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Online bug Games
Play Dark Inference: The First ShadowsDark Inference: The First Shadows Game

Plays: 4316
Category: Adventure
An icon driven RTS adventure that requires care, cunning and courage. Control a squad that has infiltrated a hostile bunker to bug the communications system. Execute the plan and then - deal with the consequences. Your team are in your hands; look after them.
Play Bug CatcherBug Catcher Game

Plays: 4315
Category: Adventure
Collect and sell bugs within the time limit to accumulate the highest score and travel to 3 areas to do it.
Play Bug Hunter 2Bug Hunter 2 Game

Plays: 4299
Category: Action
You are Bug Hunter, it's your job to destroy dangerous bug-mutants. Kill insects and earn money. Buy new weapons and upgrades.
Play Bug BounceBug Bounce Game

Plays: 4222
Category: Action
Bounce Ms. Bug through the flowers and help her collect delicious aphids in this bright Breakout-style game.
Play Bee bugBee bug Game

Plays: 4125
Category: Adventure
bee flight symulator
Play Nonoba WordsNonoba Words Game

Plays: 4074
Category: Multiplayer
Please leave your feedback and bugs. A bug report as detailed as possible is very valuable for us, and santa will remeber it! Please include things like: - Who was playing (users/guest?) - What did you do right before the event occured - what are the symtoms
Play Oxibrain MultiplayerOxibrain Multiplayer Game

Plays: 3876
Category: Action
Multiplayer shooter, with Soldat game style and Counter-Strike style of weapon behavior. Uses UDP ports, that means it's not server dependent and you will not experiment delay if you are playing with people from near countries. It has multiple game syles like Team Deathmatch or GunGame. More maps, sound, game art, characters, game modes and bug fixes coming soon.
Play Spill the BeansSpill the Beans Game

Plays: 3868
Category: Action
Make the bug eat the beans. For moving the bug use ARROW keys. For making the bug eat the beans that are inside the tray, perform the required tasks according to the hints shown on the screen.
Play Bug SwatBug Swat Game

Plays: 3858
Category: Shooting
How many bugs can you swat in 30 seconds in this fun little arcade game. Different coloured bugs are worth more points so make sure you aim for the highest first!
Play Bug LabBug Lab Game

Plays: 3849
Category: Puzzles
Determine which characteristics make up each type of bug.
Play Dolls PlayDolls Play Game

Plays: 3788
Category: Action
Falling into the world of Halloween Night is a doll of magic, people wouldn’t guess it by looking at it, but this doll will bring nothing but sorrow for the person that owns it, because it’s possessed by an evil spirit. New Character - Good Boy Doll Bug Fix Fix Nerd Training School, Get to top Fix Player 1 Ghost, using Weapon Fix Player 2 Ghost, Using Weapon
Play Pillbug RunPillbug Run Game

Plays: 3698
Category: Puzzles
Solve puzzles and help Rory the pillbug reach his true love.
Play Radioactive ButterflyRadioactive Butterfly Game

Plays: 3691
Category: Shooting
Atomic destruction on a minuscule scale. Blast the bugs!
Play Lala BugLala Bug Game

Plays: 3666
Category: Action
Try to get in to the Final Step ;) Have fun with this cute bug
Play CaterPiller KillerCaterPiller Killer Game

Plays: 3646
Category: Action
Kill all of the mutant Caterpillers before they eat you. Use the BugSpray and Spray Them Bugs!
Play Rock RushRock Rush Game

Plays: 3567
Category: Action
Fresh off the code press from us at **Retrocade** is //Rock Rush//, our very own Flash version of the classic //Boulder Dash//! Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp... Taking a variety of the simpler elements from Boulder Dash and its popular Amiga successor Emerald Mine, this levelset is made up of both introductory levels and some more challenging puzzles to get you warmed up for future sets. Get your thinking cap on and let the nostalgia flow over you!
Play MetamorphosisMetamorphosis Game

Plays: 3545
Category: Action
One day, I woke up transformed, I can’t recognize my body. Have I lost all my friends and loved ones?
Play Tower of BlocksTower of Blocks Game

Plays: 3539
Category: Strategy
Your goal is to build the tallest tower possible. The taller it is, the better it is. But don't let your tower fall over! That will lead to a game over(thats very bad). Update: Fixed a bug where the game freezes and nothing happens. It was a rare bug. A few tips: * Try to keep the pieces close together. This will create a stronger tower. * Try to fit pieces into other pieces. * Do not leave gaps. This will cause structural weakness. * Do set pieces on diagonals, this will allow sliding. * Put pieces of the same color together; this will give you more time! Features: * 15 unlockable trophies! * Accurate physics * Awesome tower building * Sounds and Music
Play Amanda ArmadilloAmanda Armadillo Game

Plays: 3467
Category: Education
Amanda Armadillo needs your help to forage for food! Help her get her cart full of seven juicy tidbits, so she can go home and feast. you'll need to answer the questions though, because you can't add a bug into the cart without entering an answer.
Play GnatSplatGnatSplat Game

Plays: 3446
Category: Action
The gnats are all over the place again, and they're driving everyone crazy. Accuracy and speed can help get you on the leaderboard!

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