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Online social Games
Play Social WarSocial War Game

Plays: 3666
Category: Action
A strategic and tactical masterpiece!! Select images that determine the make up of your army. Watch as they transform into a raucous army of war-thirsty minions!! Take direct control of your troops as you battle your way up through the campaign ranks, then take on your friends and followers on twitter or fight the infinite armies of google images. War has never been this graphic!
Play The Pyro GuyThe Pyro Guy Game

Plays: 3608
Category: Action
Then this little platform game will definitely please you. You are Pyro Guy, a bomb expert and your objective is to destroy precise targets. Avoid the guards and use your explosives wisely. Infiltrate a social network giant, take down a space centre and blow up a nuclear plant. All in a days work for the Pyro Guy!
Play SnowFortSnowFort Game

Plays: 3553
Category: Shooting
Snowville is not a quiet town anymore. Winter has come along, and the kids are getting ready to take over the town. The gangs of Snowville will fight for control of the town. Chaos and major disobedience will ensue for the entire season! Control as much of the city before enemy gangs!
Play Social Empires TrialSocial Empires Trial Game

Plays: 3495
Category: Action
Create your empire from the ground, train your villagers, build houses, mills, barracks and everything you want to make your empire better. Fight agains your friends and conquere the world.
Play Switch Social IcoSwitch Social Ico Game

Plays: 3469
Category: BoardGame
Social move icons to align with a minimum of 3. String together combos for more points. Good Luck !!!
Play Band Baaja SharabBand Baaja Sharab Game

Plays: 3461
Category: Other
This game depicts a typical Indian wedding and what possibly could go wrong? Click ‘Play Game’ & experience.
Play Balls and Number 2Balls and Number 2 Game

Plays: 3458
Category: BoardGame
New version of Balls and Numbers! In this version added play skills (Easy - Medium - Hard) where you can play with positive numbers, positives and negatives, and Numbers & Formulas. Multi LeaderBoard and Social Network Connection. Destroy all the balls in numerical ascending order..and don't forget the time... enjoy.
Play EGO HangmanEGO Hangman Game

Plays: 3300
Category: Word
EGO Hangman is a Hangman game with a twist. Battle mode lets you go head-to-head with other players to see who can get the right word first before you get a wedgie, err we mean get hung. Pick several different categories such as sports, movies, famous figures, or opt for user entry mode where anything goes! EGO Hangman is a club game that is part of the award-winning EGO social game at ego-city.com.
Play TimeZoneTimeZone Game

Plays: 3043
Category: Shooting
TimeZone is a standard shooter with a twist: the ability to manipulate time! Draw different colored "TimeZones" to slow down enemies, making them easier to destroy! Play through three different game modes, each with their own leaderboard and the ability to connect to your social networks so you can challenge your friends!
Play Band PractiseBand Practise Game

Plays: 2980
Category: Dress-Up
The first band practise and there are creative and ego clashes to deal with. Be the Boss and sort them out.
Play Secretary GameSecretary Game Game

Plays: 2979
Category: Adventure
Progressive Games are proud to introduce another piece of free digital entertainment for you. We hope you enjoy the experience and encourage you to give as much feedback as possible. Visit us on Facebook/progressivegames.com or Progressivegames.com to follow our DLE adventure and become part of the future of entertainment. We hope to show you the basic idea of our DLE vision through these photorealistic points&click games. In combination with this, the “virtual social reality" effect is presented through the integration of using your own cell-phone when playing. So try one of the phone numbers and see what happens ;) Additionally we urge you to follow the in game characters on Facebook. We hope that this little game will kick start the comprehension and interest of experiencing a new way of gaming. Join us, and help us create and realize this visionary project. Remember to turn up the volume and prepare yourself to solve a mystery! ?
Play Perfect School Ball QueenPerfect School Ball Queen Game

Plays: 2937
Category: Dress-Up
The school ball, high school formal or prom maybe is the biggest social event on the school calendar and a really exciting event especially for most of girls.Now please choose the best 'in' colours & 'styles' for the very pretty girl.You should let her be the ball queen!
Play Caveman DinerCaveman Diner Game

Plays: 2906
Category: Action
caveman diner is prehistoric caveman cooking at its best! Keep your Cave People happy by serving them quick all the delicious foods they want! Collect all the sweet collectibles for the most points possible. Make it to day 15 and win!
Play Elevatorz BlitzElevatorz Blitz Game

Plays: 2879
Category: Action
Mr. Jitters is back once again in the Blitz edition of Elevatorz! Join him for more elevator avoiding fun, by trying to get as far as possible before time runs out! You get bonus time for crossing a floor without getting hit, so be careful but fast!
Play Majority WinsMajority Wins Game

Plays: 2759
Category: BoardGame
Play online against 7 other players. Easy to understand. MAJORITY WINS! You will be asked a question, select the option you think best and based on the selections of other players you will score points! Start to know your opponents based on their answers and intuit their next vote. 2 same votes = 20 points, 3 same votes = 30 points, etc.,
Play Gladiator MarathonGladiator Marathon Game

Plays: 2749
Category: Adventure
Run your Gladiator as far and as fast as possible, collection coins along your way. This game is a small portion of Gladiator Games app on Facebook. Log into Facebook to compete against thousands. See if you can get to the 2nd map!
Play hangtwithangtwit Game

Plays: 2748
Category: Driving
Make your own hangman puzzles and share them on social networks with hangtwit!
Play DinoSawUs Christmas Card CreatorDinoSawUs Christmas Card Creator Game

Plays: 2705
Category: Adventure
Create your own Dancing Dino Christmas Card brought to you by the team at DinoSawUs. Be original, save the planet and ‘Do the Dinosaur!’ Spread some festive cheer to friends and family with this planet-saving e-Christmas card. http://www.dinosawus.com
Play Fidi 1.1Fidi 1.1 Game

Plays: 2696
Category: Action
Fidi is a fresh take on the classic Snake game. In version 1.1 the game has been updated to include new gorgeous graphics. The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible which can be submitted to the worldwide leaderboards. Fidi is an ad based free-to-play Flash game and a low cost iPhone game, with specific changes between the platforms. The Flash version has two different control modes, and implements Mochi Ads and Mochi Social for leaderboards. The iPhone version was designed ground-up for the platform, and is controlled completely via the accelerometer, it implements the OpenFeint social system and is advert free
Play Goodgame PokerGoodgame Poker Game

Plays: 2690
Category: Adventure
Goodgame Poker provides its players a whole new poker experience. As a casual multiplayer game Goodgame Poker combines all the excitement and strategy of Texas Hold'em with customizable avatars and a fun and truly social gameplay.

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