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Online bug Games
Play OrbitronOrbitron Game

Plays: 2475
Category: Action
Defend your Orbit by building up an impenetrable stronghold and hold back the enemy waves! Inspired by Space Invaders and Tetris, Orbitron is a mix between a shooter and a defense game. Prove your shooting and defense building skills in 34 challenging levels! Tips: Focus on staying alive rather than chasing down every enemy; Your Orbit has 40 lives and can be easily repaired, while you only got 3. Only killing will earn you money; so don’t just build walls and let the enemies collide, you will soon run out of money. Build strategically; build non-permeable walls under your turrets, if you’re afraid of shooting them. Also, an Amplifier above a Turret is also a good idea. [Update 23.10.07] – fixed the bug at the end of game [Update 24.10.07] – improved performance
Play Crazy RoomCrazy Room Game

Plays: 2414
Category: Action
You do not know why, but someone has put in a room without exit. Before you time to react, some turrets out of the walls ... you have to escape from there! This is my first attempt at game made in Flash, I hope you like v1.1-- Fixed score bug --------------Español--------------- No sabes por qué, pero alguien te a llevado hasta un extraña habitacion sin salida. Antes de que te de tiempo a reaccionar, empiezan a salir torretas de las paredes... tienes que escapar de allí. Este es mi primer juego realizado en Flash, espero que les guste. v1.1-- Arregalo bug en la casilla de puntuación
Play Squish the ScuttlebugSquish the Scuttlebug Game

Plays: 2410
Category: Action
SQUISH THE SCUTTLEBUGS!!!! Or die. Prepare your mouse. Ready. Set. Go!
Play Can ShakerCan Shaker Game

Plays: 2335
Category: Other
Shake a can and see how high you can get it to spray! You have an upgradable 5 second shake time. Earn more coins to get different cans! Found a bug? Please report it by going to the Options page in-game and clicking the Report a Bug button.
Play Roach SplatterRoach Splatter Game

Plays: 2286
Category: Action
Guide the hand and smash all the roaches. But keep your eye on the pain meter, you won't be able to hit if it runs out. If you get the butter use it to restore the pain meter
Play Bug SplatterBug Splatter Game

Plays: 2262
Category: Action
Splat as many bugs before time ends.
Play Save The AntsSave The Ants Game

Plays: 2262
Category: Shooting
Control the ladybug with arrow keys. To exit the level, fly right to the top of the screen and keep holding down the UP arrow
Play BugEatBugEat Game

Plays: 2261
Category: Action
Controll Bug and eat green fly.
Play colorfillcolorfill Game

Plays: 2250
Category: Puzzles
Fill 80% of the stage with colors while avoiding collisions with enemies in this happy arcade flash game! *Update: I fixed the bug where the timer did not stop when the game was over or the level completed. I also made the lines grow faster so the game is easier now. Any comment on that change is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Play StarBug Defense InHouseStarBug Defense InHouse Game

Plays: 2246
Category: Action
A tower defense game like no other. Enjoy both the 20-level of increasing difficulty campaign mode as well as an absorbing non-stop till you drop action mode. Battle over the alien StarBugs and their minions. Upgrade your weapons to the max. Use wisely your resources and your strategy skills to achieve the highest rank among the worldwide list of defenders.
Play Bug BusterBug Buster Game

Plays: 2187
Category: Action
Match as many bugs as possible in this addictive puzzle game.
Play Alpha 16Alpha 16 Game

Plays: 2172
Category: Shooting
You are a fighter pilot who has been sent to the Alpha 16 border to defend it against the Hive, a alien bug race that is expanding its territory. You are to take out as many of the Hive as you can. You have been instructed not to enter Hive space.
Play SwatterSwatter Game

Plays: 2155
Category: Shooting
Paint the walls with fly blood and litter the floors with their remains! This is still undergoing gltich/bug fixes. Enjoy!
Play Dragon Slayer UFODragon Slayer UFO Game

Plays: 2130
Category: Action
A remake of Vans Revenge Turbo Story Play as Van on his quest for revenge. To stop the evil Dragon Flame that destroyed Van's home planet. Update Fixed the icon on the menu screen Made the game easier and harder at some points in the game Lowered the memory cost to make the game load faster Made everything easier to read Changed some of the images within the game Game feels faster More monsters Power ups come out often Fixed a bug where some of your attacks would miss the enemies even if they hit Changed first levels backgrounds
Play Bubble BugsBubble Bugs Game

Plays: 2089
Category: Puzzles
Click and drag with the bubble wand to blow a bubble around a bug. The more bugs you capture in a bubble the more points you get. Get more time by capturing clocks and get more bubble juice when you capture a bubble bottle. Have fun!
Play ZerpentZerpent Game

Plays: 2077
Category: Action
Move your zerpent and make him grow by eating the stars. Avoid rocks and bugs. Try circling the bugs for extra points.
Play BugDefenderBugDefender Game

Plays: 2077
Category: Education
Bug Tower Defense
Play Bug Chaser PinballBug Chaser Pinball Game

Plays: 2072
Category: Action
Enter the fragrant mines and reclaim what the insects have taken... FEATURES: PLAY ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - 3 different modes to suit your needs OWN THE MINES - Online Leaderboards will test you against the entire world of other players MYSTERY OF THE INSECTS - Can't YOU locate the secret bonus round in the scorpion nest? BALLS EVERYWHERE - Launch as many as you want at once Also coming soon free on iOS www.twitter.com/spiceworx eu www.facebook.com/spicewor xeu www.youtube.com/spiceworx eu
Play Bug War RecolonizeBug War Recolonize Game

Plays: 2018
Category: Action
Pick your race, breed a powerful army and dominate the battlefield. Features new stage and new boss.
Play Bugged BunnyBugged Bunny Game

Plays: 2005
Category: Action
Bugged Bunny is a funny skill game for kids. This Bunny is running and you have to help him. This online game for kids is fun to play. Collect carrots and buy upgrades so the bunny can run longer. A game that needs your skill, a great game for kids and toddlers. A great adventure!

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