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Online stunt Games
Play 3D Stunt Pilot San Francisco3D Stunt Pilot San Francisco Game

Plays: 1150
Category: Sports
Put on your aviators and grab your fur-lined jacket -- it's time to fly in this realistic aerobatics simulator! Using either the mouse or the keyboard, guide your plane through the air and successfully fly through the obstacles to win! Impress the ladies with your amazing stunts -- but don't crash! Choose to invert the y-axis for a more realistic experience! Also available on iTunes and Google Play
Play Hard Dirt BikeHard Dirt Bike Game

Plays: 1108
Category: Driving
Ride your bike in this crazy stunt game. Score more points with exciting levels to finish. You have limited lives. Enjoy the ride!
Play George Room EscapeGeorge Room Escape Game

Plays: 1061
Category: Puzzles
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Play Closed Lift EscapeClosed Lift Escape Game

Plays: 1046
Category: Action
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Play Lovely Pair House EscapeLovely Pair House Escape Game

Plays: 1044
Category: Puzzles
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Play Christmas Santa Claus - Hidden ObjectsChristmas Santa Claus - Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 1028
Category: Action
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Play Bike StuntBike Stunt Game

Plays: 1016
Category: Adventure
Bike Stunt is an awesome bike driving game where you have to drive bike and you can do various types of stunt, clear all hurdles, avoid to be hit or will can loose blood and if you loose all blood you can die and you have to play the level again. Finish the level to reach next level.
Play Dark Dirt BikeDark Dirt Bike Game

Plays: 1010
Category: Driving
Ride your dirt bike in this dark crazy stunt game. Score more points with exciting levels to finish. You have limited lives. Enjoy the ride!
Play Air adventureAir adventure Game

Plays: 972
Category: Adventure
Air adventure! Try to make a successful take off when you reach the edge of the truck, and you will do that if you hit LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys alternately as quick as you can . Stear your airplane with UP and Down arrow when you are up in the air and try to take as many points as possible. Avoid the red circle, it will take you 100 points off. Do not go all the way to the ground, you will crush. There is more to know, but play and look around... When you reach the end of the flyght, press left arrow to land on the given spot to earn extra points.
Play Sara Motocross ClimbSara Motocross Climb Game

Plays: 965
Category: Sports
Brand new challenge, Sara Motocross Climb Stunts is an addictive motocross race game that gives you the pleasure and the chance to explore your driving skills. Help Sara drive her bike on an extreme dangerous platform and climb her motocross bike into the rules of physics to survive as long as possible. She is ready to prove some amazing bike stunts but to get there she has to driver her motocross bike the best she can. Improvise new stunts and impress with your abilities. Drive, race and have fun!
Play Desert Monster 2Desert Monster 2 Game

Plays: 958
Category: Driving
Ride your desert monster in the second series with more challenging levels and lots of upgrades.You need to check your fuel before you begin your ride. Buy and sell your fuel, suspension, engine and tyres according to your requirements. Customise each upgrade to complete each level. Have fun ride.
Play Plane LoopyPlane Loopy Game

Plays: 952
Category: Action
What a great idea - steal a stunt plane and fly as far as you can before the authorities get wind of it and blow you out of the sky. After all who doesn't want to be a dare devil stunt pilot? Collect coins, fly through rings, pop balloons, burst clouds and avoid stormy weather. Watch out for oncoming birds, other planes and missiles. How far can you go? Can you make it in to space? Features: - Endless casual, stunt flying fun - Quick blast, addictive game play, there's always time for a go! - Extra planes to unlock, including Rocket, Flying Pig and Flying Fish - Extra smoke colours to unlock (including rainbow smoke) - Helper upgrades (head start, extra life, coin magnet, and coin booster) - Full 360 degree looping game play, if you miss something, spin the plane around and go get it
Play Snowmobile StuntSnowmobile Stunt Game

Plays: 914
Category: Driving
Ride and balance your Snowmobile through the slippery snow without crashing.
Play Star DriveStar Drive Game

Plays: 908
Category: Adventure
Star Drive is a awesome stunt game. clear all levels escape from the metal rods and bricks. Don't take too much damage or run out of time. Collect stars to boost your score
Play Dune Bashing In DubaiDune Bashing In Dubai Game

Plays: 816
Category: Driving
Dune bashing in Dubai is an action packed Sports Game where you have to ride a quad bike through the dangerous desert landscape of Dubai. Ride your bike up the sand dunes and maintain your balance as you make your way to the finish. There will be times when you will have to make big jumps and there will be times you will have to ride down steep dunes carefully. This game is not about speed to skill.
Play Monster Truck Obstacle CourseMonster Truck Obstacle Course Game

Plays: 778
Category: Adventure
This Monster Truck have different obstacles on the road after the earthquake, Drive it properly over these obstacles to reach him to his destination.
Play Stunt IslandStunt Island Game

Plays: 747
Category: Driving
Park your car in the highligted area, do some stunt like jumping, spinning, drifting and beat all the levels
Play X-Stunt BikingX-Stunt Biking Game

Plays: 741
Category: Adventure
Play this cool motorbike stunts game with all sorts of in air stunts available. Get all the points possible to pass multiple levels.
Play Dirt BikeDirt Bike Game

Plays: 725
Category: Driving
Dirt Bike is more of an obstacle course rider game that you must complete as fast as you can! Imagine being in an arena trying to control your bike across different obstacles, it's tricky... so you have to control the bike and try your best not to fall off. Each “level” contains a front scene stunt and a back scene stunt. Careful control will allow you to complete each one, no matter how intense they get!
Play Stunt Acrobat 2Stunt Acrobat 2 Game

Plays: 709
Category: Driving
New colorful game for all fans of interesting uphill racing games by Ride your motorcycle to the finish line by jumping over any obstacles that get in your way. New winter levels and uneven land make this game exciting.

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