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Online bug Games
Play Never Give UpNever Give Up Game

Plays: 2808
Category: Shooting
Due to human environmental pollution, spider was changed to variation and began to attack human. You are ordered to protect the transportation. Good luck!
Play BugyBugy Game

Plays: 2780
Category: Action
Help Bugy to safely get home.
Play Generic Defense GameGeneric Defense Game Game

Plays: 2762
Category: Shooting
It’s a survival shooter, a turret defense game, it’s so generic it’s unique! This bad-boy gives you 8 different games in one, with a ton of options to deliver a unique experience every time you play. — Fixed the same-weapon bug and tweeked some settings to make the auto-drones less dominating… hope that helps balance the fun out. Some of the games are easier than others, so you may have to try them all to find your niche ;) Read more about the game @
Play Spider KillerSpider Killer Game

Plays: 2744
Category: Action
Whip Out That Pesky Spider Web
Play Rumble BugsRumble Bugs Game

Plays: 2741
Category: Strategy
Great clash between bugs! Command your army and conquer the enemy! Sponsored by:
Play Bionic BugzBionic Bugz Game

Plays: 2689
Category: Shooting
Battle your way through the bionic enemy bugz, collect the bonuses, the new weapons, and be the hero of the day!
Play Annoying flyAnnoying fly Game

Plays: 2665
Category: Strategy
Simple game where you take control of a bug who is very hungry. Eat as many flies as you can in the given time to score more points.

Plays: 2646
Category: Action
U r the greedy frog who can’t swim. Catch as much money and gold bugs as you can in shortest time. As soon you collect enough money you see next level portal on the far bank. Coin = max 40$, Gold bug = 100$ Beware of much more greedy sharks, in whose possession you entered. Use u r mouse to rotate frog or regulate jumps.
Play Ugly Bug KillerUgly Bug Killer Game

Plays: 2636
Category: Shooting
Kill as many ugly bugs as you like add more shoot them down fun game
Play Avoid Bugs GameAvoid Bugs Game Game

Plays: 2624
Category: Other
Avoid Bugs Game, Avoid Games, Bugs Games
Play Keak Out 2Keak Out 2 Game

Plays: 2612
Category: BoardGame
Dedicated to all “break-out” true fans. This game adds another axis to ball defense and includes some sudden gameplay tweaks, making this adventure 4x more challenging than its classic ancestor. The new version contains bug fixes, bonuses, sound effects, balanced gameplay and new levels.
Play Leaf BugLeaf Bug Game

Plays: 2587
Category: Adventure
Time to relive your childhood memories of playing with a bug, without any fear. Here is a game 'Leaf Bug'. Help the poor soul to find some food( larva).
Play Bug dies a lotBug dies a lot Game

Plays: 2580
Category: Adventure
Try and survive as long as you can
Play ProtectorProtector Game

Plays: 2561
Category: Strategy
Deep strategy and involving depth, deceptively simple to play, yet so many avenues and strategies to master. Protector is a game that will steal your free time and leave you feeling happy to have lost it. Updated 15 feb 08 Bug fixes – Thanks for finding and reporting them!
Play Bug FusionBug Fusion Game

Plays: 2550
Category: Puzzles
Circle with the mouse, the dots of the same color to merge them, to finaly have only one dot per color.
Play Laser CrawlerLaser Crawler Game

Plays: 2522
Category: Action
Strategically crawl around through each stage while dodging lasers to reach the mysterious food source!
Play Spray The RoachesSpray The Roaches Game

Plays: 2518
Category: Action
Kill All The Roaches
Play Burgler BombBurgler Bomb Game

Plays: 2516
Category: Action
This Burgler has stolen your money from your house.As you can see this stupid burgler stucked in your garden.Bomb that burgler and get back your money.But dont kill other creatures in your garden.This will decrease your score.If you find any bug lease visit my page.And i am waiting for your suggestions.GL & HF
Play ExploBugsExploBugs Game

Plays: 2491
Category: Action
The ExploBugs have gone insane! Try to keep them away from the beautiful flower! Play more games on Highscore Games!
Play OrbitronOrbitron Game

Plays: 2475
Category: Action
Defend your Orbit by building up an impenetrable stronghold and hold back the enemy waves! Inspired by Space Invaders and Tetris, Orbitron is a mix between a shooter and a defense game. Prove your shooting and defense building skills in 34 challenging levels! Tips: Focus on staying alive rather than chasing down every enemy; Your Orbit has 40 lives and can be easily repaired, while you only got 3. Only killing will earn you money; so don’t just build walls and let the enemies collide, you will soon run out of money. Build strategically; build non-permeable walls under your turrets, if you’re afraid of shooting them. Also, an Amplifier above a Turret is also a good idea. [Update 23.10.07] – fixed the bug at the end of game [Update 24.10.07] – improved performance

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