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Online brick Games
Play TetrisCTLTetrisCTL Game

Plays: 2518
Category: Puzzles
Tetris with falling figures. After line is disappear figures will fall apart from each other, falling figures can fill lines below and delete them too, and so on.
Play Juggle BasherJuggle Basher Game

Plays: 2483
Category: Action
Juggle basher is a brick breaking game in the style of Arkanoid and Breakout. Use the mouse to steer the paddle. Bounce the ball into the bricks until you've destroyed them all!
Play SmashingSmashing Game

Plays: 2483
Category: Action
Destroy all the blocks to advance to the next level. More than 50 levels of brick-smashing fun!
Play Collapsed Brick House Escape 2Collapsed Brick House Escape 2 Game

Plays: 2479
Category: Adventure
Second part of collapsed point and click escape game. After successful escape, continue your adventure to freedom. Explore location search for clues and solve riddles in order to get key and open door to next location. Good Luck!
Play Brick MasterBrick Master Game

Plays: 2455
Category: Puzzles
Dans Brick Master, vous devez détruire les cubes.Pour jouer à ce jeu gratuit il suffit d cliquer sur les cubes quand au moins 2 cubes de la même couleur sont alignés.
Play Animal Pop 4 Holiday EditionAnimal Pop 4 Holiday Edition Game

Plays: 2449
Category: Action
The new Animal Pop 4, Holiday Edition, allows you to juggle four paddles at once, all while trying to bounce the golden ball off of the animals and competing for a high score.
Play Gnu PopGnu Pop Game

Plays: 2438
Category: Action
Bounce a ball off of gnus, goats, and other creatures with Gnu Pop.
Play Penguin Pop TrioPenguin Pop Trio Game

Plays: 2432
Category: Action
Penguin Pop Trio has you juggling three paddles at once as you try to bounce a ball off of the little penguins. Are you up for the challenge?
Play BrickBlock ProjectBrickBlock Project Game

Plays: 2416
Category: BoardGame
Use the black blocks to stop the blue brick moving off the screen, and guide it to the end using the arrow keys
Play Oriental BrickOriental Brick Game

Plays: 2411
Category: Action
Oriental theme brick, with special brick 10 items, but not all are good item;
Play The Same CubeThe Same Cube Game

Plays: 2409
Category: Puzzles
Clic on the same cube And use color bomb
Play Bricks Breaking Playtime beBricks Breaking Playtime be Game

Plays: 2406
Category: Action
There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick by the same colour will be destroyed. The bricks on top of the destroyed bricks will collapse and the columns of bricks will merge. If you want to remove a single brick, you must use a magic wand. The game ends when you run out of magic wands and you can no longer destroy bricks by groups.
Play Ultimate Brick!Ultimate Brick! Game

Plays: 2392
Category: Strategy
In this game you move the paddle and hit the ball into the bricks to destroy them. sounds simple, but i bet you cant beat the 4th level.
Play Old School Brick BreakerOld School Brick Breaker Game

Plays: 2389
Category: Action
Enjoy playing an old school Brick Breaker
Play Easy PingEasy Ping Game

Plays: 2337
Category: Action
Easy Ping-Pong interpolation. Dont let ball to fall, till all bricks will disappear.
Play Clear DiamondClear Diamond Game

Plays: 2337
Category: Action
choose more then two diamonds with same color ,click them to disappear
Play Jewel BricksJewel Bricks Game

Plays: 2317
Category: Action
Jewel Bricks is a new game that's mixing two classical games: Paddle Ball (arkanoid, brick breaker) and match three (bejeweled). We will add some features (like scores, hard mode, shop...) for next versions of the game. Have Fun!
Play Animal PopAnimal Pop Game

Plays: 2292
Category: Action
Animal Pop has you bouncing a spinning koala off of other animals while trying to achieve a high score. Fun for the whole family!
Play Gnu Pop 4Gnu Pop 4 Game

Plays: 2289
Category: Action
Gnu pop 4 challenges you to control four separate paddles simultaneously while bouncing a ball off of gnus and other little animals.
Play Animal Pop TrioAnimal Pop Trio Game

Plays: 2284
Category: Action
Animal Pop Trio has you juggling three paddles at once while trying to bounce a spinning koala off of other animals and trying to achieve a high score. Fun for the whole family!

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