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Play Halloween BlasterHalloween Blaster Game

Plays: 1780
Category: Action
Defend your home from zombies and blast them! Choose from 4 different weapons to kill your enemies, but don't let them get too close...
Play Weirding Wood - 1st MileWeirding Wood - 1st Mile Game

Plays: 1764
Category: Action
This land is cursed. Make your way through Weirding Wood, but first you have to survive the night. Weirding Wood is action based game where you'll have to survive the night against 20 waves of dark denizens of the accused wood. If you find any bugs please email contact(at)
Play Aliens VisitAliens Visit Game

Plays: 1761
Category: Action
First flash game with dynamic shadows. Dynamic shadows, opportunity to improve weapon and enemies of the crowd. Kill all and stay alive
Play Bane of the SphinxBane of the Sphinx Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Action
Explore the mystery of the Sphinx in this shocking shooter. You, an archaeologist, had been looking for the secret chamber under the Sphinx for many years until finally, you solved all the puzzles and found a secret door. As you climb through the entrance, horrible noises from the distance make you fear you’re not alone…
Play Face Eater TypingFace Eater Typing Game

Plays: 1683
Category: Education
type the words on the face eater as fast as you can. Higher levels get progressively more challenging.
Play Zombie HeadBallZombie HeadBall Game

Plays: 1590
Category: Action
Zombies also like baseball but they play it their way! Let see how far you get
Play Robin Hood - a fight with a zombieRobin Hood - a fight with a zombie Game

Plays: 1574
Category: Action
Help nice soldier Robin Hood to captivate all zombies. It should cage all zombies, use for this purpose the onions and set of features at levels.
Play Zombie DiscoZombie Disco Game

Plays: 1572
Category: BoardGame
Do your best matching the dancers of the same type, keep that zombies at bay! Zombie Disco is an "match 3" type of game, you have to match the dancers of the same type to improve them and obtain trophies that increase your score. Meanwhile, you should keep the zombies controlled to prevent an infection in your disco! Don't forget to empty the dance floor before the close of the disco.
Play Zombie Head SwitchZombie Head Switch Game

Plays: 1551
Category: Action
The zombies are needed of a new brain and head. They need to switch each other heads to evolve into next level. Help the zombies successfully catch the head.
Play Subsist Zombie Defend The TownSubsist Zombie Defend The Town Game

Plays: 1547
Category: Action
A tower defense style game, defeat all the zombies before they reach the town.
Play Killheads Match (Android)Killheads Match (Android) Game

Plays: 1533
Category: Puzzles
Killheads are back! How long can you survive attacks of bloody zombies? The game is fully optimized for Android devices!
Play Zombie StreetZombie Street Game

Plays: 1520
Category: Action
Basic zombie shooter.
Play Escape From MelakkaEscape From Melakka Game

Plays: 1483
Category: Action
Fast-paced retro-style platformer set in gloomy dungeons, cryptas and castles. Run, jump, shoot, upgrade and explore, while collecting crystals and earning achievements. Face skeletons, slimes, zombies, lichs and much more... You are a wizard and awake in a dungeon. You can't remember anything, but your body feels like you had a drink too much or have been teleported... or maybe both.
Play Headless ZombieHeadless Zombie Game

Plays: 1474
Category: Action
It is a story about a former nobleman called Carl, who converted into a zombie. Carl is trying to sort things out in his difficult situation and become a human again, but keeps losing his head again and again.
Play Coin CatCoin Cat Game

Plays: 1426
Category: Action
Coin CAT in space Defeat the hordes of zombie cats and defeat Chef Tuna
Play bomb pengbomb peng Game

Plays: 1426
Category: Action
In this bomb game you have to make sure that you will let the enemy fall down of the platform. do this by planting bombs on the right spots.
Play Insane Zombie Rescue!Insane Zombie Rescue! Game

Plays: 1422
Category: Action
OMG! Zombies everywhere... Rescue as many people as you can! Guide them to the hospital and remember: many people in one turn = lots of highscore points. ;o)
Play ScorepocalypseScorepocalypse Game

Plays: 1403
Category: Action
Kills as many as possible to become the best zombie-slayer. Only thing that really matters is your score.
Play ROTROT Game

Plays: 1389
Category: Adventure
A side-scrolling RPG with zombie apocalypse theme. Controls up to 6 survivors on a journey to find a way out of Rottinsville city through a swarm of zombies. Play battles that features 20 zombie creeps, 7 mini bosses, and 3 bosses. Equip your party with 70 selections of equipment that includes headgears, armors, and weapons. Upgrade your equipments with 8 unique upgrade materials. Empower your party with 18 vaccines and 7 special actions. And don't forget to earn trophies!
Play Cowboys Vs PiratesCowboys Vs Pirates Game

Plays: 1386
Category: Action
Harry Hotdog never believed the myths and legends told of the Dead Man’s Curse Saloon. He thought it was just a good way to draw the crowds. They also serve the best darn whiskey in all the territory and more importantly, let him run a tab. It’s a crying shame that it turns out the stories were true. Underneath the saloon, a whole mob of pirates were buried, and they’ve come back to life. Hungry for brains and thirsty for rum. But Harry Hotdog ain’t giving up his favourite watering hole without a fight.... Fight with Harry Hotdog in a arcade shoot em’ up including two game modes to play: Story and Multiplayer Battle. Story mode introduces the first chapter of this epic fight for survival: “The Quick and The Undead.” There are 32 stages of fast and furious shoot ‘em up fun. As well as your trusty six-shooter, you’ll find a host of different weapons to take down the relentless dead. These include the spinning fury of the saw-disc-gun and the ever faithful boom-stick. Collect loot and search for treasure to buy upgrades to your stats and weapons. Multiplayer Battles allows you to compete against up to 5 online players to see who’s the meanest zombie pirate slayer in town. There are 3 different challenge modes, 8 different arenas and 3 levels of difficulty depending on how lily-livered you are! Special pick-ups are available which can really mess up the opposition. The best gunslingers get to improve their stats and work their way up on the global high scores list.

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