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Online Speed Games
Play Pool Profi 2Pool Profi 2 Game

Plays: 8949
Category: Sports
Pop all the colored balls into the pockets. Play as fast as possible, the time counts. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.
Play Stack AttackStack Attack Game

Plays: 8744
Category: Puzzles
Stack the blocks as high as you can before time runs out! Align them under the cherry to get extra points. The speed of the blocks will get faster as you progress through the game.
Play Speed ClickSpeed Click Game

Plays: 8698
Category: Puzzles
Click the button as many times as you can in 30 seconds!
Play Pingz!Pingz! Game

Plays: 8662
Category: Puzzles
-use mouse to set direction and speed -click to launch the ball -collect all coins for limited number of moves -use obstacles and power-ups -enjoy all the 50 levels of the game
Play Hyper Drive XHyper Drive X Game

Plays: 8636
Category: Sports
Ultra fast paced Space Race. Fly through the warp gates to reach the end of the race. Pick your path to get the fastest time. 8 unlockable races.
Play Turbo Car Driver 3DTurbo Car Driver 3D Game

Plays: 8531
Category: Action
Drive your mini-cooper car, at high speed, trying not to hit the others cars. Collect the tools to repair your car, and continue your game.
Play Ninja ReflexNinja Reflex Game

Plays: 8459
Category: Action
Do you have the Ninja Reflex? Well this game will test whether you have this super natural ability. The aim of this trial is to test your reflexes by having a ninja shoot an arrow at you. As soon as the ninja releases the bow click the mouse button. If you are fast enough you might just catch the arrow! See how many arrows you can catch as the ninja gets closer and closer.
Play Civilizations WarsCivilizations Wars Game

Plays: 8408
Category: Adventure
A fast thinking RTS/RPG game, with deep tactic capabilities and amazing graphic in unique style. Choose one of three races and lead your people towards the legendary fallen star to find the secret force. Battle through 99 levels (33 for race), capture 11 varieties of buildings (3 types), in 8 game mods, learn 18 skills, use 10 spells, defeat 3 huge monsters, receive 100 achievements and find one secret force in the end. - Houses generate people. - Crystals, give crystal energy (to use spells), and increase speed of your troops. The more people inside, the more crystals you’ll get. - Towers increase defense of your troops. The more people inside, the faster it shoots. For more tips click OPTIONS button. p.s. If you have any issues with the game just upgrade your flash player to the latest version.
Play xTreme Ball RacingxTreme Ball Racing Game

Plays: 8388
Category: Sports
Race through the little blue balls in this action packed 3d world, collect Points, get Nitros, get xSpeed!
Play T360T360 Game

Plays: 8363
Category: BoardGame
This is a Tetris game where game stage rotates. Each level, speed of a block fall & rotation increases.
Play Big Big Wolf Down for 100 FloorsBig Big Wolf Down for 100 Floors Game

Plays: 8354
Category: Action
In our memory,the big big wolf is always trying to keep away from dangerous.What about this time?Let's have a look at his performance.
Play B-MazeB-Maze Game

Plays: 8351
Category: Puzzles
Navigate around a randomly created maze as quickly as you can and make it to the exit.

Plays: 8318
Category: Shooting
Balloonz is een razendsnel schietspel voor alle leeftijden.
Play BlastUrWeiBlastUrWei Game

Plays: 8317
Category: Action
Your goal is to reach as high as possible by creating explosions that fires the dude away from them. You start with 100 health and loose one when you make an explosion or hit a wall in high speed. When you run out of health the game is over and then it's time to start again and try to get a little higher!
Play Neon Race ChineseNeon Race Chinese Game

Plays: 8309
Category: Action
Smash and dash through 8 neon-soaked levels of thrilling driving action. Earn cash to upgrade your vehicle, and unlock all the tracks. Beat all the track times to unlock the SuperCar for more speed and thrills.
Play D-Finder 3D-Finder 3 Game

Plays: 8306
Category: Puzzles
Can you spot the differences? Choose your difficulty level, find the differences and win the game. Bonuses and power-ups awarded for speed. Differences change every time you play the game.
Play Ultimate Click Speed TestUltimate Click Speed Test Game

Plays: 8269
Category: Other
How fast can you click? Buy upgrades, unlock achievements and try to get a High score in the Ultimate click speed test.
Play Gingerbread CircusGingerbread Circus Game

Plays: 8154
Category: Action
The circus is in town and you're putting on the knife throwing show!
Play Redlight RaceRedlight Race Game

Plays: 8127
Category: Driving
Racing in the redlight city is sure fun and exciting.
Play Truck DodgeTruck Dodge Game

Plays: 8094
Category: Driving
Arcade racing game in which you need to avoid trucks on the road as you go faster and faster over the game's levels.

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