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Play Pocket Creature Hidden ObjectsPocket Creature Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Action
Play this brand new concept game play in hidden objects game. Select your pocket creature, either Viro, Frogo or Wofa. Complete all 3 levels to beat the game! Play hard mode to add more challenge.
Play Heidi OneHeidi One Game

Plays: 3458
Category: Action
Clear all enemy activity to complete a level. Missing a checkpoint costs 100 gold. Shield upgrades become available when you have over 600 gold and fully restored shields. Stay clear of floating mines! Old fashioned retro game play based on a new concept. The game plays like asteroids with lots of new elements of game play added. You are set up with one fighter ship, armed with plasma guns and missiles. To clear a level you need to wipe out all opposition. For each enemy taken down you receive a power up, or gold. You'll also notice checkpoints popping up, missing one costs 100 gold. With gold you can buy missiles, and either restore or upgrade your shields. (the upgrade becomes available once you possess enough gold)
Play KIA KND-4KIA KND-4 Game

Plays: 3452
Category: BoardGame
Kia unveiled its all-new KND-4 concept car crossover at the Seoul International Motor Show. Putting a picture of this car.
Play Red-MoonRed-Moon Game

Plays: 3452
Category: Action
Once a decade, the moon shines Red...on that day, we, the Red Samurais, gain its immense power. Can you feel it? With its power, we will seize this damn kingdom. Are you ready to unleash the fury? Join Eivana on a grand adventure to overthrow the king. Play through 20 action-packed levels, engage in 2 wild boss battles, while unlocking 13 medals as well as various concept art and music.
Play JetRocket PinaJetRocket Pina Game

Plays: 3437
Category: Action
Fly around as a jetpack-equipped guinea pig called Pina and explore various mazes over different worlds. A simple and fun game for the whole family, featuring an original soundtrack and a novel concept. You can purchase upgrades for your jetpack to help you get through the levels easier with money you pick up or try to compete against yourself for the best time in every individual level. A original, art, code and music created by one person. Props to wiesi from for support, thumbnail and promotion.
Play PaintWorldPaintWorld Game

Plays: 3394
Category: Puzzles
Physics game with liquid characters. Unique concept and super-addictive gameplay.
Play I wish, I wish...I wish, I wish... Game

Plays: 3281
Category: Puzzles
This game takes the traditional paddle game concept and brings it to a new level. It's simple, but it has a unique and exciting game play. In addition, players will receive some information about Silver Ball's story, which will add some amusement to an overall enjoyable experience.

Plays: 3143
Category: Sports
The main concept is the player need to goal the ball maximum number of times in the given 10 chances by making the goal keeper without being caught the ball.The number of goals made by the player gives the score.
Play starfish breakoutstarfish breakout Game

Plays: 3117
Category: Puzzles
this is a remake arcade game but i made my own concept. enjoy

Plays: 3101
Category: Strategy
Thief of robber’s game concept is the thief i.e. the player need to steal the diamond escaping from the enemies. If any enemy touches the thief then he lost the diamond. If the thief reaches the diamond place, then he won the diamond.
Play Fast big concept car coloringFast big concept car coloring Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Customize
Fast big concept car coloring Game.

Plays: 3054
Category: Strategy
Ruby Royal game concept is picking out same color rubies in board which are aligning adjacent to each other. To pick these rubies the player need to click the rubies such that they get removed from board if they adjacent to each other, otherwise the rubies increases in board.
Play Futures CarFutures Car Game

Plays: 3052
Category: Puzzles
Cadillac CTS coupe concept for future Car.
Play Active DefenseActive Defense Game

Plays: 2991
Category: Action
Active Defense is going to introduce a new concept in Tower Defense games. Towers must be active and other need other resources not just money. Towers gain experience as they destroy enemies. Each and every Weapon has its own quality, gain more and more scores by destroying enemies as fast as you can, and be the Top Active Defender of the future. GOOD LUCK.
Play ItIt's a Busy City Game

Plays: 2955
Category: Action
Dodge, Weave, Wander, Stumble through the maze that It's a Busy City has to offer! Adventure Mode to come! This is just a concept of the "free" mode of the video Game. A new enemy spawns for every Gold Star you Collect. See how long you can Survive!

Plays: 2952
Category: Sports
The basket ball game concept is to goal the maximum number of balls into the basket in 60 sec. The number of balls goaled gives the score.
Play SmileSmile Game

Plays: 2923
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game that helps teach absolutely no mathematical concept whatsoever. Yippee! Smile is a simply game in which you are trying to change all the smilely faces into faces with sun glasses, and is based off the popular lights-out game found almost everywhere. Smile is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face or your money back.
Play PaCcOmAnPaCcOmAn Game

Plays: 2919
Category: Action
Psychedelic remake of pacman. PaCcOmAn uses the basic concept of the classic '80s to develop a new idea: try to maintain balance and orientation within a dazzling scene.
Play Medieval Sword - MultiplayerMedieval Sword - Multiplayer Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action
-Medieval Sword- is an online strategy game developed by the team Strito-engine. The concept is not any fresh but you will surely spend many happy hours playing with friends.
Play RotatomaniaRotatomania Game

Plays: 2792
Category: BoardGame
Puzzle with a familiar concept and a very different twist

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