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Online wall Games
Play Robot ClimbRobot Climb Game

Plays: 3608
Category: Action
Climb as a robot through a gigantic tower in the sky to reach space! Blast apart obstacles with your explosives while climbing a tower. Pass enemies and obstacles that will try to knock you down in this quick, addicting climbing game! Get the Robot Climb badge leading its scoreboard! CONTROLS: Arrows, Spacebar for bombs.
Play Jump RacerJump Racer Game

Plays: 3578
Category: Action
Jump your super-fast monster truck over big trucks but mind your speed - too little speed and you'll hit the trucks below the ramp, too mcuh speed and you'll crash into the menacing scrap metal wall.
Play SpotHunterSpotHunter Game

Plays: 3577
Category: Action
You control a dot and and you need to find all the other spots to reveal the complete picture. do not hit the wall. Have Fun!
Play Vector RaceVector Race Game

Plays: 3550
Category: Other
Vector Race is a computer version of that lecture time classic. Race around circuits you design by altering you cars movement vector every turn. Two realism settings allow you to determine what happens when you slam into a side wall. Comes with a full track editor and AI opponent
Play Master of catapult 3: Ancient MachineMaster of catapult 3: Ancient Machine Game

Plays: 3499
Category: Action
Ancient machines evolved and captured the people of the planet. Get rid of old machines. Destroy them using a catapult and improved bomb. You can gain extra points if you get the artifacts. Collect bonuses. In this game are 50 levels. The complexity of the game increases from level to level. Good luck!
Play FltronFltron Game

Plays: 3451
Category: Action
Classic game of trying to cut your opponent off while building a wall behind you.
Play Christmas CannonChristmas Cannon Game

Plays: 3403
Category: Shooting
Christmas Cannon is a fun and light hearted seasonal skill based game. With the aid of Santa’s elves as human cannonballs (although, not through choice), the player must negotiate through levels filled with hilariously obtrusive obstacles to hit the target board as accurately as possible.
Play Cave Flyer 2Cave Flyer 2 Game

Plays: 3399
Category: Action
Compete with other players worldwide for the title of grand master cave flying champion. In this sequel to the 'smash hit' cave flyer, your ship now leaves a sparkly trail, and makes a fiery explosion when it smashes into a cave wall. And it's slightly harder! Do you have what it takes to cave-fly your way to glory?
Play Metal WallMetal Wall Game

Plays: 3368
Category: Puzzles
Reach the exit without touching the walls in this cool puzzle game, Metal Wall. The main objective is to reach the exit by moving the stick and not touching the walls. Make sure you time your movement properly to reach the end.
Play Off The WallOff The Wall Game

Plays: 3325
Category: Action
Try to avoid running into the green walls. Three red circles will try to knock you into the walls. Try to dodge their attacks. The longer you stay "off the wall" the higher your score will be.
Play WallWall Game

Plays: 3319
Category: BoardGame
In this classic game your objective is to form a square by strategically placing lines in random or strategic order. You will be playing against (Artificial Intelligence) AI. So be careful as it can easily trick you. Good Luck
Play Dot BlockerDot Blocker Game

Plays: 3244
Category: Action
Block all of the dots from reaching the base!
Play Magic SplitMagic Split Game

Plays: 3229
Category: Action
Place walls to trap and lock magic balls on the gamefield. Gamemode "classic" and "spots" available.
Play Off The Wall 2Off The Wall 2 Game

Plays: 3226
Category: Action
Try to stay off the wall!
Play Hostage CrisisHostage Crisis Game

Plays: 3209
Category: Action
Hostage Crisis is a top down shooter that allows you to shoot bullets around corners and blow up every wall in the game to create your own path. The game features 14 levels and several achievements to earn for performing various stunts.
Play Kids Wall DecalsKids Wall Decals Game

Plays: 3203
Category: Puzzles
Find the Hidden objects in Kids Wall Decals
Play jump upjump up Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Sports
Trying to jump over a wall to come closer the target.
Play Stoneage Assassin: RevengeStoneage Assassin: Revenge Game

Plays: 3156
Category: Shooting
Stoneage Assassin is a dark tale of revenge that takes place in a prehistoric age. As the player you take the role of the father who had his daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night by hunters. After being left for dead by the hunters the father is full of grief and obsessed with revenge. Years later he then receives a mysterious message on his cave wall in the forms of drawings. Once deciphered it appears that someone wishes to help him and has left him a makeshift sniper rifle to aid him in his quest for revenge. As the player you must complete a series of missions that will each get you closer to the one responsible for kidnapping your daughter and may still know her whereabouts.
Play Snake: A new challengeSnake: A new challenge Game

Plays: 3153
Category: Action
Classic Snake game with moving wall! and other new challenges!
Play Kachbo eWall 6Kachbo eWall 6 Game

Plays: 3127
Category: BoardGame
A great wall based maze game in 6th version. Very popular now.

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