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Online sudoku Games
Play Sudoku HeroSudoku Hero Game

Plays: 8048
Category: Memory
Addictive brainteaser with literally millions of original Sudoku puzzles and a sudoku solver! 6 difficulties and 2 game modes are waiting for you!
Play Sudoku HexSudoku Hex Game

Plays: 7890
Category: Education
Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9 only one time each.
Play Sudoku TodaySudoku Today Game

Plays: 7755
Category: Puzzles
Whether you're a Sudoku beginner or master, test yourself with three levels of difficulty. Everyday is a new challenge.
Play Pixel PainterPixel Painter Game

Plays: 7560
Category: Puzzles
Unique puzzle game, where you paint the canvas according to the instructions horizontally and vertically. If you like Sudoku you will enjoy this new challenge!
Play Sudoku TetrisSudoku Tetris Game

Plays: 6556
Category: Puzzles
Combination of Tetris and Sudoku. Solve the sudoku while the numbers are falling down.
Play Samurai SudokuSamurai Sudoku Game

Plays: 6484
Category: Memory
A Sudoku with a samurai theme and 3 levels of difficulty.
Play Mahjong FeverMahjong Fever Game

Plays: 6231
Category: BoardGame
Mahjong Fever is about finding matching tiles and collecting points. The amount of points you need for winning the round is displayed next to the game. Mahjong is one of the most recognised games in the world. Originally from Asia, like Sudoku, and similar to Memory games, the aim of the game is to find matching tiles, remove them from the game and build the biggest pile for yourself. In doing so however, you may only take matching tiles which are free on their left or right sides. The game is played until there are no more free tiles to remove. With Mahjong you must, similar to other logic games, always think a couple of moves ahead, to avoid playing the wrong move. Mahjong is so well known that it is often included in computer operating systems, to be played offline. Almost everyone has played this game or seen it played at parties etc. more commonly today probably on their computer. In Asia it is possible to buy handmade Mahjong sets that run to thousands of Euros!
Play ThreeXorThreeXor Game

Plays: 6180
Category: Puzzles
ThreeXor is a match three game where each card has a quantity, color, shape, and shading and you have to find matches that are all the same or all different for each attribute.
Play Clasic SudokuClasic Sudoku Game

Plays: 5842
Category: Puzzles
The great of sudoku game. Game Detail : - 45 maps include. - interesting design. - Save/Load Data. - High Scores
Play Daily SquaresDaily Squares Game

Plays: 5673
Category: Puzzles
Daily Squares is a daily puzzle game. The object is to arrange all of the active blocks such that all of the rows, columns, and diagonals all add up to 34. The games is based on the basic concept of magic squares. In this case, it is a 4x4 magic square. If you are familiar with the game Sudoku, then you may find it interesting that Sudoku is based on magic squares. Come back and play often - there is a new game every day!
Play PendokuPendoku Game

Plays: 5496
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game combining Sudoku and Pentominoes. Fit the numbers into the grid!
Play Sudoku AfinicSudoku Afinic Game

Plays: 5291
Category: BoardGame
Multiplayer(versus & cooperative) and single player sudoku.
Play SudokobanSudokoban Game

Plays: 5221
Category: Puzzles
Sudokoban brings brain-busting sudoku puzzles and classic block moving games together into something special.
Play Killer SudokuKiller Sudoku Game

Plays: 5220
Category: BoardGame
Classical Japanese number game.
Play Bango ManchaBango Mancha Game

Plays: 4840
Category: BoardGame
Bango Mancha is a challenging board game for people who love numbers and math. Move your tiles from the bottom of the board into the home row at the top of the board. As you move, your tile's value changes. To get into the home row, you must restore each tile to its original value.
Play Wordoku by FlashGamesFan.comWordoku by FlashGamesFan.com Game

Plays: 4818
Category: BoardGame
Play our Wordoku, a variant of famous Japanese Sudoku game with more than 2000 levels (easy and hard)!
Play Roxdoku 3D Sudoku Time AttackRoxdoku 3D Sudoku Time Attack Game

Plays: 4789
Category: BoardGame
Roxdoku is a brand new puzzle game, based on the classic Sudoku basics, but rethinked on a real 3D cube. Twist and fill the cube with numbers from 1 to 9 and finally solve it!
Play Mahjong SudokuMahjong Sudoku Game

Plays: 4748
Category: BoardGame
Sudoku combined with Mahjong. Instead of numbers you need to place Mahjong stones with 1-9 dots.
Play Sinister SudokuSinister Sudoku Game

Plays: 4648
Category: Puzzles
Sudoku learns some new tricks in this challenging puzzler - a constantly shifting grid makes every move matter.
Play Squares of Doom:  MultiplicationSquares of Doom: Multiplication Game

Plays: 4645
Category: Puzzles
Solve each of the 10 levels by filling in the gray squares to make the difference of the black squares, both rows and columns. Careful though: boxes can have a pair that must contain the same number. Give the game your best shot!

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