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Online simon Games
Play Kiz - Aim N ShootKiz - Aim N Shoot Game

Plays: 3086
Category: Shooting
Muck Beetles are invading Nuna and they’re attacking the Nuna Berry Trees! Use Takoda’s Balloon Cannon to turn these flying pests into harmless puddles of muck. Defeat the swarm to save the crop and keep your eyes peeled for some awesome upgrades!
Play Kiz - Crystal CleanserKiz - Crystal Cleanser Game

Plays: 3066
Category: Puzzles
Wedge has developed a new, super-secret Crystal Cleaning Solution. This stuff’s got a lot of power but so do those nasty red crystals. Use the dropper to fill the room with the cleansing bubbles to clean as many crystals as you can!
Play Simon AdvancedSimon Advanced Game

Plays: 3001
Category: Puzzles
Powered version of popular memory game simon. Fight against your memory and against your friends level by level.
Play SkyBopSkyBop Game

Plays: 2958
Category: Action
Musical memory game where you pop birds out of the sky in the correct order.
Play Brain Power 2!Brain Power 2! Game

Plays: 2853
Category: Action
Test your brain power! memory puzzle game.
Play Kiz - Gear ManiaKiz - Gear Mania Game

Plays: 2831
Category: Education
The Gear Machines are stuck on overdrive. Gears are piling up fast, and if they stack too high everything’s going to blow! Keep the machines cleaned out by matching similar gears together. The more you get rid of, the bigger your reward.
Play Pumpkin DudePumpkin Dude Game

Plays: 2824
Category: Other
Pumpkin dude will play a sequence of riffs Watch and/or listen to a sequence then repeat it and see how far you can go before your memory betrays you
Play Little Newton SaysLittle Newton Says Game

Plays: 2723
Category: Puzzles
Follow Little Newtons directions to answer these questions about Shapes, Colors and Numbers
Play Process of IlluminationProcess of Illumination Game

Plays: 2569
Category: Education
Process of Illumination will challenge you to illuminate the bulbs in the correct order! Test your memory and see how far you can get!
Play Simon NatureSimon Nature Game

Plays: 2407
Category: Puzzles
A game similar to "Simon" with a nature theme.
Play CogHeart SaysCogHeart Says Game

Plays: 2298
Category: Action
CogHeart says is an avoider game of memory skill in which you have to memorize the hearts' patterns and then avoid them!
Play Simon SaysSimon Says Game

Plays: 2254
Category: Strategy
The All New Game Created By The Imzi Company! SIMON SAYS!
Play Simon Drum LessonSimon Drum Lesson Game

Plays: 2218
Category: Puzzles
This a mind game, you must follow step the Simon when play the drum.
Play Simon SaysSimon Says Game

Plays: 2199
Category: Puzzles
The classic '80s electronic memory game comes online and gets an update! Match the sequence of tones and flashing lights in an attempt to score the longest sequence.
Play Pink Planets Building CompetitionPink Planets Building Competition Game

Plays: 2195
Category: Adventure
The official Pink Planets Building Competition is now open! Help Simon the Space Hamster create the most magnificent buildings to win the competition and get those tickets to Space Camp.
Play Simon Drum LessonsSimon Drum Lessons Game

Plays: 2168
Category: Puzzles
This game a memory game.
Play Screen Lock HackerScreen Lock Hacker Game

Plays: 2167
Category: Action
Join the dots trying to match a pattern given to you by the CPU. Try to match as many patterns as possible before the time goes up. Hope you like it!
Play Coprolalia Jr. EditionCoprolalia Jr. Edition Game

Plays: 2082
Category: Education
A silly Simon Says-style game with a few twists, and a child-appropriate potty-mouth. Several levels of difficulty, including "Poop!".
Play MeMoxMeMox Game

Plays: 2048
Category: Education
MeMox is a memory game that bases upon - and enhances- the gameplay of the popular "Simon" games from the 80ies. It offers different difficulty settings and is also available to be played on the go with your iPhone (and soon Android). The "VS" mode is not available in the online version because it is meant to be played with the phone lying on the table between the players. An updated version will contain an online scoreboard if there is enough demand for it. Hope you enjoy
Play Simon In WonderlandSimon In Wonderland Game

Plays: 1996
Category: Adventure
Look! The cutest and sweetest little horse Simon is in Wonderland. He must reach his beloved and bring her four shoes, so they can run through Wonderland. Unfortunately, that’s not easy at all. The road isn’t covered with roses, but there are many obstacles, which if Simon doesn’t jump over, they will take a piece of his energy that he needs to overcome the challenges and move forward. But, that’s not all. On the way to his beloved, there is one prickly hedgehog running behind and one wasp flying around, both of them trying to hurt Simon. If they do, a big piece of energy will be also lost, but jump and eat a piece of cake to refill a little of the energy bar. Move your mouse to the right / left to accelerate / slow down and press left mouse button to jump over an obstacle. Interestingly to know is that the more speed Simon has, the higher and longer he can jump. The little clock on the top of your screen shows how long it will take till Simon reaches his beloved. This is the most challenging and exciting horse game. You gonna love it!

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