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Play Cubus VeloxCubus Velox Game

Plays: 887
Category: Action
Cubus Velox is a one-button, high-speed, extreme difficult platformer. Guide the Cubus through 30 levels filled with seemingly impassable passages and defy gravity while you're gliding through vast fields of spikes and traps. Featuring a retrotastic soundtrack by Eiswuxe! Also available on Android and iOS.
Play Gold Bag ManGold Bag Man Game

Plays: 861
Category: Action
A casual game to bring back the old feel of gaming

Plays: 853
Category: Action
Help catboy in this new exciting adventure. 15 level full of dangers await you. Every four levels you must beat the Boss to go to the next level. Use ARROW KEYS to move, Z to gain super speed and X to jump. The peace of Catboyland is in your hands, again! Tips & Help: info (at)
Play My Undead Neighbors 3My Undead Neighbors 3 Game

Plays: 850
Category: Action
Mr. Clumsy has found the lost city of " El Dorado", search the gold totem to exit from levels full of deadly traps with zombies, snakes, bats... and collect all the treasures before escaping.
Play Ice & fireIce & fire Game

Plays: 830
Category: Action
This is Ice & fire an entry for the stencyljam 2013. It's a platforms game with infinite jump and a jump down function. The program of this game may seem simple but it's actually complex, for example the jump is not a regular jump it's measured so you can jump as high as you keep the button press, you press it more you jump higher I think that the first game in that this was shown was the mythical Mario Bros for Nintendo. Also in the game you can see a girl but this is not a regular sprite, it's actually a marionette, her hands, head, neck, torso, legs, etc are controlled individually, the forearms move according to the position, angle and length of the arms and they also turn according to their own angle, this to attain more fluid movement.
Play Super Funny Mr BeanSuper Funny Mr Bean Game

Plays: 793
Category: Dress-Up
We know Mr Bean is always acting weird and likes playing tricks. We won't feel strange anyway. But can you imagine Mr Bean dressing like these very familiar characters like superman, batman, the Incredibles, transformers and Super Mario? Can you even imagine how will it be if Mr Bean has a Batman's head, yet dressing like super Mario? Let's play this super funny game and find out the answer! Try not to laugh too hard!
Play Sk8bitSk8bit Game

Plays: 763
Category: Action
Sk8bit is a Mario Bros. style hop and bop platforming game. The game has.... 25+ levels spanning across 5 different environments. Original Soundtrack. Over a dozen enemies. and Mochi Leader boards!
Play Christmas Bells - Hidden ObjectsChristmas Bells - Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 758
Category: Puzzles
GamesNovel - Now develop the games for clients at low price. contact us through
Play Super Furio vs Monsters BrosSuper Furio vs Monsters Bros Game

Plays: 749
Category: Action
Super Furio again must fight for coins and gold. He must go to the dentist because his dog has a problem with his teeth. Well, his dog bites and ate an italian plumber Mario and got stuck between his teeth. Save his dog before is to late! Games is similiar to the old Super Mario Bros or Sonic.
Play Run and GunRun and Gun Game

Plays: 747
Category: Action
Run and Gun is a game like the combination of the game contra and mario
Play Mario Rapidly Fall 2Mario Rapidly Fall 2 Game

Plays: 740
Category: Adventure
Mario is taking part in an downhill race. Try your best to help him insist as long as you can to be the winner!
Play Run Mario RunRun Mario Run Game

Plays: 738
Category: Action
Run Mario run from Bowser chasing! Grab mushroom scattered to gain stamina and run faster

Plays: 738
Category: Adventure
Bug Mario is an ultimate truly endless Platformer. Player is supposed to avoid colliding with bugs or insects around him and keep moving around using the planks. His live extends as long as the health is available which he gets by running on new planks. The objective of player is to live as long as possible with out colliding the bugs and with out running out of health.
Play Pogo PogoPogo Pogo Game

Plays: 728
Category: Action
Color is fading from the world. Discover why, and stop it. Also, pogo sticks.
Play Horse Soldier vs HordeHorse Soldier vs Horde Game

Plays: 715
Category: Action
The brave horse soldier is determined to repel the orkish horde's invasion. The dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the horde are in full force trying to stop him. Not only that, but our hero must also navigate the dangerous terrain.
Play KobaltKobalt's Gold Game

Plays: 714
Category: Action
Kobalt was enjoying the sight of the vast riches in his underground vault, when suddenly the demon Zebub appeared and stole all of Kobalt's gold coins. Kobalt is on a mission to get his gold back as he battles Zebub and his minions in 25 rounds, culminating in the biggest boss battle with Zebub ever.
Play NainaNaina Game

Plays: 698
Category: Adventure
Naina is a cute vertical style platformer game that is end less. Naina is supposed to avoid colliding with mystic characters around him and keep moving around using the stoned steps. Her life extends as long as the health is available which she gets by running on new steps. The objective of player is to live as long as possible with out colliding the enemies and with out running out of health.
Play Color UpColor Up Game

Plays: 659
Category: Adventure
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Play Mario Mar AdventureMario Mar Adventure Game

Plays: 651
Category: Adventure
Mario new amazing adventure on mar! Help Mario driving his cool truck color all the diamonds in each level.
Play Mario Twin FighterMario Twin Fighter Game

Plays: 596
Category: Adventure
Mario received a new task which is to collect all the stuffs on the way and take his brother to the safe place. Come on!

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