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Online balloon Games
Play BalloonRideBalloonRide Game

Plays: 3215
Category: Action
Fly the Balloon and collect the good stars for fuel... or something...
Play BalloonoidBalloonoid Game

Plays: 3199
Category: Action
Bust balloons with metal balls in this pong style game.
Play BobiBobi Balloon CatcherBobiBobi Balloon Catcher Game

Plays: 3177
Category: Action
Your task is to catch enough as many balloons as you can. The faster you catch the balloon, the more points you get. Sometimes instead of a balloon, BobiBobi appears. When you click on him, you lose some of your valuable points. Be careful not to run out of time. Good luck!
Play Super FlySuper Fly Game

Plays: 3174
Category: Action
Play Dodge Balloon 2Dodge Balloon 2 Game

Plays: 3117
Category: Action
Dodge Balloon is back!! This time round, only dodge the red ones and collect the blue ones. Now with better physics and two type of stars. And this time we followed our player's advice and included music.
Play Pump Two BalloonsPump Two Balloons Game

Plays: 3092
Category: Action
Pumpkin is in the air once again, but he only has two balloons this time, he has to manage himself and stay up by jumping on either of them.
Play Balloon RideBalloon Ride Game

Plays: 3087
Category: Action
Fly your hot air balloon as far as you can through a never-ending rainbow maze, while avoiding rockets.
Play Kiz - Aim N ShootKiz - Aim N Shoot Game

Plays: 3086
Category: Shooting
Muck Beetles are invading Nuna and they’re attacking the Nuna Berry Trees! Use Takoda’s Balloon Cannon to turn these flying pests into harmless puddles of muck. Defeat the swarm to save the crop and keep your eyes peeled for some awesome upgrades!
Play Air Battle 2Air Battle 2 Game

Plays: 3053
Category: Action
Guide your armed balloon through 35 challenging levels. Avoid accidents and shoot down any enemy you encounter.
Play BoboBobo's Family Game

Plays: 2990
Category: Action
bobo's family make big watar balloon, make 3 or more bobos can move to big watar balloon.
Play Bird DodgerBird Dodger Game

Plays: 2891
Category: Puzzles
You're a happy little red balloon floating in the sky...When some birds decide that they don't like you.Make your way up through the birds without touching them....or you'll pop.1 point for avoiding birds.
Play Glean of GlobGlean of Glob Game

Plays: 2888
Category: Adventure
A collaboration between game developer Ricky Haggett (Kahoots, Balloon Headed Boy) and artist Daniel Baker, The Glean of Glob is a surreal adventure game originally created as an art exhibit. The Glean of Glob features haunting, dreamlike sound and visuals, and gameplay that invites the player to experiment with the strange logic of the Glob world.
Play Click BloonsClick Bloons Game

Plays: 2888
Category: Action
Click over bloons and collect the points
Play Balloon FunBalloon Fun Game

Plays: 2828
Category: Education
Fun and relaxing typing game with balloons. Type the letter on the balloon to stop it from escaping. You need to stop more than 50% of the balloons to pass to the next level.
Play Save The BalloonSave The Balloon Game

Plays: 2814
Category: Action
Guide the balloon to the exit portal, without touching obstacles. Collect the stars for points.
Play Balloon in the cityBalloon in the city Game

Plays: 2761
Category: Action
Alert, we have escaped balloons in the city, pop the balloons quickly and get the highest score. The city is counting on you.
Play BalloonsterBalloonster Game

Plays: 2758
Category: Puzzles
The object of the game is to poke balloons of the “shoot color” and avoid hitting balloons of other colors. Hint- the more you poke of the “shoot color” in a row correctly, the more points each poke is worth.

Plays: 2736
Category: Action
We have jazzed up the popular bubble game! We've put a new angle to it, literally. How many balloons can you pop in 5 minutes? Try to get on top of the high scores!
Play 100th100th Game

Plays: 2686
Category: Puzzles
100th is a short but deep puzzle platformer with a fairly simple difficulty curve, plus optional and difficult challenge branches (for those who feel so inclined). It is not extremely difficult to complete, but there are a lot of secrets for those hardcore completionists out there. In 100th, you play a small character with a balloon companion. There are no enemies, only environmental hazards; your fickle friend, however, makes for a uniquely challenging experience to the end. Points Earn extra bonus points if you make it to the end with the original RED balloon. If you lose the balloon, you can always get a blue one, but this will result in fewer points.
Play Blow Things Up! 2Blow Things Up! 2 Game

Plays: 2657
Category: Puzzles
The Things are back and it's your job to blow them up! There are good things, bad things, heavy things, balloon things, bouncy things and even fire things in this excellent sequel. You can even make your own levels with an easy to use level editor and play a huge number of user created levels. Blowing Things Up has never been so much fun!

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