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Play Enid the Wall FlowerEnid the Wall Flower Game

Plays: 1686
Category: Customize
Enid loves living in urban bohemias. That's why she's moved to Greenwich Village in New York City. She loves to hang out with all of the artsy kids and film students as they create experimental art. Coffee shops, public parks, and art studios are all on the daily list for this cool fashionista.
Play The SpacemanThe Spaceman Game

Plays: 1452
Category: Action
The Spaceman is a top-down exploration game. You play as an astronaut who's crash-landed on a strange planet.
Play SqrSqr Game

Plays: 1401
Category: Action
How does one feel being an experimental rat? What will he do in an isolated space with no means for survival when even laws of physics are against him?
Play Sharkies RevengeSharkies Revenge Game

Plays: 1349
Category: Adventure
You are an experimental robot shark that has escaped from the military's hands, destroy them for treating you and your species this way!
Play I want to be an OctopusI want to be an Octopus Game

Plays: 1319
Category: Adventure
A short experimental game about facing adversity. It's more of an interactive story than a game and is fairly short. So I would think it's best to be played and experienced first before reading too much about it.
Play Bubble PredatorBubble Predator Game

Plays: 1318
Category: Action
Distiled simplicity and pure fun. The game contains 10 levels loaded with a joy and arcade gameplay!
Play Sharkies RevengeSharkies Revenge Game

Plays: 1099
Category: Adventure
You are an experimental robot shark that has escaped from the military's hands, destroy them for treating you and your species this way!
Play Late LinoLate Lino Game

Plays: 884
Category: Action
Once upon a time, in a strange planet called Cube... There is a boy, who just got transferred from the Stellar for a christmas duty--collecting candies. However, it was not as smooth as planned. The path is full of ghosts and Lino need your help! Help him to reveal and avoid ghosts with the Stellar's aid. You only need to hover your mouse and give it a click when it is needed, and absolutely good reflex, good focus and good luck! Enjoy the game and happy holiday from stellar-0!
Play InkInk Game

Plays: 797
Category: Action
A game with a new, experimental gameplay mechanic utilizing a psuedo-random number generator so you make the level! Use risk vs reward to determine how much ink to use without falling within seconds of your journey.
Play Star CrazyStar Crazy Game

Plays: 646
Category: Action
Experimental prototype game. Go Crazy with this Star-crossed arcade-style game. Collect Stars, Food and Gems to earn Bonus Points and Combos whilst the Galaxy is moving! Skilfully select the best colour combos to BOOST your score! 5 Levels, 3D graphics.
Play The OrbThe Orb Game

Plays: 488
Category: Action
It is the year 2500 and high amounts of deadly bacteria are invading the earth. Your goal is to use an orb to suck and exterminate the bacteria. You send down a large yellow orb to suck bacteria.Your egg shaped bacteria suit wont protect you from the germs for very long. Your only job is to stay alive for now...
Play 3D Memory: Numbers3D Memory: Numbers Game

Plays: 440
Category: Puzzles
Experimental prototype 3D game. No ordinary game! A novel 3D twist on the traditional pairs matching game. Rotate the cubes to find the matching sides. 3 Different games to play: Simple, Advanced and Time Trial. With 3D graphics the whole game Rotates!
Play IX PuzzlesIX Puzzles Game

Plays: 377
Category: Puzzles
A Short Experimental Tile Puzzle Game, featuring nine unique levels of seemingly obscure patterns.
Play An Epic Minimal AdventureAn Epic Minimal Adventure Game

Plays: 340
Category: Puzzles
An Experimental Adventure Game made entirely using the GUI components (a minimal UI library called Minimal Comps), filled with Puzzles and several interesting experimental game play. So Everything is pretty Minimal. Use your imagination and have Fun.
Play WeirdSpaceWeirdSpace Game

Plays: 294
Category: Action
Fly trough experimental wormholes and explore different galaxies, while avoiding asteroids and alien saucers.
Play BurdenBurden Game

Plays: 290
Category: Other
It is a small experiment made in a few hours, I had a dream about making this game last night, so I made it. Every sentence is from real people.
Play Hi-Speed Road-CrossHi-Speed Road-Cross Game

Plays: 286
Category: Action
Challenging, Lightning Speed Road Crossing Action Game. An experimental short game using minimal mechanics & fast paced gameplay, inspired by everyday road crossing. Now with Leaderboard.
Play TheAbyssTheAbyss Game

Plays: 6123
Category: Sports
Customize every aspect of your action experience in this RPG-Arcade hybrid.
Play _dRive_dRive Game

Plays: 5535
Category: Sports
Three ships. Two buttons. One game. Create your own glitch music in this experimental dodging game. Collect points to upgrade your tracks and control up to three ships at once!
Play starcraft tower deffence(experimental)starcraft tower deffence(experimental) Game

Plays: 3735
Category: Strategy
This an experimental game for Starcraft Tower Defence. Comple and Latest Version of the game will be released soon.

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