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Online danger Games
Play Please, save me!Please, save me! Game

Plays: 2713
Category: Action
Your plane is in distress. The controls are inoperative. The only thing you can do is to drop the bombs and the missiles. Tries to save all your friends in danger. CLICK MOUSE to drop bombs and SPACE to launch the SUPER MISSILE. Good luck! TIPS & HELP: INFO (AT) VIDEO-GIOCHI.ORG
Play Deadly Dinner TableDeadly Dinner Table Game

Plays: 2630
Category: Action
Avoid ending up on the midwest farmers dinner table.
Play Nuclear EnduroNuclear Enduro Game

Plays: 2630
Category: Adventure
There was an explosion at the big nuclear power station and because of the noxious radiations in the air the world is in a big danger! It is a real disaster and somebody most save the world! Be that hero and get as fast as possible to the power station's command desk to start the special program that can neutralize the radiations! Ride your bike as fast as possible and avoid the dangerous obstacles on your way! Good luck!
Play Danger WheelsDanger Wheels Game

Plays: 2627
Category: Action
Danger wheels for fearless drivers! Are you one?

Plays: 2604
Category: BoardGame
Oh noes! The POGZ have fallen asleep and are in Grave Danger! Wake up a POG by hitting it with a ball bearing and wake up all POGZ to clear each level. Can YOU save them all?
Play Galactic RacerGalactic Racer Game

Plays: 2592
Category: Action
Your universe is in danger. You have to destroy all the targets to save your universe. You can destroy the targets better if you hit the cars from the side. Good luck!
Play BambuzzaBambuzza Game

Plays: 2584
Category: Action
Pick the diamonds of the diamond plants. For in each case four collected diamonds you receive a bomb. With the bombs you can blow up the walls. Only then you can see, what hid itself under the walls. With the key you open the gate into the next level. Caution. Bees protect the diamond plants.
Play Danger!Danger! Game

Plays: 2537
Category: Puzzles
Be a hero and rescue a poor, helpless fellow - and, whatever you do, don't become a victim yourself!
Play Hyper VaultHyper Vault Game

Plays: 2519
Category: Sports
Danger, High Vault-age! Three pole-vaulting attempts, can you set the bar to the highest point, and still make a perfect landing?
Play Wild West TreasuresWild West Treasures Game

Plays: 2511
Category: BoardGame
New addictive match 3 free online game in western style by The hard life of the pioneers of American Old West was full in risk, danger and gangsters. But the nature opened its innumerable treasure to the brave people who could solve logical puzzles. Are you ready to accept a challenge and to pass all 20 skill levels through primeval Wild West?
Play Zombie Zjooter - TAOFEWA Ninja ShooterZombie Zjooter - TAOFEWA Ninja Shooter Game

Plays: 2503
Category: Action
Kill the Zombies before they reach you in a crazy manga battle where your skills will be tested for sure. Control the TAOFEWA manga ninja girl Nina and use her Throwing Knives to slay the horde of zombies before they reach her. Be sure to keep your eyes on the sky as well, some of these undead creatures use parachutes!
Play KitKit's Odessey Game

Plays: 2472
Category: Action
Take the inner Kit in you on a journey of daring discovery in this tough challenge...
Play Epitome Of DangerEpitome Of Danger Game

Plays: 2463
Category: Action
Simple Flash Game Where The Objective Is To Avoid Being Hit By Missiles. YOU ARE "DANGERMAN DAN"!!!
Play Mouse In DangerMouse In Danger Game

Plays: 2411
Category: Puzzles
People have different paths in general. It is your duty to guide them to their destinations.
Play Gun soulGun soul Game

Plays: 2389
Category: Shooting
Gun soul! As the name suggests! Firearms of the soul, in the gun world, there are too many children's father, wife, husband, parents of children in danger, this is your shot to play amazing talent where God chose to save those who need you to become help warrior, you must become everyone's hero awe! Come on, my hero! Choosing the most suitable for your firearms, identify the best time to pull the trigger, firing bullets out of your invincible suicide note, sweeping all of the enemies, save those innocent people, when you as a hero, the ultimate victory, you will will become the soul of the legendary gun!
Play MisfortuneMisfortune Game

Plays: 2376
Category: Adventure
In ‘Misfortune’ you find yourself alone in a strange city, struggling to survive. Collect exotic items, combat mysterious monsters, save people in danger... Oh, you've already done all that before? Well, if this for some strange reason isn’t enough for you, you can also solve murder mysteries, unite lovers, get into a cursing match with a parrot and discover strange and unbelievable truths about the town of Rodnia.
Play Caldera LegendsCaldera Legends Game

Plays: 2346
Category: Action
Enemies are invading your kingdom, and the defense is your army of mages! Armed with wisdom, you’ll need to think fast and change strategy faster to stop dozens of types of enemies, including biggest danger for your people – huge Ogres!
Play M.I.C.E - Mouse Intelligence Control EquipmentM.I.C.E - Mouse Intelligence Control Equipment Game

Plays: 2304
Category: Adventure
Go through M.I.C.E Training labs. Solve puzzles , avoid danger , avoid P.C.C and many more. Includes 12 tests + There’s a Secret part in Test 10 ( Cracked wall ) +
Play Donuts in DangerDonuts in Danger Game

Plays: 2297
Category: Action
Donuts in Danger is a frantic action shooter with cool upgradeable weapons, tons of enemies and 45 manic levels. Help the Martians to save their precious donuts from the Cube-Clan scum. Blow them to pieces and collect the credit crystals and then spend them in the shop to upgrade your gun. Fast, frantic and more weapons than you could poke a Martian stick at!
Play Ninja Cat Episode 1: The Mysterious ThiefNinja Cat Episode 1: The Mysterious Thief Game

Plays: 2285
Category: Action
Ninja Cat Episode 1 is the first episode in a series of witty action games. Fend off enemies and defeat bosses as you fight to reclaim your stolen prize. Ninja Cat's reflexes sees danger in slow motion. Mouse only! Use your mouse both to control Ninja Cat's movements and to throw ninja stars.

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