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Online Defense Games
Play Defense of MochiadsDefense of Mochiads Game

Plays: 11734
Category: Strategy
a Game bassed off of the Shootorials on Kongregate
Play Invasion Tactical DefenseInvasion Tactical Defense Game

Plays: 8219
Category: Action
Your mission in this turret defense game is to defend the Earth from invading UFOs. Aliens are invading our earth and it is up to you to defend an important nuclear factory. Do this by buying cannons, training new defenders and telling them what to do. You also need to make strategic decision about what cannons you buy and what upgrades you make. Use your mouse to control all aspects of the game.
Play Project MidnightProject Midnight Game

Plays: 7691
Category: Strategy
Zombies come from all directions to kill the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Its your job to keep them alive. Tower defense action strategy.
Play Tank DefenseTank Defense Game

Plays: 7153
Category: Shooting
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to destroy as many tanks as you can in this thrilling game. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Play On The Campaign TrailOn The Campaign Trail Game

Plays: 6908
Category: Strategy
A political tower defense game. The selection of the next president is in your hands!
Play BunnyDefenseForceBunnyDefenseForce Game

Plays: 6554
Category: Strategy
Save Easter from ALIENS! The aliens are trying to spoil Easter by vaporizing the Easter Bunnies. As part of the Bunny Defense Force you must help transport the bunnies from town to town, delivering Easter Eggs, on the special Bunny Defense Force train, whilst protecting them from nasty Alien spoilsports.
Play Marksman DefenseMarksman Defense Game

Plays: 5791
Category: Shooting
Arrow down the Goblins with 15 waves of pure action. Upgrade you hit point and arrow speed and even incease your castle defens and HP.
Play Samurai DefenseSamurai Defense Game

Plays: 5158
Category: Strategy
Defend your japanese town from hordes of enemies trying to destroy it.
Play Island Tower DefenseIsland Tower Defense Game

Plays: 5131
Category: Strategy
In this Tower Defense game you are a peaceful group of Island people who are suddenly under attack by 15 waves of enemies from the other side of the island, steadily increasing in difficulty. The only problem for the enemy is that they have to go through a dangerous path that you create for them...
Play The Horde 1.0The Horde 1.0 Game

Plays: 4812
Category: Strategy
The Horde is a tower defence game where you fight monsters from the classic Warcraft games over 8 chapters and 168 rounds.
Play Turret PongTurret Pong Game

Plays: 4240
Category: Shooting
A twist to the classic game of pong. Upgrade your turret to create the ultimate fighting machine.
Play Future DefenseFuture Defense Game

Plays: 4151
Category: Strategy
Future Defense is a game where you destroy things that want to destroy you.
Play Shape DefenseShape Defense Game

Plays: 4136
Category: Strategy
Shape Defense is a tower defense game where there are many waves fo shapes to kill with a selection of towers.
Play 3D Pong3D Pong Game

Plays: 3934
Category: Action
Take part in a global struggle to keep a hazardous waste container holding the poisonous element, Pong 481, from entering your complex. A quick hand and a trained eye can ricochet the deadly container into your enemy's airlock. If enough containers are allowed to pass, your airlock could explode, so be careful! Try and beat all 9 levels on Arcade Mode, choose the level for you in Freeplay Mode, and even challenge yourself to a never-ending battle where you control both sides. Enjoy, and defend your airlock!
Play Massive Space Tower DefenseMassive Space Tower Defense Game

Plays: 3679
Category: Strategy
Massive tower defense game! Protect your planet from hundred and thousand of creeps by building turrets.
Play Space DefenseSpace Defense Game

Plays: 3628
Category: Shooting
Defend your space center against invading alien forces.You are a floating space defense platform, your goal is to defend your space station from meteor and a unexpected alien invasion. You can upgrade after each level.
Play Omega Tower DefenseOmega Tower Defense Game

Plays: 3519
Category: Strategy
Build lasers, missiles turrets, shock generators, slow fields and blade launchers to destroy wave after wave of creep in this graphically detailed strategic tower defense game.
Play Ninja GardenerNinja Gardener Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Puzzles
As the Ninja you must defend your newly seeded garden from 10 rounds of birds. Choose your targets wisely, as some birds are quicker than others to snatch a seed.
Play Holes Holes 'n' Homeruns Game

Plays: 3236
Category: Action
use your mouse cursor to kick incoming balls off screen. don't let them drop in the hole!
Play ExplodeathonExplodeathon Game

Plays: 2746
Category: Action
You are an Earth Space Army captain and have to defend against the attacking aliens. All you have are your wits, quick thinking and a giant ten thousand ton space station with a huge turret. Oh, and an enormous antigravity orb. You must use these tools to save your planet against increasingly difficult alien attacks.

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