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Online Pumpkin Games
Play Jack-O-Lantern RampageJack-O-Lantern Rampage Game

Plays: 2892
Category: Adventure
Rogue Jack O Lanterns are rampaging through the pumpkin patch. You must stop them before they ruin Halloween for everyone! Collect 10 keys to advance to the next level.
Play Pumpkin DudePumpkin Dude Game

Plays: 2869
Category: Other
Pumpkin dude will play a sequence of riffs Watch and/or listen to a sequence then repeat it and see how far you can go before your memory betrays you
Play PumpkinPumpkin's Head Gun Game

Plays: 2858
Category: Action
Pumpkin is tired of attack of enemy's attack, so he fixed a gun to his head and has gone on hunting down his enemies.
Play Pump Protect CastlePump Protect Castle Game

Plays: 2822
Category: Action
Pumpkin land is under attack. But just like always the pumpkin is there to protect it. He must protect the castle from enemy’s intrusion.
Play New Princess Love StoryNew Princess Love Story Game

Plays: 2812
Category: Dress-Up
Charming Cinderella will take a pumpkin car to go for a party to meet her handsome prince. She is trying on beautiful dress and her pretty accessories. She becomes the most glamourous princess in the world. Looking forwards to this romantic and sweet date.
Play mooBalls HalloweenmooBalls Halloween Game

Plays: 2811
Category: Action
Experience a truly scary Halloween. This casual, arcade game for everyone was created for this special, frightening holiday. Connect as many the same halloween icons as you can, before they reach the top. Have fun terrified!
Play Pump SwingPump Swing Game

Plays: 2766
Category: Action
Pumpkin is suspended through a rope to collect back his seeds. But the rope is dangling here and there; and he has to collect as many seeds as possible.
Play Letter Spell 2Letter Spell 2 Game

Plays: 2761
Category: Education
Find the words that reveal this Halloween story.
Play Journey of HorrorJourney of Horror Game

Plays: 2756
Category: Action
Update: Changed the Start, Main, Movies, and Setting Menu Added A new Menu called Treasures Added Customize Controls Added Nerd Training School (Show you how to play the game) +Plus Voice Navigation Added a Help Button in the Level Select (Showing you how to unlock Level 2) Ton of Bugs fixed Story A boy named Nerd headed out of Happy Town unknowing to him he was entering the town of Halloween Night a town filled with monsters and magic. He was about a few minutes in town and that’s when it happened, he heard a loud sound. He started to run without looking until he ram into someone! It was a werewolf! The Nerd screamed and turned around only to find a vampire sneaking up on him, as he was about to be controlled by the vampire’s gaze. A witch flew past the vampire and grabbed the Nerd. The Nerd kicked and screamed! And at last was able to push away from the witch and fell into a lagoon. Then a fish monster tried to eat him. But before he did the Nerd dodged and started to run as fast as he could. He was somewhere in the center of town when he saw a CD just floating there. He felt a force pulling him to it. This was the same feeling he had when woke up today. It was calling him. The monsters were now around him and before they could get him, he took the CD and it brought out a light that made all the monsters fade into the CD.
Play Angry HalloweenAngry Halloween Game

Plays: 2748
Category: Action
You’re the crazy pumpkin who lives in the kingdom of pumpkin. The people in pumpkin never really wanted him around, so at last they kicked him out. But this crazy pumpkin wanted to make them pay so he built a catapult and planed to destroy their castles.
Play Halloween Ghost RiderHalloween Ghost Rider Game

Plays: 2730
Category: Adventure
Help the legendary Ghost Rider but now with the pumpkin head, through this journey on the cemetery and help him overcome all the dangerous obstacles that are in his way. Use your unlocked bike in 12 intense and unique levels and tray to make it in one piece to the finish line. Collect fireballs to to get your final score high and unlock new bikes after each 3 levels finished . Each level it’s different then the other levels and while you progress in the game the terrain will be mode difficult to overcome, but don’t worry the new bikes will help you on your way. There are explosive pumpkins on the levels if you touch them they will explode and will blow you high in the sky. Just balance your bike when you fall down and tray to make it to the finish line.Good luck and have fun!
Play Colorful Pumpkins - Match 3Colorful Pumpkins - Match 3 Game

Plays: 2728
Category: BoardGame
Click the two similar pumpkins and match three or more pumpkins
Play Pump Shoot UpPump Shoot Up Game

Plays: 2725
Category: Action
Pumpkin is Falling you have to shoot him to keep him up.
Play ReghouledReghouled Game

Plays: 2700
Category: Puzzles
Trick yourself into matching 3 or more ghoulish images and treat your way to a high score.
Play Pumpkin EvasionPumpkin Evasion Game

Plays: 2678
Category: Action
Evade the evil pumpkins in this Halloween game!
Play Pump Balloon BouncePump Balloon Bounce Game

Plays: 2654
Category: Action
Pumpkin is up in the air. And to keep up, he must continuously jump on the coming balloons.
Play Zombies WhackZombies Whack Game

Plays: 2641
Category: Action
You’re a brave hero and your job is to stop the zombie army by hitting them on their head with a magic weapon given to you by the pumpkin lord. But remember don’t hit a pumpkin by mistake.
Play Halloween Pumpkin MemoryHalloween Pumpkin Memory Game

Plays: 2633
Category: BoardGame
Try to remember the cards before is too late
Play Halloween Hidden ObjectsHalloween Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2608
Category: Puzzles
Find all the Halloween objects in the spooky scenes!
Play Thanksgiving Kitchen HeroThanksgiving Kitchen Hero Game

Plays: 2579
Category: Action
Thanksgiving Extreme Food Fight! Fast paced food battle of skill and reflexes. Throw pumpkins at turkeys to knock it to your opponents side of the kitchen. Your opponent throws pies at turkeys, don't let the turkeys get past your side of the kitchen! Guaranteed to not be a clone of any game ever made.

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