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Online brick Games
Play Jewel BreakingJewel Breaking Game

Plays: 10773
Category: Puzzles
Click a jewel to remove the same type of jewel attached to it.
Play brixbrix Game

Plays: 10734
Category: Fighting
This is a tetris with battle system. Opponent computer player has very good artificial intelligence. It may be very hard to defeat opponent player. So leader board devides into two category - winner/loser.
Play Brick BreakBrick Break Game

Plays: 9955
Category: Action
Brick Break is a game of strategy not a test of speed or quick thinking. The object of Brick Break is to remove all colored stone bricks from the game field to proceed to next level. 6 difficulty levels, dozens of game levels and power bricks (such as bomb brick that breaks adjacent paved stone bricks) makes Brick Break addicting for all types of players.
Play Cube CrushCube Crush Game

Plays: 9784
Category: BoardGame
Compete with your friends in this classic "SameGame". Your goal is to clear the board by clicking groups of three or more cubes. Groups are connected cubes of the same color. The more cubes you can crush with one click, the higher your score will be. Each level the required amount of cubes, you need to crush, to reach the next level will increase. Have fun!
Play Tetris ProfessionalTetris Professional Game

Plays: 9551
Category: Puzzles
Classical Tetris Game
Play Brick YardBrick Yard Game

Plays: 9063
Category: Puzzles
Five brick stacking modes! Take it easy, race against the clock, or stack even in bad weather! How high can you reach!? Watch out for the divine punishment!
Play LEGO Galaxy City GetawayLEGO Galaxy City Getaway Game

Plays: 8957
Category: Action
Join forces with the LEGO Space Police and catch the thugs in Galaxy City Getaway! Brick Daddy discovered that a huge shipment of gold has been delivered to the space docks on the edge of Galaxy City. Now he’s hatched a plan to steal the gold and escape. Quick, notify all units to capture Brick Daddy before he leaves the city!!
Play RicoBrixRicoBrix Game

Plays: 8918
Category: Action
A retro ball bouncing, brick breaking game. Destroy all the bricks on each level by bouncing the ball into them off your bat. Theres 20 levels to complete.
Play Block Breaker 1Block Breaker 1 Game

Plays: 8582
Category: BoardGame
block breaker game
Play Bricks Breaking HexBricks Breaking Hex Game

Plays: 8570
Category: Puzzles
Destroy all the bricks by clicking them in groups of the same colour. You lose a star if you remove a single brick. When you lose all your stars you can no longer remove single bricks.
Play Breakit 2Breakit 2 Game

Plays: 8500
Category: Action
The classic bat and brick game, but with a nice control twist and power ups.
Play brick busterbrick buster Game

Plays: 7868
Category: Puzzles
Brick clicking fun for everyone!
Play Tetris Cuboid 3DTetris Cuboid 3D Game

Plays: 7635
Category: Puzzles
Tetris in 3 dimensions. Play the game on the 4 sides of a cuboid.
Play Brick Yard 2Brick Yard 2 Game

Plays: 7628
Category: Puzzles
Stack physics bricks in 12 different modes, unlock new shapes and disasters, and rise your tower to the sky!
Play Dino PopDino Pop Game

Plays: 7489
Category: Action
Dinosaurs are the order of the day in Dino Pop. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from
Play Dino Pop 3Dino Pop 3 Game

Plays: 7351
Category: Action
Dinosaurs and paddles and balls in Dino Pop 3. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from
Play Alphabet BrickAlphabet Brick Game

Plays: 7065
Category: BoardGame
It is developing with many ideas, but time is limit...
Play Cannon Block 2Cannon Block 2 Game

Plays: 7031
Category: Action
Cannon Block 2 is the second release to the Cannon Block family. It has 15 new levels + the 15 old ones (30 altogether) it also has an existing new brick. The graphics have been updated. The objective of the game is to break as many bricks possible taking gravity and speed into account.
Play Easy BrickEasy Brick Game

Plays: 6988
Category: BoardGame
The Goal of the game is to remove all bricks from the board. The minimum number of bricks in group can not be lower than 2. When you click a brick, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks that are above of the destroyed bricks will fall down and merge with other bricks. To get a bigger bonus when you destroy a group of equally colored bricks, it is better to have as many bricks as possible. The game has 28 levels. After every seventh level you'll get a new colored brick and 5 magic bricks. If level is cleared number of magic bricks will be restored to 5 and bonus points will be awarded depending on number of colors in level.
Play LaubtrisLaubtris Game

Plays: 6757
Category: Puzzles
Laubtris is a flash tetris game which features different random generated background graphics and brick-colors for each level, two game mods "normal" and "arcade brick shift", so that you can adjust your own preferences for tetris gaming. And last but not least there are two different background songs in 8 bit style

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