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Online shapes Games
Play Bully ChainBully Chain Game

Plays: 5082
Category: Other
You are a square and you're jealous of all the kids coz they're a square, so you KILL THEM! in a chain!
Play Avoider 2Avoider 2 Game

Plays: 5057
Category: Action
Avoider 2! Avoid the shapes and submit the highest score
Play Doodle DrawDoodle Draw Game

Plays: 4945
Category: Rhythm
Draw great and fantastic shapes in doodle style! Everybody can draw and you can draw too. The faster you will draw, the highest score you will get. Good luck! Don't worry about save your progress, game use autosave system and make everything for you! Just move mouse over points or stars to collect them. Don't forget about restart button and menu!
Play Raising a baby 3Raising a baby 3 Game

Plays: 4884
Category: Puzzles
You need to place the same shapes in order vertically or horizontally. Your level goes up if you complete the mission within the time limit. Left click your mouse.
Play Legor 2Legor 2 Game

Plays: 4879
Category: Puzzles
Build various shapes in this challenging and unique puzzle Lego style game with 15 levels of increasing difficulty, can you pass them all?
Play Color CleanerColor Cleaner Game

Plays: 4830
Category: Puzzles
The aim in Color Cleaner is to remove every shape using the number of clicks allowed. When shapes of the same color touch, they can be removed with just one click. 30 levels to conquer in this fun puzzle physics game. Can you figure out every level?
Play GemTrisGemTris Game

Plays: 4812
Category: Puzzles
Made with the spirit of tetris and extra levels of complication - how fast are you? 5 shapes, 5 colors, 10 columns, 20 rows. Build multiscores by setting up multimatches. Step 1: Win your way to the top ten list! Step 2: Party!
Play Imperfect BalanceImperfect Balance Game

Plays: 4771
Category: Puzzles
Unbalance your way to victory and riches! Make towers fall, constructions collapse and shapes explode in this spinoff of Perfect Balance.
Play HumanixHumanix Game

Plays: 4702
Category: Puzzles
Make with your body exactly the same figure as a figure displayed on a moving wall. You have only a little time before the moving wall comes to you and smash your body if you don’t destroy it before. To destroy it you must fill all shapes drawn on the wall with your corresponding body parts by a proper rotation of them. It sounds easy, but better try to play it, especially at higher levels!
Play Color CollapseColor Collapse Game

Plays: 4565
Category: Puzzles
Get rid of all the shapes on the screen by selecting groupings of two or more in this classic old school puzzle game.
Play TrampolineTrampoline Game

Plays: 4551
Category: Puzzles
In the square shapes in the lower right hand corner, draw the symbols you see falling down the screen to make Terry bounce higher and perform tricks. The more symbols you get correct the higher you bounce, and the more points you gain. But, get 5 symbols wrong and it’s game over.
Play Color Combination PuzzleColor Combination Puzzle Game

Plays: 4489
Category: Puzzles
Test your visual speed! You have destroy the pieces you don't need and try to get the right combination. You must be fast identifying shapes and colors.
Play Custom TetrisCustom Tetris Game

Plays: 4447
Category: Puzzles
Create Self Confidence. Enjoy you game! Custom Tetris is the only tetris that allows gamers to choose how many shapes on stage. Play only the shapes you like.
Play 3 Tile3 Tile Game

Plays: 4426
Category: Puzzles
Connect 3 tiles to clear them, clear all the tiles to complete the level. This is a challenging puzzle that makes event the greatest minds think.
Play Toy Blocks BalanceToy Blocks Balance Game

Plays: 4287
Category: Puzzles
Square boy is challenging the toy blocks balance. Stack up the given toy blocks in different shapes and try to make it sustain balance for a while. Otherwise, the blocks will collapse. Help Square boy to win this challenge. Don't think this is easy. It may take you quite a while!
Play NanoCarRaceNanoCarRace Game

Plays: 4234
Category: Driving
In this game three different colors of Nano cars,choose any one and play the game .in this we have to collect the heart shapes and reach the target will move to the next levels.if we loss the given life's the game will be end.
Play WeedzWeedz Game

Plays: 4224
Category: Puzzles
Join up flowers as fast as you can to earn points.
Play Easter Eggs DecorationEaster Eggs Decoration Game

Plays: 4189
Category: Dress-Up
Decorate your Easter egg the way you wanted. Choose from variety shapes, colors, eggs, and your Easter basket.
Play Magic ShapesMagic Shapes Game

Plays: 4134
Category: Other
This is a magic trick that will READ YOUR MIND!
Play ShapesterShapester Game

Plays: 4134
Category: Puzzles
Match the shapes in 2 different modes.

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