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Online reflex Games
Play Black Hole ProbeBlack Hole Probe Game

Plays: 797
Category: Action
No this game isn’t a painful medical procedure but a test of timing, reflex and skill! Maintain contact with the probe for as long as possible to rack up the points. You need to literally keep your finger on the pulse with this mission; one slip and the probe will be lost forever. (well, actually you can always play the game again).
Play Hungry FrogHungry Frog Game

Plays: 762
Category: Action
Help the hungry frog eat all fruits before time runs out.
Play Monster Bash Monster Bash Game

Plays: 723
Category: Puzzles
Help the little girl find her kitty! But watch out: monsters are lurking everywhere! You will encounter 5 frightful foes: pumpkinheads, zombies, mummies, werewolves, and frankenstein monsters. Destroy them before they attack! Be quick, as more and more monsters will pop out of their hiding places. Unlock all levels in the graveyard to accomplish your mission!
Play Fruit ChefFruit Chef Game

Plays: 723
Category: Action
Slice and dice in this addictive game! As the fruit gets tossed in the air, use your finger to slice the fruit in half before it falls off the screen. Be careful not to slice the bombs or kitties!
Play Cursor RaceCursor Race Game

Plays: 638
Category: Action
You snooze, you lose! The ultimate test of reflex and hand-eye coordination. Touch the target with your cursor before the red cursor gets there. Simple as that. Feel an overwhelming sense of superiority in the knowledge that you’re quicker on the draw than the game… Or simply ‘curse’ when you’re not. Sorry, had to be said.
Play Mushroom HuntingMushroom Hunting Game

Plays: 606
Category: Adventure
Cory and his friends embark on a bold quest to help their friend Dendry, a baby walking tree in need of nourishment! Help them search for nutrient-rich mushrooms in the ancestral Monkey Village, the lush Carrot Hills, and the sunlit Wavy Woods. Collect the mushrooms quickly, for dangerous animals lurk about and their ailing friend awaits their safe return!
Play Fruit PopFruit Pop Game

Plays: 578
Category: Puzzles
Connect the fruit to gain power-ups and bust the tiles! Drag your finger or mouse along to form chains of fruit. Beat the levels to earn awesome power-ups and star ratings!
Play Kube KounterKube Kounter Game

Plays: 555
Category: Other
How quick are you? How smart are you? We’re proud to introduce this fantastic brain-teaser to the doof collection. It’s a test of reflex, grace under pressure and clear-thinking. It couldn’t be any simpler, Kubes fall into view, and you need to count how many are in view. Take into account ones out of view and underneath other ones. The quicker you submit your answer, the quicker you can proceed to the next level. If you’re stuck, you could go for a guess, but bear in mind that you’ll lose points for every incorrect submission!
Play RingStepRingStep Game

Plays: 546
Category: Action
Minimalistic rhythm-action game about maching rings colors. Very addicting.
Play MarblesMarbles Game

Plays: 461
Category: Puzzles
Are you one of those annoying people who incessantly tap their fingers on table-tops and other work surfaces in a vein attempt to inject some rhythmic variety into your life? Well stop tapping and start clapping, because all those years of practice may finally pay off! Put your dilapidated digits to good use in this fantastic game of skill, reflex and finger tapping fun. Select the piles of marbles in descending order as quickly as possible with the left, up and down arrow-keys. Every millisecond you hesitate, the more points you lose. You know what the next line is…. Don’t lose your marbles!
Play Super Grocer Super Grocer Game

Plays: 461
Category: Action
Play the role of a new store owner in Super Grocer! The store is bustling and there's not time to lose. Fulfill your customers' requests as quickly as you can and watch your earnings grow. Meet the minimum dollar amount to level-up. Watch the clock and the order of requests--if you're too slow or make a mistake, you'll lose time and money. If you keep your customers happy, you can trigger a happy hour bonus!
Play Save a MoleSave a Mole Game

Plays: 455
Category: Other
Enough wakcking! save the moles from their doom in this high reflex game. Aim for the highscore in normal mode or test yourself in the time trial.
Play Touch Color GravityTouch Color Gravity Game

Plays: 447
Category: Puzzles
Put to the test your speed and responsiveness with Color Touch Gravity. Bursting colorful bubbles with the aid of the corresponding thereto keys, each higher level will make much harder task with speed modes increased, or you will be better than others, it is in your endurance and your ability to touch the color or colors as close to the center of the blue ball without hitting to collect the most points possible, each area of ??color transitions attracted to the higher center on points that will the difference of each player. If any color blue center button, you will lose a life .. A skillful fingers you it will be hot!
Play Number DestroyerNumber Destroyer Game

Plays: 400
Category: Education
Destroy all numbers from 1 to 36 as fast as you can.
Play Monster SmackMonster Smack Game

Plays: 395
Category: Action
Monsters are invading from across the fence! Ignore their mischievous laughter and smack 'em by either clicking or tapping. But beware: if you allow any monsters across or touch the harmless cats and dogs, your smacking spree ends at once. Can you exceed you your previous highscore and evade the monsters' insulting comments?
Play Number Destroyer 2Number Destroyer 2 Game

Plays: 392
Category: Education
Destroy all the numbers from lowest to highest.
Play BalloonBalloon's Survival Game

Plays: 383
Category: Action
30 levels of fun dodging game with relaxing graphics and musics!!!
Play ZlotnanZlotnan Game

Plays: 377
Category: Action
Zlotnan is hungry! Feed him by dragging and releasing his tongue to catch falling coins. Don't touch the falling snowflakes! The more coins you catch, the faster the coins and snowflakes will start to fall. Catch more than one coin at a time for bonus points.
Play Letter HunterLetter Hunter Game

Plays: 375
Category: Puzzles
Ever tried looking for a needle in a haystack? No? Nor have we. Who does. Well this game is kind of like that, except you’ve got to find the letters of the alphabet in sequence in a sea of other letters. The catch is, you have limited time in which to do it! Another test of quick reflex and sharp vision… Go find that needle. Or whatever.
Play RollscribbleRollscribble Game

Plays: 337
Category: Puzzles
For this application You need both puzzle-solving skills and reflex as well.

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