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Play Scuba Diving - ChineseScuba Diving - Chinese Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Action
Dive into the deep Blue Ocean and find treasure spread across the ocean floor from the wrecks of the ship of Queen Aliya, carrying her precious treasure chest and hundreds of precious stones and jewelry. All this in an Avatar of a hilarious rabbit geared up as a sea diver. Be careful, this part of the ocean is haunted by man-eater sharks in all shapes and sizes. You need to carry a harpoon and fling it at the right time to bind the sharks and collect the jewelry and finally find the famous treasure chest that lies beneath for over a hundred years now.
Play Polygon InvasionPolygon Invasion Game

Plays: 3126
Category: Shooting
The evil Polygons are invading CircleWorld, click to shoot and keep them away!
Play Shape DefenseShape Defense Game

Plays: 3084
Category: Shooting
A game so good, you'll need a stick to beat it! Use your mouse to destroy all the shapes in the given amount of time.
Play ElEl's Quest Game

Plays: 3078
Category: Action
It looks like the game is called El's Quest, but it's actually called point collecting. Burn a circle trying to squash your attempt at triumph? Get points. Use your tri-beam to shoot a falling bomb? Get points. Catch a gem falling from the sky? Oh yeah you get points. Are you still alive as death approaches towards you from every corner at a gradually increasing pace? Yeah you're so accumulating points. This game is very much made in the spirit of old Gameboy games, their lack of color, and beeps for music. But unlike those old games rather then telling your friends about your awesome score and them not believing you... we have leaderboards! Not only can you prove your score but show just how much better you are at a video game. Thats what really matters.
Play Shape Shooter 3Shape Shooter 3 Game

Plays: 3073
Category: Shooting
Fight off wave after wave of attacking shapes in this fast-paced, arcade style shooter.
Play Expand ItExpand It Game

Plays: 3065
Category: Puzzles
Click to expand these crazy shapes! Solve fun puzzles and use the physics of growth to get shapes above the line! You'll click so much you go bonkers!
Play Symmetry PuzzlesSymmetry Puzzles Game

Plays: 3058
Category: Puzzles
put shapes in some of the empty squares. Ignoring the blank spaces, the shapes in each row and column should be palindromes.
Play Red Shape AlertRed Shape Alert Game

Plays: 3052
Category: Action
Red shapes are invading the world of shapes. Remove certain blocks and use gravity to get rid of all the red shapes off the screen.
Play GraffitiGraffiti Game

Plays: 3014
Category: Customize
Create unique graffiti using brushes, stamps and sprays. Select colors and shapes. This wall belongs to you!
Play Blurst 2Blurst 2 Game

Plays: 2986
Category: Puzzles
Blurst is back and way more action packed, with 2 modes! Let the 1337 players handle action mode or try if you dare, then head over to classic and compete for a highscore in new revamped levels and gameplay!
Play Build a medieval castleBuild a medieval castle Game

Plays: 2980
Category: Action
Build the medieval castle 2 is a logics and handiness game for children; the pieces of the castle have different shapes and colors; use only the elements in the game to build the medieval castle .
Play DupligonDupligon Game

Plays: 2973
Category: Memory
Copy the shapes as closely as you can.
Play EgadEgad Game

Plays: 2963
Category: Puzzles
Use the gaps! Be wary of your pulsating square. It may just be your undoing. EGAD! It's getting faster! The bars do slow down... but then speed up again.
Play Ice Shape MasterIce Shape Master Game

Plays: 2962
Category: BoardGame
Simple, based on well-known gameplay puzzle-action game. You need to master in catching different shapes from a queue and shoving them in situable places. Grab the shapes and fill the lines!
Play ScruffyScruffy's Lab Game

Plays: 2937
Category: Education
Help Scruffy the lovable, fluffy lab technician find out what's in those mysterious crates using the powerful See-Througher 5000. Test out your geometry vocabulary in this fun game featuring a unique take on shape identification.
Play Mobile:Learn Languages Pronto: ItalianMobile:Learn Languages Pronto: Italian Game

Plays: 2930
Category: Education
Learn Italian on your Mobile Phone for free Lessons include: Fruits,Vegetables,Colors,shapes, and Numbers
Play Save The BalloonSave The Balloon Game

Plays: 2928
Category: Action
Guide the balloon to the exit portal, without touching obstacles. Collect the stars for points.
Play Avoider 3Avoider 3 Game

Plays: 2921
Category: Action
Mouse avoider 3! Avoid the shapes and get a high score on the leaderboard
Play Shape AssaultShape Assault Game

Plays: 2908
Category: Other
A game where you must defend yourself from the oncoming waves of shapes.
Play Little Newton SaysLittle Newton Says Game

Plays: 2897
Category: Puzzles
Follow Little Newtons directions to answer these questions about Shapes, Colors and Numbers

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