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Online Wood Games
Play MultiBallMultiBall Game

Plays: 2619
Category: Puzzles
Do you have both shooting and mind skills? Then use all 3 materials, wood, paper and stone to solve different puzzles. Every material uniquely interacts with other things in the game like ventilators and bridges. Good luck and have fun!!
Play 3D Wood Maze3D Wood Maze Game

Plays: 2574
Category: Action
You must escape a wood maze with a bigfoot truck.
Play Freaky CowsFreaky Cows Game

Plays: 2559
Category: Action
Save the drowning cattle! Position the cows on the floating objects. Help them escape the slaughterhouse making it safely to the mainland. The game features lots of cows with unique characteristics, heavy bulls, tons of wood and 40 achiemements, have fun!
Play Penguin SlicePenguin Slice Game

Plays: 2410
Category: Puzzles
Eliminate the Penguins! They were asked nicely to leave, but refuse! Pesky penguins are overrunning the world of the babies. Do not fix the bird problem, slice it in this addicting physics puzzle game. Go from world to world as you slice and dice tower wood, ice, stone structures to save the cute babies and pop the evil penguins! Their snickering and snide remarks get under your skin, so slice quickly & accurately. Bonuses awarded for fewer slices, complete Worlds 1 - 3!
Play Chicken House 2Chicken House 2 Game

Plays: 2382
Category: Action
The chickens are back with vengeance! Destroy all the chickens in each level before they destroy you...dun dun dun. Use your trusty ax to chop through wood and cause damage to the chickens and their eggs...the perfect puzzle game to release some anger on these little devils.
Play Art HeistArt Heist Game

Plays: 2352
Category: Puzzles
You're an international art expert and your services are required! A bunch of super-expensive, ridiculously overpriced works of art have been stolen and faked so they can be sold on the black market. You have to examine the works and expose the Art Heist before your time runs out! Don't be fooled by the simplicity of some of these pieces. And don't miss the wood for the trees! You have been warned.
Play Wood FiringWood Firing Game

Plays: 2341
Category: Action
fire on target
Play Drift WoodDrift Wood Game

Plays: 2330
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game
Play Save the RabbitSave the Rabbit Game

Plays: 2308
Category: Action
Rabbit is feeling quite lazy ,so you have to boost up and save the rabbit with the help of piece of wood so that rabbit shouldn't fall down
Play Wood house escapeWood house escape Game

Plays: 2285
Category: Strategy
In this game, you are locked in Wood house.try to escape from the room by finding items.use your bestest escape skills.Good luck and have a fun!
Play Pinnacle SolitairePinnacle Solitaire Game

Plays: 2282
Category: Puzzles
Resolve the puzzle by matching cards to thirteen, the curse number. Remove all cards from the pyramid by making pairs equal to 13. If you want to escape from this dark wood, it's your only chance.
Play Big Birds Hunter.AllHotgameBig Birds Hunter.AllHotgame Game

Plays: 2259
Category: Shooting
Using wood gun to hunt Big Birds
Play Wood horse room escapeWood horse room escape Game

Plays: 2258
Category: Strategy
In this game, you are locked in Wood horse room.try to escape from the room by finding items.use your bestest escape skills.Good luck and have a fun!
Play Slicerix : New dimensionSlicerix : New dimension Game

Plays: 2219
Category: Puzzles
Destroy all blue and pink blocks by colliding them with blocks of the same color. Slice the wood blocks with the mouse by click, hold, drag and release. Earn more points by finishing levels in the shortest time.
Play FutuboFutubo Game

Plays: 2207
Category: Strategy
Ready, aim... bounce! With some nice 3d graphics, 8 powerups and over 30 levels Futubo is a spacy version of the wooden Pachinko game.
Play Wood House CoupleWood House Couple Game

Plays: 2153
Category: Customize
Invoke the artist in you and try to color the landscape in as many vibrant colors as you can. Let your imagination fly boundless today and try painting the landscape using the colors provided at the bottom. Simply click on the color and then click on the picture. You are free to try any combination you choose.
Play TAOFEWA - Skeleton Warrior - Coloring Game (walk02)TAOFEWA - Skeleton Warrior - Coloring Game (walk02) Game

Plays: 2038
Category: Customize
Color a chibi version of the TAOFEWA manga character - Skeletal Warrior. Create the own version of this chibi skeleton that appear with magical armor, a flail as weapon and a shield made of wood.
Play Gryfka and ZoniekGryfka and Zoniek Game

Plays: 1997
Category: Action
Try to get to the finish line while flicking up a ball. Do this as fast as possible and with low number of returns. While playing you must collect all rainbow balls and avoid every piece of wood.
Play Hidden weapon of the soulHidden weapon of the soul Game

Plays: 1938
Category: Shooting
Dark and stormy, murder night ... Legendary first martial art that were hidden weapon, hidden weapon master clouds, greatest advantage ... That the Disciples were the only haok, on instructions from the division of family life, travel far and wide experience, informative ... haok returned and found martial numerous casualties, according to the martial art of dying outside the door disciple said Presbyterian sects iron wood mutiny of martial art, martial art for 15 years, his potential, did not think haok was named the next head of the successor, the only inner door disciple of practice that were hidden weapon secrets - hidden weapon of the soul ... Ironwood elders completely crazy, betrayed that case, the head of the Master haok poisoned to make it a temporary loss of powers, there were cases of some of the faithful hidden weapon master, taking the same approach, to avoid the martial art of the chase, forcing the incumbent head of the cross the hidden weapon of the soul of the practice canon ..... By secretly practicing hard, initially hidden weapon of the soul master all the martial arts to haok, after several days and nights of the chase, and finally Found a group of elders and the iron wood exterior doors mutiny disciples of whereabouts, haok alone, can be a master and a number of brothers on it? ...... Please help analyze the terrain and the traitor of the haok position, choose the best timing and hidden weapon types, so that his enemies feel authentic out what his secrets were hidden weapon - hidden weapon of the soul ...
Play VinceBallVinceBall Game

Plays: 1877
Category: Sports
Do you want to hit Vince Offer across with a baseball bat? Well here's your chance! Use your long piece of processed wood to play a nice relaxing game game of baseball with Vince's head. If you miss 3 times, however, it's game over. You ready? Batter up!

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