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Online danger Games
Play FunkinFunkin' Defense Game

Plays: 1203
Category: Rhythm
Funky Forest is in danger! Waves of Gorliks are aproaching the magic portal. They want to control the power of funky music. let them! Build towers in their path and destroy them with no mercy!
Play Galactic RacerGalactic Racer Game

Plays: 1151
Category: Driving
Your universe is in danger. You have to destroy all the targets to save your universe. You can destroy the targets better if you hit the cars from the side. Good luck!
Play Danger DonutsDanger Donuts Game

Plays: 1126
Category: Action
Eat them before they takeover the world.
Play Jungle RaceJungle Race Game

Plays: 1123
Category: Action
Racing the jungle can be a deadly adventure where only the fastest survive.
Play Mississippi RaceMississippi Race Game

Plays: 1115
Category: Action
Race down the dangerous rivers of Mississippi where time makes the difference between life and dead.
Play I.BATI.BAT Game

Plays: 1114
Category: Adventure
When people were sleeping, a group of parasites in the space came to earth by a meteorite shower. All the living things on the earth were in danger. Bat and the doctor found these invaders and destroyed them before the sunrise.
Play Wipeout RaceWipeout Race Game

Plays: 1071
Category: Action
Survive in the streets and avoid to be wiped out.
Play Grand Die RacingGrand Die Racing Game

Plays: 1071
Category: Action
Survive in the streets and avoid to be wiped out.
Play Pirates of Adventure IslandPirates of Adventure Island Game

Plays: 1039
Category: Action
This is one of the most fun and exciting pirate games you find.
Play OddballOddball's Escape 5: Back to the Shelter Game

Plays: 1037
Category: Adventure
"First I had to escape the Animal Shelter. Then I was put into a dog show at the Fair. I was stuck in a dream about getting home and almost escaped a salvage yard. Now I'm trapped on a UFO and thanks to me the Earth is in danger!" How do I escape THIS?
Play Crossroads: The HazeCrossroads: The Haze Game

Plays: 1031
Category: Strategy
Four royal brothers stand back-to-back, fighting to defend their dear Mama -- and their kingdom! Customize your party and face Turn-Based Danger on every side in the mysterious land of The Haze. Will you survive the journey and thwart the nefarious Bandit King? (That dang old Bandit King...)
Play SunshineSunshine Game

Plays: 996
Category: Action
Sunshine is a brutal fast-paced orbital platformer that's sure to knock your socks off. Reality is in danger, the Black Holes have taken direct control of the Suns and are shining Nothingness all over the Multiverse. The Photons need a true hero to bring back life and happyness in all the Systems. That hero is YOU! Take control of a simple photon, jump your way through the Multiverse and become the Sunshine. Can you Shine enough?
Play Bounty HunterBounty Hunter Game

Plays: 996
Category: Action
Escape the bounty hunters by stepping on the speeder in this fun racing game.
Play Bar SalvationBar Salvation Game

Plays: 987
Category: Action
Under the economic depression, Marie’s bar facing the danger of bankrupt. Some time the income falls short of the expenditure. Marie worries a lot, so she worked very hard to save it. You are her best friend and you can help her to earn money by serving the other people and also decorate the bar. Enjoy yourself.
Play Super HeroesSuper Heroes Game

Plays: 984
Category: Action
Terminate or be terminated in this fun and exciting game.
Play Racing DawnRacing Dawn Game

Plays: 964
Category: Action
This is one of the most fun, exciting and intense racing games you find.
Play Deadly Sun DanceDeadly Sun Dance Game

Plays: 957
Category: Action
You are trapped in the middle of the jungle with dangers and enemies all around you. The question is now if you can dance the deadly sun dance?
Play Sound of RacingSound of Racing Game

Plays: 954
Category: Action
This fun, intense and exciting racing game will exceed your wildest expectations.
Play Road RunnerRoad Runner Game

Plays: 941
Category: Action
Top 5 racing game which get your adrenaline running faster than you can drive.
Play Unlimited WarUnlimited War Game

Plays: 860
Category: Action
Planet R is in danger situation,the peace is in your hands!

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