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Play tiny piranhatiny piranha Game

Plays: 4688
Category: Other
Move your fish using your mouse, avoid predators and get some bonus while playing
Play Bubble PopBubble Pop Game

Plays: 4670
Category: Action
Use your fish to pop bubbles, collect powerups, and avoid mines to obtain a maximum highscore.
Play Path DemoPath Demo Game

Plays: 4670
Category: Puzzles
Move from level to level in the first two zones of a huge mouse maze.
Play Rows Rows 'n Dots Game

Plays: 4657
Category: Action
Use the arrow keys to move around and collect all the green dots. While you do this keep watch for the red dots trying to attack you. It is best to avoid them. The black dots you can ignore, since they do nothing at all. Try to get the highest score and be the best!
Play Sombrero Sledge HammerSombrero Sledge Hammer Game

Plays: 4347
Category: Other
Collect the tacos and slaughter the nasty cockroaches! Sombrero fun!
Play DualDual Game

Plays: 4288
Category: Action
Test your skills, avoid enemies for as long as you can. But be careful, you control two balls!
Play AmoebaAmoeba Game

Plays: 4281
Category: Action
Survive the waves of viruses invading your petri dish!
Play Exodus I: The SearchExodus I: The Search Game

Plays: 4212
Category: Shooting
After overpopulating the earth, humanity searches for a new home in this classic space shooter. Your mission: journey through the depths of space to help find this new home, and avoid getting eaten by space parasites.
Play Ghost-BallGhost-Ball Game

Plays: 4085
Category: Action
A lone silver ball has gotten stuck in a world filled with crazy balls hitting him off the screen. Use the arrows to avoid the balls and do not get knocked off. This game gets HARD fast, are you up for the challenge? go for it and play GhostBall!
Play Teleporter 2Teleporter 2 Game

Plays: 4039
Category: Action
Control your character with the mouse, and click to make it teleport! Collect the stars, but avoid the obstacles. Score high on levels to unlock more!
Play Cannon DodgeCannon Dodge Game

Plays: 3919
Category: Shooting
Use your awsome mouse skills to avoid the cannons and balls!

Plays: 3660
Category: Puzzles
Get the blue balls in the blue area and the red balls in the red area! Move the door (in the middle of the screen to stop the wrong balls and to let the right balls pass. There are also time eating clocks in the screen - avoid them at all costs!
Play Stars in SpaceStars in Space Game

Plays: 3599
Category: Action
Stars in Space is a simple game, where you must collect stars. For each star you collect an asteroid appears. Avoid them. Sometimes you can find Power Ups, such as extra points. But hurry up, they vanish within a few seconds.
Play EvazionEvazion Game

Plays: 3441
Category: Action
To increase your score you need to pop the bubbles. Avoid all sharp spinning monsters to stay alive. The currents change from time to time but there are powerups and bonuses to help you. If you're fast enough you can gain more points by popping bubbles quickly enough after each other.
Play MongadaMongada Game

Plays: 3352
Category: Puzzles
take the blue circles whit the red point, avoid the white!!
Play InsectInsect Game

Plays: 3323
Category: Other
avoid the enemies to get through levels
Play EllipticElliptic Game

Plays: 3042
Category: Other
Mouse avoider game with 10 levels of normal mode with increasing enemy difficulty and a survivor mode.
Play hate matches 2hate matches 2 Game

Plays: 2858
Category: Action
this is an avoiding game. you have to avoid evil matches
Play DodgeDodge Game

Plays: 2467
Category: Action
Move the space craft with your mouse to avoid the obstacles. How long will you survive?
Play Extreme Racing 2Extreme Racing 2 Game

Plays: 229905
Category: Sports
Stay on the racing track for 90 seconds. Be sure to avoid all of the oil spills, traffic cones and oh ya other race cars.

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