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Online shapes Games
Play Perfect Balance 2 MobilePerfect Balance 2 Mobile Game

Plays: 3465
Category: Education
Rotate and stack shapes, once more, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle! 100 levels! For Flash capable mobile phones!
Play Delta FusionDelta Fusion Game

Plays: 3428
Category: Puzzles
An addicting puzzle game based on creating larger shapes out of triangles.
Play The Wizard of BloxThe Wizard of Blox Game

Plays: 3396
Category: Puzzles
Only a true wizard can perform these 45 magic tricks and make the blocks disappear!
Play Color PhysicsColor Physics Game

Plays: 3383
Category: Puzzles
Restore grayness to each level by getting the shapes into their correct zones.
Play Geometric sums: solve4 variable algebraic equations in 2 minutesGeometric sums: solve4 variable algebraic equations in 2 minutes Game

Plays: 3381
Category: Education
Geometric shapes represent variables, watch the patterns carefully and solve the equations, you will have a penalty for wrong answers, help us improve Geometric sums game with your input
Play AtomZAtomZ Game

Plays: 3368
Category: Puzzles
In this puzzle game the player links moving symbols (thr atomz) by matching shape or color, before they go out of the screen. Linked atomz switch their state, linking them in a smart way to create bigger molecules increases the score.
Play BeetlesBeetles Game

Plays: 3362
Category: Action
Make group of same beetles by drawing shapes on them. There are 7 interesting levels in this game. Draw minimum shapes to catch maximum beetle for getting Gold score. Must aware of special beetles, whether they are helpful or dangerous!
Play Squares vs CirclesSquares vs Circles Game

Plays: 3360
Category: Action
Move the the shapes with the mouse and try to touch the yellow ones and avoid the blue ones.
Play Stack-A-RamaStack-A-Rama Game

Plays: 3343
Category: Puzzles
Stack-A-Rama is an addictive fun physics puzzle game suitable for all ages and skill levels ! The aim of each level is to stack the shapes without losing any over the sides. As the levels progress, more and more shapes need to be carefully balanced. The quicker they are placed the higher the score, but speed also increases the likelihood of failure.
Play Shope GameShope Game Game

Plays: 3336
Category: Other
A fun, friendly and addicting game.
Play Messy ShapesMessy Shapes Game

Plays: 3301
Category: Puzzles
Box2D-Match3 game. Sounds crazy? It is! Give it a try! MessyShapes sends a stream of random cute shapes falling from the sky……all with their own personality! Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to destroy them by clicking on at least 3 touching shapes of the same color. Careful though……if you click on a shape that isn’t touching at least 2 others of the same color, that shape will ‘freeze’ into an ice block that can only be destroyed by the bombs you get in power-ups! However you go about destroying these little critters, don't let them fill your screen!! If too many pile up, you get a 10 second count down to clear those dastardly shapes sharpish!! Don’t want to lose to a bunch of cute shapes now do you?? Good Luck!
Play Shapes -1Shapes -1 Game

Plays: 3293
Category: Dress-Up
Shapes coloring page game
Play Crazy Shape RunnerCrazy Shape Runner Game

Plays: 3286
Category: Action
Dodge waves of various shapes with increasing speed and difficulty in this addicting dodge'em up game!
Play Squid SwimmerSquid Swimmer Game

Plays: 3277
Category: Action
You are a giant squid. You find yourself in the ocean, with only the ability to swim from left to right. Use the left mouse button to swim upwards. Gravity will pull you inexorably downwards. You must avoid the strangely rectangular shapes. Collect the swarms of krill for extra points.
Play Shape JugglerShape Juggler Game

Plays: 3249
Category: Action
Juggle with shapes clicking on them and earn points. Shape will get smaller each time you hit it untill it disappear. Don't let them fall or you loose one life. One life is added every 100 points you gain.
Play Dragon BallsDragon Balls Game

Plays: 3238
Category: Puzzles
Match and Shoot the same colors balls to finish the level. Play with 12 different Themes and Shapes in each Exciting level. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim each colored ball. Dragon Ball has12 levels and saves your progress automatically.
Play Eternal SpaceEternal Space Game

Plays: 3197
Category: BoardGame
Arkanoid remake, BreakQuest style game where you have to direct your ball too the various shapes and objects and brake them! Shoot missiles, use the gravity and collect bonuses to make the highest score. The game nice to play at such holidays as: birthday, christmas, heluin, new year.
Play StakateStakate Game

Plays: 3180
Category: Puzzles
Fill the shapes with your blocks as fast as you can.
Play MixaMonstaMixaMonsta Game

Plays: 3167
Category: Action
Monsta Mixa is a puzzle game where you build monsters out of simple shapes. Each game selects 12 random monsters out of 24 for you to build. How fast can you get throught?
Play PlexagoPlexago Game

Plays: 3163
Category: BoardGame
Plexgao is a game of mind. A simple turn based puzzle game in which you build shapes, jump enemies, and fight for board control. Play against the 5 different Ai or play your buddy via the local Versus option. Intuitive like checkers, complex like chess.

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