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Play Christmas ShooterChristmas Shooter Game

Plays: 1892
Category: Action
A fun and fast snow ball fight with all the Christmas characters, do your best to fight off the others.
Play momma runmomma run Game

Plays: 1884
Category: Action
Move the mouse over the momma and guide them to the right of side of the street. The faster momma goes the more points you earn. Make the momma go faster by mouse over on them. Avoid the thorny balls. Collect the money for extra points and guide little girl to the right of the street to earn more points.
Play Wild Wild SpaceWild Wild Space Game

Plays: 1652
Category: Action
Fun soviet-style space station action game with good physics, graphics and sound.
Play Escape The CityEscape The City Game

Plays: 1618
Category: Action
Run, jump and try to escape the city. Are you simply an escapee or something more dangerous like a fugitive?
Play Mini game jump and runMini game jump and run Game

Plays: 1560
Category: Action
Get rid of the bombs and collect the coins. Try to make the highest number of scores.
Play youyou'll run or you'll die Game

Plays: 1502
Category: Action
It's a simple game of action
Play leave my cookiesleave my cookies Game

Plays: 1425
Category: Other
use the mouse to escape with the cookies from the evil frog
Play Martian InvadersMartian Invaders Game

Plays: 1404
Category: Action
Our planet has been invaded by Martians who want to dominate us. Do not let this happen, destroy them all.
Play The Monster RunThe Monster Run Game

Plays: 1340
Category: Action
Cody is a casual guy with good looking girlfriend Katy. One day when they were on a walk in the city having a great time, Monsters showed up from nowhere. They knocked down Cody and kidnapped Katy. When he woke up he found himself in his flat and noticed there is a letter on his desk. That letter was from Monsters and it was saying to give up and pay them $ 1,000,000 to get Katy back. According to their words, it's not possible to get all along the way to Dead Lava and save her himself. But with your help it is possible, help Cody to save Katy and beat all the Monsters!
Play PabloPablo's Jump Game

Plays: 1279
Category: Action
Here is a game that is most viral and a game that delivers most challenging and fun element to the dimension of entertainment. Player is supposed to just keep moving with out getting stuck in pits. Where as the time goes the speed of run increases gradually. Lets check who keeps running to maximum speed.
Play Turbomole Trial RunTurbomole Trial Run Game

Plays: 1229
Category: Action
Turbomole is back! In this addictive and easy-to-play game, you will control a tiny running mole collecting carrots over 16 different levels. There are many obstacles like traps, slippery tiles, etc. on the way, and you have to make mole to jump over them by using any of the ACTION keys (pls see instructions below). You will need excellent timing and good decisions to collect all carrots from each level. Have fun!
Play Oh no! A passage!Oh no! A passage! Game

Plays: 1229
Category: Action
Get out of the crumbling cave! You have 60 seconds for each level.
Play Hard to EscapeHard to Escape Game

Plays: 1139
Category: Action
You are kidnapped! All you have in your mind is to escape from this place. You remembered some voices that the enemy hide the room keys in the boxes. Find the keys and escape from this place.Your time is limited. Be careful and fast!
Play Haathi Nahin Mera SaathiHaathi Nahin Mera Saathi Game

Plays: 1107
Category: Adventure
Haathi Nahin Mera Saathi elephant chasing the game will follow you need to escape. If you click on the Click at the bottom entry in which you control how fast the character will run so fast. We hope you enjoy the game Play Game entry by clicking on the start.

Plays: 1018
Category: Action
You broke the law. You’re a criminal. And now you’re on the run! But you know the drill. You’ve been busted before. If you get nabbed, it’s a direct line from the courts to the can. Going back to the can for 15-plus is not an option for you. So you have no choice. You need to run. This is Prisonhood: On The Run. You need to run. You need to jump. You need to dodge. You need to do anything to avoid capture from the boys in blue. So how far can you run before getting busted?
Play Jovians InvadersJovians Invaders Game

Plays: 1005
Category: Action
In this game you will try to defeat and escape from Jovians who invaded the Earth. These aliens came in search of food and water, but the presence of these beings can endanger our existence. Arrive to the final stage to use a weapon that can blow them up.
Play Castle Dragon InvaderCastle Dragon Invader Game

Plays: 874
Category: Action
This game is a arcade. You are a soldier against the dragon invasion. Be careful because there are some fire balls. Please help the castle and be a hero!
Play Little Joe Gold CatchLittle Joe Gold Catch Game

Plays: 791
Category: Action
Use your arrow keys to move Little Joe back and forth to catch the golds!
Play Crazy CarsCrazy Cars Game

Plays: 770
Category: Driving
Drive against the craziest cars of all time, complete 5 different tracks. Choose between two amazing cars, speed or furious? so what's it going to be? dodge the boundaries and go through jumps in the most craziest way possible. Unlock the next level after winning each. Go drive Crazy and enjoy the cars!
Play Mad Pixel Run 2Mad Pixel Run 2 Game

Plays: 694
Category: Action
Sequel to a crazy go-to-distance highscores game with a new twist!

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