. Besides the cherries, the other key ingredient I will be using today will be chocolate, hence the name of the cupcakes: Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes. You will be joining me in my kitchen, where we are going to prepare these yummy cupcakes!
Play Raspberry Chocolate CakesRaspberry Chocolate Cakes Game

Plays: 229
Category: Other
Hello ladies! Today we are going to have the unique opportunity to learn how to prepare a really delicious dessert, and this one is called Raspberry Chocolate Cakes. My mother used to prepare this really delicious recipe when I was a little girl, and ever since then, this has remained my favorite one, and I still prepare it when I get the opportunity. In today's cooking lesson, you will be assisted every step of the cooking process, and will be receiving a few tips and tricks on how to better prepare it. Enjoy!
Play Brownie Paw RecipeBrownie Paw Recipe Game

Plays: 226
Category: Other
Hello ladies! It is about time that we learned how to prepare a really exciting and new recipe, that I'm sure you will absolutely adore both preparing and savoring. Today we will be preparing the delicious brownie paw recipe. You will see that even if you are totally inexperienced in the kitchen, you will not encounter any difficulty in preparing the delicious brownie paw recipe. Enjoy!
Play CeriseCerise's Wood Chocolate Pretzel Treats Game

Plays: 220
Category: Other
Cerise wants to make her all-time favorite recipe, called 'Wood chocolate pretzel treats' as she is having some friends coming over. Cerise wouldn't mind an extra help as she doesn't have much time to do them, so let us start! In this really exciting cooking game that we have prepared especially for you, you are going to have the assignment of helping Cerise Hood prepare this delicious recipe. Have fun!
Play Chocolate Surprise Marshmallow PiesChocolate Surprise Marshmallow Pies Game

Plays: 219
Category: Other
Hello ladies! I'm in the mood for something sweet! Aren't you? Well, if you are, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to prepare something sweet and delicious in no time. In this really exciting cooking game called Chocolate Surprise Marshmallow Pies, you will be joining me in my kitchen where I will be teaching you how to prepare my favorite recipe in the whole world. Have a fantastic time!
Play Sugar Sweet Spa DaySugar Sweet Spa Day Game

Plays: 213
Category: Dress-Up
Hello girls! Today we invite you to relax at a different kind of spa: The Sugar Sweet Spa, a wonderful place where you get pampered from head to toe and spoiled like you truly deserve with sweet chocolate and fruity face masks and a full-range healthy treatment for your hair to become shiny and strong. Have a blast trying all the eye-candy outfits that will make your day colorful and sweeter. Enjoy!
Play Chunky Monkey PancakesChunky Monkey Pancakes Game

Plays: 196
Category: Other
Hello ladies! It's high time that we learnt how to prepare my favorite recipe from back when I was a little girl. This delicious recipe is called Chunky Monkey Pancakes. You will see that the preparation of preparation of this yummy recipe is going to be a real piece of cake if you will follow all of the steps that you will be indicated. Have a fantastic time playing this really delicious cooking game called Chunky Monkey Pancakes!
Play Five Layers CakeFive Layers Cake Game

Plays: 186
Category: Other
Could you think of a cuter surprise birthday present for your BFF than a yummy, yummy, spectacularly looking cake decorated by... you and you only? Put your creativity to work and mix and match those cake layers, all those tasty and so very lovely looking cake decorations, marzipan or chocolate-made cake figurines and eye-catching toppers and... pull off the surprise birthday cake of your friend's dreams!
Play Loved UpLoved Up Game

Plays: 35730
Category: Action
Cute fun platformer where you have to collect the chocs, avoid the creatures and get the girl!
Play How To Make Chocolate CakeHow To Make Chocolate Cake Game

Plays: 22634
Category: Memory
Cook up a fun special dish by adding the ingredients in chocolate cake. Use your mouse and follow the commands to combine all the ingredients to your dish of choice.
Play How To Make Chocolate Chip CookiesHow To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Game

Plays: 14644
Category: Memory
Cook up a fun special dish by adding the ingredients in chocolate chip cookies. Use your mouse and follow the commands to combine all the ingredients to your dish of choice.

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