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Play The Super Impossible TestThe Super Impossible Test Game

Plays: 16879
Category: Other
This game is very hard, you must use your knowledge to solve these riddles/nonsense, and try to win. It is VERY hard, but it is possible. TheMatrix2010 presents THE SUPER IMPOSSIBLE TEST.
Play The Stupid QuizThe Stupid Quiz Game

Plays: 16069
Category: Puzzles
Solve 20 challenging questions requiring you to think outside of the box.
Play The Counter-Strike QuizThe Counter-Strike Quiz Game

Plays: 15316
Category: Education
Find out if you are pro or not!! How much do you know about Counter-Strike? Do you have what it takes or do you just want to test your knowledge and skill against the rest and see where you stand? Finish the quiz and you will be able to submit your score to the leaderboard. Can you be nr.1 and beat the rest?
Play Toy Story 3 quizToy Story 3 quiz Game

Plays: 15165
Category: Education
10 Amazing facts about Toy Story 3. How well do you know the movie and characters? Show off your knowledge and post your score on the leaderboards after you complete the quiz. How high can you get!?
Play The General Knowledge Test 1The General Knowledge Test 1 Game

Plays: 15116
Category: Puzzles
Test yourself in general knowledge in part 1 of my quizs
Play Dreaming LoveDreaming Love Game

Plays: 14912
Category: Dress-Up
Valentines day is here! Test your compatability with the girl or guy you like!
Play What Are The Lyrics - MetallicaWhat Are The Lyrics - Metallica Game

Plays: 14826
Category: Puzzles
A simple quiz game where you have to finish the lyrics.
Play Islamic GamesIslamic Games Game

Plays: 14669
Category: Education
test what you know about Islam here.. And then you know the result
Play The Twilight Saga: Eclipse QuizThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse Quiz Game

Plays: 14067
Category: Education
Test your knowledge and try this great Twilight Eclipse quiz. How well do you know it, can you beat the others ? Complete the quiz and you can save your score on the leaderboard.
Play Best friends forever testerBest friends forever tester Game

Plays: 14031
Category: Puzzles
The ultimate online best friends forever tester. Enter the names of you and your friends and find out if you are best friends forever. Test it on all your friends, even test it on your friends themselves.
Play The Idiot Test 6The Idiot Test 6 Game

Plays: 13225
Category: Puzzles
The latest and greatest installment of the Idiot Test game series.
Play DinoKids - GeographyDinoKids - Geography Game

Plays: 12469
Category: BoardGame
DinoKids - Geography is simple, fun and educative mini game. You can learn lots of country's location, flag, capital and so on with fun quiz.
Play Mendel Quiz (Genetics)Mendel Quiz (Genetics) Game

Plays: 12003
Category: Education
Are you ready to take the Mendelian Genetics Quiz? Gregor Mendel was a monk that discovered in the 1860's how traits are passed from parents to offspring. In doing so, he developed the principles that govern heredity. These principles are now called Mendel's law of segregation and Mendel's law independent assortment. And he is now considered the father of modern genetics.
Play IQ ChallengeIQ Challenge Game

Plays: 11927
Category: Strategy
Four parts of easy math games.
Play To Kill A Mockingbird Flash Quiz GameTo Kill A Mockingbird Flash Quiz Game Game

Plays: 11807
Category: Action
A flash quiz game inspired from the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" written by Nelle Harper Lee, and the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird". It consists of 15 questions, of different levels of difficulty, as well as scoring, and a few minigames. I hope you will enjoy it!!
Play Family Guy Big QuizFamily Guy Big Quiz Game

Plays: 11760
Category: Memory
answers all the questions right to win the game
Play The Epic Video Game QuizThe Epic Video Game Quiz Game

Plays: 11598
Category: Other
Smashed and I have been working on this for a while. We were both aiming for a solid, and fun video game quiz. It also includes many different eras of video games. From the NES to the Xbox 360. We covered a lot in this quiz coming out to a total of 50 questions. And don't forget when your playing that your being timed, so be quick or your gonna have to restart. Have fun!
Play Bieber Fever QuizBieber Fever Quiz Game

Plays: 11478
Category: Puzzles
How much do you think you know about Justin Bieber? These questions will test you to see if you really have Bieber Fever! With these questions, you will be sure to have the most knowledge of all of your friends. Post your score on the leaderboards when you complete the quiz. How high can you get!?
Play Idiot TestIdiot Test Game

Plays: 11466
Category: Puzzles
Are you an idiot? Take the test to find out!
Play GamePops ClassicsGamePops Classics Game

Plays: 11232
Category: BoardGame
Did you remember those damn sticky tunes from old video games? How beatiful and captivating they were? On GamePops you can listen to them and see if you remember which games they belongs to. GamePops is the video game music quiz and the Classics version has games from 1981 to 1999. Try to guess all the 64 games!

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