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Play ProtozoaProtozoa Game

Plays: 5270
Category: Puzzles
Welcome to the dangerous and competitive world of Protozoa! The rules are simple: hunt small amoebas to win points, but beware of the larger ones as they will hunt you. Eating the rare red amoeba will put you at the top of food chain for 10 seconds. You've got 3 lives. GO!
Play Bounceroid 2000Bounceroid 2000 Game

Plays: 5268
Category: Action
Bounce the balls to the left or right depending on their color. Try to hit the vertical center to get the most points. Beat all 25 Levels!
Play Chase!Chase! Game

Plays: 5237
Category: Action
Simple arcade game, a first attempt. Collect the blue circles, and avoid the red ones. Get the highest score you can!
Play SmetaloSmetalo Game

Plays: 5214
Category: Puzzles
A two player "hot seat" board like game.
Play Intercept SquaredIntercept Squared Game

Plays: 5080
Category: Action
Intercept Squared takes the simple concept of catching falling orbs with a paddle and adds an ambidextrous spin.
Play ClickRaceClickRace Game

Plays: 4831
Category: Other
Click the button 50 times as fast as you can. Simple!
Play Click PumpkinClick Pumpkin Game

Plays: 4736
Category: Other
This is a simple, Halloween themed game just in time for Halloween! All you have to do is simply click the pumpkin to keep it above the black line.
Play stikz memorystikz memory Game

Plays: 4637
Category: Memory
A simple picture matching card game based on an animation series I have been working on. Please note that this is my first game. works best in firefox.
Play Bubble EscapeBubble Escape Game

Plays: 4354
Category: Other
The little men try to escape using bubbles. With the black bubble, make them fall down. A small, simple and relaxing little game using the mouse in an intuitive way I hope to use in some of my next games.
Play Super BugHuntSuper BugHunt Game

Plays: 4352
Category: Shooting
Manic little point and click shooting game where you must take out as many bugs as possible within the time limit.
Play ClickiBlockClickiBlock Game

Plays: 4163
Category: Action
Stop the blocks from falling off the screen by clicking on them. A simple but fun game that will challenge you!
Play The SneaksThe Sneaks Game

Plays: 3674
Category: Other
It's time for the annual Sneek Competition! The rules are simple. When the wizard is asleep, keep on moving, but when he's awake, you better be hiding! Play by yourself or bring along your friends in this simple but addicting game.
Play Square ShooterSquare Shooter Game

Plays: 3626
Category: Shooting
A simple fast-paced shooter
Play LightshiftLightshift Game

Plays: 3619
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game: light up the green blocks by connecting them to the blue ones. Clicking on a box will rotate it to change it's connectivity.
Play Stars in SpaceStars in Space Game

Plays: 3610
Category: Action
Stars in Space is a simple game, where you must collect stars. For each star you collect an asteroid appears. Avoid them. Sometimes you can find Power Ups, such as extra points. But hurry up, they vanish within a few seconds.
Play SwarmSwarm Game

Plays: 3491
Category: Shooting
Definitive Arcade! Move your ship around the central matrix and protect the energy cells. Destroy the bugs before they polarise the cells. Shoot the cells to restore to normal. This highly original game features compelling gameplay. The player moves in around the screen while remaining focused on the central matrix. In addition to destroying waves of bugs, the player must also aim at grey energy cells to convert them back to a healthy blue color. The bugs swarm in and attempt to convert the blue cells to grey, and thus the battle continues...
Play Evade Evade 'em Game

Plays: 3339
Category: Action
Evade 'em is a simple but fun evading game
Play The CountThe Count Game

Plays: 3203
Category: Other
A simple game that challenges you mentally through pattern repetition.
Play snake - refurbishedsnake - refurbished Game

Plays: 3052
Category: Puzzles
a simple clasic game of snake ... origanaly from mobile phones now onto the computer games system. Enjoy the refurbished mode of SNAKE by eating all you can
Play ShootThemUpShootThemUp Game

Plays: 2296
Category: Shooting
It's a simple shooting game. Just shoot them quickly and accurately!

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