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Play 1313 Game

Plays: 3132
Category: Action
This game is about another version of Russian roulette. You are chosen to play in the ring to win a lot of cash. But there are other players who also wants to be rich. Only ONE player can be winner so other people should be eliminated. Are you lucky enough to win this match? This game also can be used as a decision maker, like a solitaire.
Play Star ReactionStar Reaction Game

Plays: 3054
Category: Action
This game is a good coach for the reaction. You must collect all the stars are not touching the neon circles 13 levels of fun! The last one is training for fighter pilots, they can do it for less than 10s. Can you do it?
Play BreakoutBreakout Game

Plays: 3026
Category: Action
Breakout is an arcade game developed by Atari Inc. and introduced on May 13, 1976. It was conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, and influenced by the 1972 arcade game Pong. The game was ported to video game consoles and upgraded to video games such as Super Breakout. In addition, Breakout was the basis and inspiration for books, video games, and the Apple II personal computer. In the game, a layer of bricks lines the top third of the screen. A ball travels across the screen, bouncing off the top and side walls of the screen. When a brick is hit, the ball bounces away and the brick is destroyed. The player loses a turn when the ball touches the bottom of the screen. To prevent this from happening, the player has a movable paddle to bounce the ball upward and back into play. (From Wikipedia) This is my Flash version of this classic game.
Play Wordcross 13Wordcross 13 Game

Plays: 3010
Category: Puzzles
Popular highscores word search game is back! This time with European countries!
Play Operation:OnslaughtOperation:Onslaught Game

Plays: 2964
Category: Action
An intense overhead shooter featuring a robust 13-mission campaign, 4 unique minigames, and 9 solid weapons. Fight over 30 animated monsters, and take on 5 crazy bosses while competing over 6 leaderboards. Upgrade your weapons, buy ammo, armor and forcefields to survive and open more than 25 unlockables including 10 "hacks" to modify the game.
Play Find Franky 2Find Franky 2 Game

Plays: 2954
Category: Puzzles
Franky is back on a trip round the world. 13 Levels, 8 Achievements and a World of Adventures to have.
Play Poker Texas Hold Poker Texas Hold 'em Game

Plays: 2933
Category: Casino
1. Depending on the limit and betting structure, players will place out blinds and antes so there is an initial amount to get things started. This is called posting. 2. The dealer shuffles up a standard deck of 52 playing cards. 3. Each player is dealt two private cards face down. These are called your hole cards or pocket cards. 4. Then there is a round of betting starting with the player to the left of the blinds. This is the preflop betting round. Like most games of poker, players can call, raise, or fold. 5. After the betting round ends, the dealer discards the top card of the deck. This is called a burn card. This is done to prevent cheating. 6. The dealer then flips the next three cards face up on the table. This is called the flop. These are communal cards that anyone can use in combination with their two pocket cards to form a poker hand. 7. The player to the left of the dealer starts another betting round. 8. After the betting concludes, the dealer burns again then flips another communal card onto the table. This is called the turn. 9. The player to the left of the dealer begins another round of betting. In many types of games, this is where the bet size doubles. 10. Again, the dealer burns a card and places a final card face up on the table. This is called the river. Players can now use any of the five cards on the table or the two cards in their pocket to form a five card poker hand. 11. There is one final round of betting starting with the player to the left of the dealer. 12. After that, we have the showdown. Players who have not folded reveal their hands, beginning with the player to the left of the last player to call. Players use a combination of their pocket cards and the community cards to form a five card poker hand. 13. The player who shows the best hand wins! Although sometimes players with the same hand split the pot.
Play Move the BlocksMove the Blocks Game

Plays: 2878
Category: BoardGame
This is an easy mind game inspired from rubic cube. There are 13 levels to complete.
Play Gladiator Marathon 13 AchievementsGladiator Marathon 13 Achievements Game

Plays: 2600
Category: Action
Gladiator Marathon – 13 Achievements! Compete in a hazardous area collecting coins and points in order to purchase various upgrades and compete for the highest score possible.
Play Chu Da DiChu Da Di Game

Plays: 2551
Category: BoardGame
??????????52?(?????),??????,??13???????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????,???????????????????????????,????????(???????) ????:????????
Play PocahiloPocahilo Game

Plays: 2427
Category: BoardGame
Combine like poker and choose higher and / or lower. Make as many points in 13 turns.
Play Pinnacle SolitairePinnacle Solitaire Game

Plays: 2422
Category: Puzzles
Resolve the puzzle by matching cards to thirteen, the curse number. Remove all cards from the pyramid by making pairs equal to 13. If you want to escape from this dark wood, it's your only chance.
Play Pyramid SolitairePyramid Solitaire Game

Plays: 2385
Category: Strategy
Can you accomplish the task given by the Pharaoh? Your goal in this game is to remove all cards on the pyramid by pairing the cards which give a sum of 13 points regardless of their suits. The rankings of the cards are as follows: J has 11 points, Q has 12 points, K has 13 points, A has 1 point, and the remaining cards carry points according to their numbers, for example, a 7 carries 7 points. When the game opens, 28 upturned cards are distributed into 7 rows in the shape of a pyramid. 1 upturned card is dealt to the discard pile under the pyramid, while the remaining downturned cards are put to the left of the discard pile as the stock pile. You can click to remove any pair of cards on the pyramid or the discard pile that gives the sum of 13, for example A and Q, 10 and 3, while a K can be removed by itself. Note that cards on the pyramid cannot be removed when other cards are placing on top of them. When no moves are available, click the stock pile and get a new card. Count your steps wisely, dismiss all cards and win the game!
Play Cell 13Cell 13 Game

Plays: 2280
Category: Adventure
Cell 13 is a scary point and click type escape the room game. You are trapped in a Jail and something strange is happen. Find objects and clues in orde to escape.
Play IvanIvan's League of Super Flankers Game

Plays: 2276
Category: Action
Take part in a Jet fighter game with up to 13 different weapons and 9 different jets. Unlimited levels, each level gets more challenging.
Play Ghosts Ma jiangGhosts Ma jiang Game

Plays: 2265
Category: BoardGame
A Chinese traditional Ma jiang game. A player wins the round by creating a standard Ma jiang hand which consists of a certain number of melds, namely four for 13-tile variations and five for 16-tile variations, and a pair. Playing Ma jiang with ghosts, win the game and save your score to
Play BBB torta na caraBBB torta na cara Game

Plays: 2127
Category: Shooting
A satire of the BBB13 (Big Brother Brasil 13) TV program. You will throw cream pies in brothers' face. Be fast or you lose. There are 17 characters and levels to have fun!
Play Celebrity Makeover 13Celebrity Makeover 13 Game

Plays: 2048
Category: Customize
The multitalented actor, song writer and singer is getting ready for a live performance on the stage. Many of his fans have lined up in just front of the stage for a closer look. Hence he needs a fine makeover so as not to disappoint his fans. Bedeck him lavishly with a celebrity makeover which will make him an instant hit with his fans. Help him impress his fans once again.
Play ??1.2??1.2 Game

Plays: 1929
Category: Adventure
1??????3F?????3F?????,????????????????????,???????? 2???3F?????,????????????,??????? 3????,???????????????????,???? 4?????????????,????????,??????,?????????,G???,????,????????????? 5??1F?????,????????,?????? 6?3F??????,?????????????????,?????26,????? 7?????5F,???????????,??????,????????6F,???6F????????7F——?!?????????!?????,??????!????,???????????!??????! 8????3F??,????1F??,????????????????,?5F?????????,??G?,??? 9??5F,??????????,?????,?????????????????,??1F???????????,???????????,??????? 10??5F???3F??,??5F??????????????????????????????,30E?5??5?,100E???(5?+5?+1000HP)?????????,???????,??????,?????????????,???????40E,????????????? 11?????????(??40??,????????????),?????,??,???????????,?????????????? 12?????1F,??????????,?????? 13??5F,????????,???,?????????????,??? 14???????????,???,????????????E???,G???,??5F?6F????,E?G???;??4F,????????,???????,????;?7F,????????,?????,??;?4F,???????,??;???5F????,??;??7F?????,?8F??????????,??? 15???,?????????????????,??????,??????,????????,??????,??????????4F?????,????????,?????,???????????,??? 16????E?G????,???,??4F????,????????????2F???,????!???????,??????????,?????? 17?E?G???,1F????????,??????????,??? 18??8F,????????,?G????,??E?G????? 19???8F,????????????????????????,?????100,?????300,????? 20??????,??????,??????????,??8F??????????????,??????????????????????,????,?9F? 21?9F?????,??,??,??????,???120???9F,????????,???????????,????????????????,??????????,??,6F???????,???????,??? 22??5F,?????????????E????(??G????),????150??,?????OK?? 23??6F,????,????,??,?????E??,160????,??????????,?????,??,???????????????,??????? 24??????,?????????????(??????)? 25??10F,??????,?????,????? 26?11F????3F??????,??????3F??????E?G,????250,???????? 27??6F,??????????,??300G???? 28???,????370,???????2F,???????????,?,?????(?30)???(?30)????????,??! 29?E??????9F,?????????????,???????????,??“????”??????????,??! 30???HP?????,???????????……????????????????25%?HP,??HP??,??????,??????????????????????????,???????,?????HP????!????300?,HP????,????????!7F?8F??,??7F??????????(????????),???????????????,?????????,???????????? 31?????,E????,?G???,??????E????????350,??13F??????? 32????450,??????,??11F?????????? 33?????11F?????????,???560??,?????(???????????????,??????,????????????)???????,???????,?????????? 34??12F,??,???????????? 35????620,????,?????????,??11F?12F???????? 36????590,???680,?12F?????,?????????,??????? 37?13F??????,????????????,???650,??750,?????,?????????????????,????????????????????5F????E?????,???????,????? 38???900,??980,?14F???????,????,??15F???,?????????????????????????????!??????????????????????,??????????!???,14F????????,?????HP??,???????;??,??15F?,????500G?500E? 39?15F????,????NPC,???500E????(?120),???500G????(?120)???????,?????E??,??????,???+?110?,??10?????? 40?16F??????,??????????,??????,???????????,?????????1-15F???????????? 41?12F???????????HP???,???1/3?HP,????????,????????????,??4F???,?????18F???????????18F????????,???????18???????? 42????1300??,????17F?????????????,18F??,????,????????,?????? 43?18F???,??????,??19F??????? 44?19F????,???1333?????,????????????,????????????????????19F??+150?,?+190?,???????,??????????????????,?????????????????????????????30%,??????????? 45?20F???,?????????,?????? 46????????,???????????????4?????6????,??????????,??12F??????E?G???????,??????????3?5F????????????,???????1800? 47??7F????,???0F????,???????????30%???????????,?21F???????? 48???????,?21F,???????????HP,????,??????,??????????0,????,22F??????? 49?22F???????,23F?????,?22F??????????????????????,???????,????,???????????????????,???,??????????????,????????,????????,????????,????????HP???,?????????????????HP??14,???!?????????????,?????,????????,??????????????(????????,???????),????,???????? 50????????????!???????,??????,?14F,?????,??HP????????????????,?????4980?????,??????? 51???23F,?????????,??????????????????!?????????????E?G????? 52?????,?24F??????????,?????????????,???????5000,BOSS????,???????OVER?? ?????????????,??????5000,?????,???????4850,HP???4W~5W?
Play Pyramid Of Cheops SolitairePyramid Of Cheops Solitaire Game

Plays: 1911
Category: Puzzles
Create card groups of 13 points total and clear out the pyramid. Release snakes hidden in the top row for an additional bonus. The more cards you uncover in the allotted time, the higher your score will be.

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